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ENGLISH (PRECIS & COMPOSITION) Compulsory (Total Marks-l00)

The examination will be based upon a paper carrying 100 marks and will be geared to test the candidates' ability to handle grammatical structure, reading comprehension and analysis, and precise writing and composition.

The candidates should be capable of:

  1. Using English correctly and efficiently as a vehicle of communication.
  2. Reading, comprehending and analyzing advanced texts.
Grammar and Vocabulary
  • The candidate's ability to handle the structure of English will be tested by framing items based upon grammatical categories that usually create problems for foreign students.
  • There shall be no prescribed course for this purpose.

Reading Comprehension and Analysis
Two unseen passages shall be given with a fixed reading time and multiple choice questions would be placed at the end to be answered. The passage for comprehension shall be fairly technical. The passages would be selected from writings on economic, social, cultural subjects and international affairs.

Precise Writing
The candidates will be required to present an acceptable precis of a given passage. The unseen passage will be selected from current, economic, social, cultural and international affairs.

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Suggested Readings

Title Author
A communicative grammar of English Leech & Svartik
A practical English Grammar Thomson & Martinet
A Comprehensive English Grammar for Foreign students Eckersley & Eckersley (Longmans)
Modern English Vol. I & II Harcourt Brace Jovanovich Rutherford
A University English Grammar R. Quirk & S. Greenbaum (Longmans)
Practical English Usage Swan (OUP)
English Idioms McMordie
Mastering English Language Etherton

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