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awais_666 Tuesday, January 29, 2008 01:05 AM

Are We Muslims?
I have heard so many discussions and arguments on saying that are we following islam or not are we proper muslims or not?
well we say that we want to move further and get some recognition in this world but we are still busy in deciding that are we muslims or not i just want to ask points given below
1. Who are we to decide about anyone that he is proper muslim or not?
2. No where in world it is discussed that who is muslim who is not why only in Pakistan?
3. Wont we move towards success if we follow what is told us in our holy Quran?and leave the rest on almighty ALLAH to decide for us that are we proper muslims or not

my replies are
1. only ALLAH almighty will decide that who is proper muslim and who isnt
2. we discuss this because of our weak souls and try to hide them by showing that we have alot of knowledge
3. QURAN tells us all the ways of spending of our lives it is the simplest and the best solution for telling us how to spend our lives no matter what happens or what anyone says but if we only follow QURAN we will have the success at both places in our lives and on the day of hereafter.
QURAN is the book from Almighty ALLAH so kindly please follow it you will face no difficulty in your lives and you will live the best life kindly never pull up your finger on anyone


marwatone Tuesday, January 29, 2008 02:16 AM

[FONT="Comic Sans MS"][SIZE="4"][COLOR="darkRed"][B]1st question:[/B][/COLOR]Yes of coarse we are not who will decide who is the proper muslim or not. But let me tell you one thing.I don't know about others but about myself. When I see someone doing wrong and is against Islam, the discussion of "proper muslim or not" automatically starts,the first thing I will say "What type of Muslime he/she is?" I think that's why because we feel bad if someone is doing something against Islam. We don't have right to talk about someone else but we have the right to ask ourselves.Are we proper Muslims?I know I am not perfect but that was what I think.

[COLOR="darkRed"][B]To your 2nd question [/B][/COLOR]I will say,May be Pakistanis are very sensitive about Islam. Can I ask which countries are you talking about"No where in the world".

[B][COLOR="darkRed"]To your 3rd question[/COLOR][/B] I would like to say yes we should leave the rest on Allah Almighty and move towards success by following the path told by Allah Almighty,Hazrat Mohammad(PBUH) and Quran.[/SIZE][/FONT]

Shumail Aijaz Tuesday, January 29, 2008 04:00 AM

@awais 666
dear, in my opinion following are the answers to questions:

1. Yes obiveously Allmighty Allah will decide who is proper muslim who isn't, by the deeds we perform here in this materialistic world.

2. Here in this question you both @awais 666 & @marwatone are ok.

3. At this point i would say that until and unless we won't understand the message of Quran the message sent to us through His Prophet, he who is Rahmat ul Alameen we won't successed, to say let us leave every thing upto the Allah would not sound good because Allah have given us every posible mean to decided the right and wrong.

Edmark Tuesday, January 29, 2008 05:15 AM

In the current era, all "seems" to be hypocrites! Specially those who have "long beard", which they use for the sake of Islam. There is a saying which they don't follow..."Islam is not in beard but rather beard is in Islam". They show off about Islam and impose others to do the same by brain washing innocent (or I may say illiterate or those carrying degree without knowledge).

Muhammed Usman Tuesday, January 29, 2008 10:23 AM

1- your first question is the main reasons for sectarian divide among muslim when we for our personal interests start to classify people, we take GOD's job in our hand to earn some materialistics gains some times money, sometimes positions etc. which is wrong. IT SHOULD BE ALLAH , as it would be, on judgement day he'll tell who is right and who is wrong as ALLAH says in Quran

2- we pakistan's always project ourselves as " Thakaydar" of islamic world. reasons for this attitiude are political, by the course of incidents we happened to be at the front inorder to fight out so called Islamic Jihad, so our these 30 years we have been groomed to think like that. I belive we need to give up this attitude and need to learn more about peaceful co-existance

3- we all know what quran teaches but we don't practice it , may be the time we'll start to pratice Islamic values things would start to change, JUSTICE and KNOWLEDGE are the two basic of any flourshing society. unfortunatly we don't have both of them among us. neither there are any signs that we'll adopt to them in the near future

GOD Bless us all

awais_666 Wednesday, January 30, 2008 11:50 PM

Reply to Marwatone
on 2nd point
i am asking about the muslim countries like Iran,UAE,Indonesia, KSA etc
you have watched many TV channels or Documentaries for example last week i watched a documentary about Nigerian Law on BBC in that documentary the people who were shown they were seem to be not very rich not living advanced life but they were following Shariyat Law as also the Nigerian Law and separate Law for Christians since last 8 years and as shown in that when a culprit is caught he is punished by the court at the first hearing after getting proved that he is guilty and in front of people and as said by statistics of that country there have been only two culprits hands cut off in last 8 years and they were not arguing they just asked one thing to culprits and that wasnt you are proper muslims or not it was do you accept the holy QURAN and Shariya Lawor do you want to go to jail by Nigerian Law and go to jail they both said we accept the holy QURAN and shariya and as we have did a sin you can punish as they both were interviewed by BBC not by our own news channels.

Reply to Shumail
on 3rd point
the name of our religion means PEACE
i am asking about leaving things on Allah to decide are those which are as we are proper muslims or not we should work hard live towards success and as told in QURAN we should gain the knowledge of right and wrong and try to do the right things and i would say that we all have many wrongs in us but why we start arguing on it and try make it right by our arguments
An Example:
if anyone has seen the movie KHUDA KE LIYE(In the name of GOD) Directed by shoaib mansoor in the end if you hear of the words character Sarmar performed by Fawad(EP) that i was good but after getting in arguments with moulana and others and by going on the ways told me i performed so many sins which are unforgiven i suggest we all should watch that movie that is positive attitude for us and others and a message by shoaib mansoor to us thanks

Reply to Edmark
Buddy i dont think that anybody is brain washed to perform these kind of things these people which are extremists are created suppose somebody throughs a rock at your home and keep it throughing and it hits your brother or any other family member what would you do??i dont think you would sit down you would reply him with something or by going to him asking him to dont do that or hitting or throughing the rocks back to him
same thing is happening here also in Wazirstan the military destroys and kills innocent peoples by calling extremists and when extremists are created by those homes then they say we are doing the right thing but they are wrong why there is double standard?when you kill them its right and when they do something terrible and kill our innocent people they are wrong?see the history it tells there was these super powers who were behind creating these people Benazir bhutto came in Pakistan she martyred in just few days and tryed to martyr her on first day do you see the reality she had so much power of nation with her on her back i ask you one question do President Musharraf have that power?i really admire him from the first day he has came in government but the people he is working with who are they?they are the same people working in past governments well just one thing Democracy, Restoration of Law and Order is the thing he should do now enough for now:con dont take it on heart:D

reply to Mohammad Usman
1st point
you are absolutely right Mohammad Usman this is the basic things we should be known as muslims not as divisions of Islam


my only purpose for starting this discussion is to simply go to one point and that is stop arguing and start arguing about how can we make our lives better what will be everyone's answer i think that is simply the life told us in holy QURAN there is nothing left in QURAN which isnt in our lives then start arguing how can we become a great nation in the world and prepare ourselves towards it
Proud to be a Pakistani:king

habibrahet Sunday, February 10, 2008 11:03 PM

salam mr. Owais

sawal to ap nay he likhay hain, or jaantay hain, mager main sirf chund points per baat karoonga, jo aap nay apny he jawab main likhay hain

1. only ALLAH almighty will decide that who is proper muslim and who isnt

Quran ul Majeed, Allah Talaah nay apny pyary Nabi Sallaho alaih Wassalm per issi liay nazil farmaya, kay woh (Quran) sahi aor ghalat main tameez kar ta hay. aor humain bhee (ummat ko) hukum diya gaya, jab tumhain kisi baat per shak ho to uski tasdeek quran say karo. isi liay Quran majeed ko FURQAAN (FARAQ KARNAY WALA - FARAQ BATANAY WALA) kaha jata hay.

ab shayed aap samjhain kay yeh kaam sirf Nabi Peace be upon him kay liay he thaa. to iska jawab arz karta hoon kay

jab tum kisi ka KUFUR, NAFAQ (etc) dekho to to usay aagaah karo, kay iss say bacho, ager woh nahi bachta, to is baat ko manzar aam per lao, takay, baqi dunya walay usky KUfUR (ya nafaq) say bachain.

jaisa kay ek Mash-hoor Hadith shareef hay kay

(Mafhoom) ager tum kisi ko ghalat kaam kartay dekho,
to usay us buray kaam say roko (ager taaqat rakhtay ho roknay ki)
(ager rok nahi saktay taaqat say) to usay yeh kaam roknay kay liay kaho.
(ager kehnay ki taaqat bhee nahi rakhtay) to usay dil main bura zaroor jano

(3rd one) yeh emaaan ki sab say kamzor halat hay.

to mere bhai hum ko yeh faisla karna he paray ga, kay kon sahi kaam kar raha hay, or kon nahi. or yeh faisla karnay kay liay pehlay humain Quran , Hadith -e-Nabi Sullaho alaih wassalum, or Sunnat-e-Rasool Sullaho alaih wassalum ko sahi terhaan samajhna paray ga. phir hum compeletely faisla kar saktay hain.

ager hum Islam ka sikhaya huwa koi ek tareeqa bhee jantay hain, to us ek kaam per bhee yehi Hadith-e-Rasool Sullaho alaih wassulum sadiq aati hay.

bay shak Allah he faisla farmaey ga, mager, (yeh bhee sochain) ager yeh faisla Allah nay apnay haath main he rakhna hota to Insaan ko zameen per apna khaleefa na banata, phir un main apnay Nabi aor Rasool (peace be upon them) na bhaijta. jo un logon ko sahi or ghalat ka faraq batatay.

yehan main aap say yeh sawal karta hoon,
Allah Talla nay Laakhhon nabi (peace be upon them) zameen per (taqreeban her qom per ek nabi) bhaijay, to woh kiss kaam kay liay bhaijay gaey.

I think isi liay kay woh logon ko deen-e-Haneef ki taraf bulanay kay liay aaey, yani seedha rasta dikhanay aaey, aor issi terhaan, Rasool-e- Akram (Sullaho alaih wassulum) tamaam aalameen (saaray aalum) kay liay nabi ban kar aaey.

or yeh kaam sirf Anbiaah per khatam nahi hogaya.
Rasool-e- Akram (Sullaho alaih wassulum) nay farmaya, meri ummat kay wali, pichli umaton kay nabion ki maanund hain (RUTBAY MAIN NAHI) KYOONKAY pichli ummaton kay sirf nabion per deen ki tableegh karnay ka hukum thaa. mager Islam main Nabi kay baad Sahaba, phir unkay baad Wali, phir unkay baad aam ummati, sab ka faraz hay kay woh, sab ko islam ki teref raghib karen, or islam ki tableegh karen.

conclusion: ager aaj koi islam kay munaafi kaam karta hay, to uska faisla hum ko zaroor karna chahiay, kay woh sahi hay ya ghalat.

awais_666 Monday, February 11, 2008 12:49 AM

Dear i agree with you and i also meant the same that could be that my way of explanation is not depending on facts i just wanted to clear one thing and that is stop fighting on these issues and go throughout the holy QURAN it will guide you the way of life and tell you what is wrong and right you read my postings again i am asking the same thing but many people around us have stopped thinking that we should also grow as a single nation even areas are divided here i dont wanna take any names but i think should be known as Muslims and Pakistanis i will give just one example if you will go on Hajj your recognition there will be that you are a Pakistani and a Muslim so why we in our own country are not ready to call ourselves Pakistanis i will take my own example i am a sindhi speaking person but i am proud to be a Pakistani but few of our brothers say that we are only sindhis not Pakistanis same as that some say we belong to this Firqa or that one i just say one thing Allah has given us ability to read the holy QURAN and also its translations why we cant follow that? why we go to other people and ask them i am doing this am i right or wrong and blah blah many other things like which creates confusions:?
and buddy no hard feelings:) just wanna see Pakistan as a leading country of the world in one way it is leading all muslim countries as it is the Nuclear Power and i am proud of Dr. AQ khan and respect him as our hero and also respect the decision by President Musharraf that he didnt gave him to USA or IAEA

habibrahet Monday, February 11, 2008 09:40 PM

for Mr. Owais

well if you are agree with me, so there is nothing to say about.

but your 2nd point about President of Pakistan Its a good step in favour of AQ Khan as well as Mr. Musharraf. ( i think a new thread can be started on this topic). well about appointment of AQ Khan , i want to tell something:

Once IMAM-E-AZAM IMAM ABU HANEEFA (Rehmatullah-e-Alaih) was offered for the post of Qazi-ul-Qaza of the Islamic State by the Ameer of that time (at that time the Islamic state was over to Saudia Arabia, Iraq, Iran, Shaam, Turki), but IMAM-E-AZAM denied for the same. and carried teaching the students on. It is a different story that how he did deny.

but we (probably myself) take a lesson from his that act. after some times, the research (Fiqah) of Imam-e-Azam is spread all over the Islamic state. Approximate Each muslim follows His Fiqah.

But in Pakistan, President of Pakistan fixed Mr. AQ Khan as a VC of an Agricultural University (That post have only the administration work).

I think, it is better that being a VC of a University and a Proved scientist he should be offered to deleiver speech fortnightly in various universities of pakistan to the students of related field, Technical persons and the Junier Scientists in all over in Pakistan. In this way He ( AQ Khan) may pass his inteligence, his experience, to the young generation, rather than only being a vc of a university.

awais_666 Tuesday, February 12, 2008 01:28 AM

Buddy if you say about AQ khan we really dont know what is going on in his life and i cant say anything about it because i dont have any accurate information you know the government how much secretly they can work and there agencies also but by islamic point of view i cant say what i dont know all i know is Dr. AQ khan accepted his mistake on the TV as i heard his speech but you never know what is happening behind the TV screen or what the camera is not recording
Thanks hope you understand my point
everything has two angles one is negative and second is positive so same as that there are things which we know and there are things which we dont know we shouldnt be blaming anyone for anything if we dont have the accurate information i know media is playing a vital role in our lives these days but as i have studied about media i have come to know that it is the thing which changes the thinking of a normal person in the way they want to do as media has changed name of Muslims in Terrorists you know there have been many terrorist which which were jews and christians and hindus also but they are always called by the name of there group not by there religions but after 9/11 that became quiet common in media to call muslims as terrorists same as that many people have tryed to clear the misconceptions of peoples and they have succeed so again the same thing came that some people used media as negative source of information and some took it as positive source so buddy if you dont know that what is going on in Dr.AQ khan's personal life i dont think you should say that no one is taking benefit from his intelligence or knowledge:8:

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