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Old Monday, August 30, 2010
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Default @mangan

eqautorial diameter of earth = 40075 km .

24 hour time for 1 spin .

speed at equator =( 40075 / 24 ) 1670 km/h.

now at any latitude

just take cos( ) of latitude and multiply it with speed at equator.

hence cos(45)= 0.707

so 0.707 x 1670 = 1180 km/h .

1180.7 is correct option


question 14 is none of these ( its karst drainage) ( i thnik)
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ali emraan (Monday, August 30, 2010)
Old Tuesday, October 25, 2011
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Originally Posted by umarabbas View Post

Q1: MCQs

1- More determined and driven work ethics due to frequent variability in the weather of the:
a) Higher Latitudes b) Middle Latitudes c) Lower Latitudes d) None of these

2- Equational Paradox is an aspect of:
a) Cultural Geography b) Regional Geography c) Economic Geography d) None of these

3- Cliamtic determinism was intensely studied by:
a) Ellsworth Huntington b) Carl O Saver c) Carl Marx d) None of these

4- Environmental Problems must all be understood via:
a) Physical Processes b) Social Processes c) Commercial Process d) None

5-The study of the number of population and its variations in time and space is called:
a) Population Dynamics b) Population Density c) Population Distribution d) None

6- Rapid Population growth in Urban areas perpetuates:
a) Crimes b) safety Issues c) Poverty d) None of these

7- Sustainability of human settlements have become a matter of:
a) Global Concern b) Continental Concern c) Regional Concern d) None

8- Settlements can be ordered by size or other factors to define:
a) Morphology b) Landscape c) Hierarchy d) None of these

9- South Asian agriculture is considered to be:
a) Intensive b) substence c) Extensive d) None

10- Appalachian Industrial area hosts:
a) Iron and Steel b) Textiles c) Chemicals d) None

11- Turkey possess plenty of:
a) Power resources b) Mineral Resources c) Water Resources d) None

12- What had historicaly made geography unique was its attention to systematic description of areal variation said by:
a) Hart Shorne b) Charles Fisher c) Ann Buttimer d) None

13-Indus Water Treaty Projects were financed by:
a) Asian Development Bank b) World Bank c) Former EEC d) None

14- Ninety percent of Russia is north of the:
a) 60th Paralle b) 55th Parallel c) 50 Parallel d) None

15- Before 1950, Famine was a harsh reality in:
a) Poland b) Portugal c) India d) None

16- Waterways are common transport means in Bengal for carrying:
a) Tea b) Jute c) Animals d) none

17- Greek Culture and power expanded into the near and Middle East during:
a) Archaic Period b) Classical Period c) Hellenistic Period d) None

18- in the 5th and 4th Centuries BC the most advanced economy was founded in:
a) Italy b) France c) Greece d) None

19- Geographic regions are based on distinctive quality of
a) Variety b) Homogenity c) ORigin d) None

20- Geography affects the culture of a region by:
a) What people do b) What people possess c) What people copy d) None

Q2: Present the spatial distribution of population over the globe.

Q3: Define Resources. Give most workable classification of resources citing explicit examples

Q4: Describe Industrial Revoution. how far it has helped in economic development as well as increasing economy disparity in the world?

Q5: Discuss grain farming in South Asia. Did you notice agriculture change in the region recently?

Q6: Bring out the importance of Pakistan in the current geo-polity pertinent to Global Affairs.

Q7: Explain Geographical requirements, distribution and production of cotton in South Asia.

Q8: Write comprehensive NOTES on ANY TWO of the following:

1- World's major fishing grounds
2- Trade patterns in China
3- Singapore--Her Economic success
4- Urbanization in Latin America.
aoa sir do you sugesst me to choose the GEOGRAHI?
IS it scoring subject?
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Old Tuesday, December 27, 2011
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Originally Posted by nasir88 View Post
aoa sir do you sugesst me to choose the GEOGRAHI?
IS it scoring subject?
Dear Nasir,
It is useless to ask about the scoring and non-scoring aspects of any subject.
if you have interest in GEOGRAPHY, then go ahead and start preparing, you will make this subject scoring.

(On the other side if you select some so called scoring subject but you have no interest in that very subject then definitely it will be you, who will make this subject low scoring.HAHAHAH joking don't mind)

These are the words of a person who has qualified CSS.

Also following thread will confirm this also.
Go through the whole of following thread by M.Asghar
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Zain Ahmed Zaman (Sunday, February 02, 2014)

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