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Old Saturday, December 11, 2010
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Default Founder of Communism

Originally Posted by abro View Post
Answer IS Karl Marx But Actuall Question is Wrong ...
Lenin was the founder of the first Communist state.
Karl Marx was the FATHER of Communism because of this writings.
Founder of the Communism is NOT FOUND yet.
iski waja shayad ye hy ke Communism k Usool Tareekh main kabhi Hatmi tor per murattab nahi ho sake / nahi rahe ..
ager jan boojh kar kisi ko founder banana i hy to phir Sibte Hassan k reference se Prometheus ko banana parega. per ye ek myth/drama hy.
or perhaps we say Mazdak, a founder of communism.
"In many ways Mazdak's teaching can be understood as a call for social revolution, and has been referred to as early "communism".[7] - Wiki"
(but this is subject for Ahl-e-Ilm to find out the Founder of Communism or label anyone)
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Old Tuesday, February 01, 2011
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Default Wrong answers!

Some of answers to MCQ's are wrong.

1. Opposite of Private law is not Common law. Common law refers to the origin of certain laws derived from custom. Private law applies to citizen-citizen dealings. Public law is its opposite since it applies to citizen-state dealings.

2. Single Transferable vote system hasnt been suggested by JS Mill, who had only written on the subject. It was devised by Hare.

3. As for the question regarding communism- the question itself is so ambivalent. Plato was the first person to have gone on record about communism. Karl Marx was probably the 2nd most famous one. Scholars vary regarding which one is the founder. So perhaps, the question could have been better framed and its beliefs specifically pronounced since there are some differences in both the ideas of communism.
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Old Friday, September 07, 2012
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Originally Posted by marshal453 View Post
ii. The founder of communism is:

a. Plato
b. Karl Marx
c. Mao-Tse-TUNG
d. None of these

I doubt that i think Karl Marx is the one considered father of communism though am not sure

iv. According to Plato the population of an ideal state should be:

a. 5040
b. 50400
c. 50040
d. None of these

Its 5040
Plato said that there was to be 5040 HEADS of families, not 5040 people in the state.

This could be a trick question, but who knows, they can be wrong as well..
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Old Wednesday, January 02, 2019
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Originally Posted by xeric View Post
federal public service commission

competitive examination for
recruitment to posts in bps-17 under
the federal government, 2010

political science paper – ii

time allowed:
(part-i)…………30 minutes…………..…..maximum marks:20
(part-ii)…………2 hours & 30 minutes……..maximum marks:80

part – i (mcq)
q.1. Select the best option/answer and fill in the appropriate box on the answer sheet. (20)

i . Which american state is called the mother of presidents:

A. Florida
b. New york
c. Texas
d. Virginia

ii. The british constitution is based on:

A. The theory of separation of powers
b. Checks and balances
c. Judicial review
d. Difference between the theory and practice

iii. The congress sits at place in washington d.c is called:

A. Capital hill
b. White house
c. 10 downing street
d. None of these

iv. The title of former emperor of russia was:

A. Sir
b. Czar
c. Lord
d. King

v. The word ‘rex’ stands for:

A. The queen
b. The crown
c. The court
d. The parliament

vi. The constitutional history of france begins with the french revolution of:

A. 1780
b. 1786
c. 1789
d. 1890

vii. The american declaration of independence was proclaimed on:

A. 4 july 1772
b. 4 july 1776
c. 4 july 1783
d. None of these

viii. According to the constitution of france the executive head of government is:

A. The prime minister
b. The president
c. The queen
d. The king

ix. The soviet union was dissolved in:

A. 1989
b. 1990
c. 1991
d. 1992

x. The first president of the fifth republic was:

A. Coty
b. General degaulle
c. Chirac
d. None of these

xi. The smallest administrative unit in british local self government is:

A. The parish
b. The borrough
c. The country
d. The district

xii. The authority of judical review was excercised for the first time by the chief minister marshal in:

A. 1808
b. 1803
c. 1821
d. 1825

xiii. The quorum for hose of lords is:

A. 50
b. 14
c. 3
d. 12

xiv. The gullotine or closure by compartment is a term used in the law making procedure in:

A. Usa
b. Uk
c. France
d. Turkey

xv. The lengthiest written constitution of the world is:

A. British constitution
b. Indian constitution
c. Chinese constitution
d. French constitution

xvi. The ideological foundation of the turkish constition is based on:

A. Kamalism
b. Socialsim
c. Islam
d. None of these

xvii. The iranian revolution under the leadership of ayatullah khomeini removed the monarch in:

A. 1989
b. 1979
c. 1997
d. 1980

xviii. The founder father of the modern china is:

A. Chiang ki shek
b. Derg za ping
c. Mao tse tung
d. Lu hsun

xix. The objective resolution was made a part of the 1973 constitution in:

A. 1977
b. 1980
c. 1985
d. 1986

xx. The supreme judicial council under the 1973 constitution consists of:

A. 9 members
b. 10 members
c. 5 members
d. 7 members

part – ii


i. Part – ii is to be attempted on the separate answer book.
Ii. Attempt only four questions from part –ii. Selecting at least two questions from each section. All questions carry equal marks.
Iii. Extra attempt of any question or any part of the attempted question will not be considered.

section - i

q.2. “the senate of usa is the most powerful upper hosue in the world.” do you agree with the statement? Explain your answer with reference to the upper houses of india and pakistan.

q.3. explain how the british democracy is overshadowed by the cabinet dictatorship?

q.4. how is the french president elected? Give an objective analysis of the power enjoyed by the president.

section - ii

q.5. explain the factors that transformed jinnah, the ambassador of hindu muslim unity, into the quaid-e-azam muhammad ali jinnah of the muslims.

q.6. “inspite of the provisions of provincial autonomy in the 1973 constitution there are anti-centre feelings in the federating units.” discuss this statement with special reference to balochistan and sindh.

q.7. discuss the salient features of the constition of the peoples republic of china in comparison with the constition of former soveit union.

q.8. write a note on any two of the following:

I. The predominance of the armed forces in the turkish politics.
Ii. The role of the president of india
iii. Iranian political system after the removal of the shah of iran
iv. Role of sir syed ahmad khan as a reformer

thank you very much>????
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