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Old Monday, April 18, 2005
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Default Islamic History & Culture


NOTE: Attempt FIVE questions in all, including Question No.8 which is Compulsory. All questions carry equal marks. Credit will be given for grasp of the subject and originality of thought.

1. Critically analyse the political, social and military institutions under the Byzantine empire before the rise of Islam. Discuss their influence on the Umayyad Caliphate.

2. The conquest of Mecca was in fact a peaceful revolution. Explain with reference to its importance in the history of Islam:’

3. Who were the Kharjites? Discuss their political and religious ideas.

4. Bring into light the administrative reforms of Abdul MaIik. Do you agree with the view that he was the real founder of the Umayyad Dynasty? Give reasons.

5. Briefly describe the scientific and literary progress of, the Muslims during the Abbasid period.

6. Discuss the salient features of the administration under the Ottoman Sultans.

7. Write short notes on any TWO of the following:

(a) ‘Muakhat’;

(b) Battle of Qadsiya;

(c) Foundation of Baghdad.


8. Write only the correct answer in the Answer Book. Don’t reproduce the questions.

(1) Rulers of Pre-Islamic lran were called________

(a) Qaisar (b) Kisra (c) Sultan (d) None of these.

(2) Control over city state of Mecca was regained by the Quraish under______

(a) Qusay (b) Abdul Muttalib (c) Amir Haniza (d) None of these.

(3) Banu Adnan were the descendents of__________

(a) Adi bin Hatim (I,) Khusraou (c) Hazrat Ismail
(d) None of these.

(4) Hazrat Hamza accepted Islam in the year_________

(a) 3 Nabvi (b) 8 Nabvi (c) 2 A.H. (d) None of these.

(5) Battle of Uhud was fought in the year________

(a) 2 A.H. (b) 3 A.H. (c) 4 A.H. (d) None of these.

(6) _________ signed the Treaty of Hudaibiya on behalf of the Quraish.

(a) Abu Sufyan (b) Suhail bin Amar (c) Utba (d) None of these.

(7) Aswad Ansi was a______

(a) General (b) Poet (c) False Prophet (d) None of these.

(8) Abu Ubaidah bin Jarrah was the conqueror of_________

(a) Egypt (b) Iran (c) Yarmuk (d) None of these.

(9) Tragedy of Karbala took place in the year_________

(a) 61A.I-I. (b) 71A.H. (c) 81A.H. (d) None of these.

(10) Battle of Marie Rahat was fought against________ "

(a) France (b) Iran (c) Crusaders (d). None of theses

(11) Dots on Arabic Letters were introduced by_____

(a) Hajjaj (b) Yahya Baniiaki (c) AshMi (d) None of these.

(12) Grand Mosque at Damascus was built by_________

(a) Abdul Malik (b) Walid (c) Umar bin Addul Aziz (d) None of these.

(13) Battle of Tours was fought in________

(a) Europe (b) Syria (c) North Africa (d) None of these.

(14) Abu Muslim Khurasani was murdered in______

(a) 130 A.H. (b) 135 A.H. (c) 137 A.H. (d) None of these.

(15) Independent state of Samania was established in________

(a) Central Asia (b) South Asia (c) North Africa (d) None of these.

(16) Al-Hawi was a book on_________

(a) Jurisprudence (b) Philosophy (c) Medicine (d) None of these.

(17) Al-Qanun was written by_____

(a) Abu Hanifa (b) Ibn Sina (c) Imam Ghazali (d) None of these.

(18) Al-Beruni died in the year_____

(a) 1048 A.D. (b) 1150 A.D. (c) 1180A.D. (d) None of these.

(19) Samara was built by________

(a) Walid (b) Mamun (c) Mutasam (d) None of these.

(20) Ottoman Turks were descendents of________

(a) Hazart Usman (b) Nuruddin Zangi (c). Hasan binSabah (d) None of these.





NOTE: Attempt 5 questions in all, including question No.8 which is Compulsory. All questions carry equal marks.

1. How Islam was introduced in Africa and Spain? Discuss with reference to the period ‘of Islamic history starting from the times of Hazrat Umar, the second caliph of Islam up to the times of ‘Walid bin Abdul Malik, the. Ummayyad caliph.

2. What kind of Muslim administration and society developed in Spain during the Ummayyad governors.. of. Spain (‘714-756 .AD). Discuss.

3. Critically evaluate the Muslim contribution in ‘the field of architecture, music, painting, pottery and calligraphy under the Muslim rules of Spain.

4.,’ How ~the Muslim’ universities and seminaries in Cordova, Granada ‘and Baghdad contributed towards bringing intellectual revolution known as European Renaissance in 15th and 16th centuries A.D.? Discuss.

5. The way the scholarly works of Ibn Sina (Avecena) brought revolution in European medical sciences should be thoroughly analysed.

6. What were the reasons for the downfall of the Muslim Rule in Spain? Discuss.

7. Write short notes on any’ TWO of the following:

(a) Abdur Rahman I (b) Tariq bin Ziyad
(c) Ibne Rushd (d) Al Hakam II


8. Write only the correct answer in the answer book. Don’t reproduce the questions:

(1) Tariq bin Ziyad conquered Spain in 711 A.D. during the reign of Caliph__________________

(2) During 719-1031 A.D. Muslim Spain ‘was ruled from the capital of_________________________

3) The great mosque of Cordova was built by ________________

(4) Abdur Rahman III assumed the title of caliph in_____________

5) Fatimid caliphate was established in North Africa in___________

(6) Nasrid kingdom ruled Granada during __________

(7) Ibn Bassal contributed to the development of agriculture science during ________________

(8) Paper making industry was introduced to Europe by Islamic Spain by establishing paper industry at ________________

(9) Tarikh Iftitab al-Andlus was written by____________

(10) The technique of cutting crystal was introduced in Muslim Spain by _________

(11) Islamic Spain was ruled by _________ during 796-822 AD.

(12) The great city of "Madina tul Zohra" was constructed by _______________

(13) The battle of Alarcas was fought in’_________

(14) Muslim Rule in Granada came to an end in 4442-JIY .

(15) "Calendar of Cardova" was compiled by_____________

(16) Taug al—Hamamah was authore& by_____________

(17) Al-Masalik wa’l Mamalik was written by __________

(18) Fiqh __________ was dominant in Muslim Spain throughout its history. ‘ ‘ .

(19) Ibn Rushd (Averroes) lived during ______________

(20) The earliest Muslim mathematician of Granada was____________________

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