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Old Monday, August 11, 2008
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Bushra Saleem is an unknown quantity at this point
Default Impeachment & Resignation of Mushraf

Pakistan's governing coalition leaders have been meeting to finalise a plan to impeach President Pervez Musharraf.

They accuse him of misconduct and of violating the constitution, and have urged him to resign.

A presidential spokesman said he would not do so. Mr Musharraf has been meeting advisers to plot his next move.

Pakistan's National Assembly is convening on Monday. Observers say it could be several days before it hears the charges against Mr Musharraf.

The provincial assembly in Punjab also passed a resolution on Monday demanding the president's resignation.


Leaders of the two largest parties in government met over the weekend to put the finishing touches to what those charges will be.

"The work of the impeachment committee is almost complete. It is giving finishing touches to the charge sheet," said Farzana Raja of the main party in government, the Pakistan People's Party (PPP).

"We gave him [Mr Musharraf] a chance to resign, we gave him a few months. But we have now come to the conclusion that now the people of Pakistan, through their elected representatives in the parliament, will have to do that."

One official said that the list of violations of the constitution and examples of the president's misconduct would extend to more than 100 pages.

Presidential spokesman Rashid Qureshi said there was no reason for Mr Musharraf to resign.

"Everything they are saying is false, so why should he resign?" he told the AFP news agency.

The charges are not likely to be presented to parliament until after independence celebrations on Thursday.

Before then the government is getting the four provincial assemblies to hold their own votes - which will ask the president to seek a vote of confidence.

The BBC's Mark Dummett in Islamabad says this will not have any direct bearing on the impeachment process - but will encourage more politicians to call for the president's resignation.

The government insists that it has enough votes to impeach him, but party leaders say he should resign now to avoid humiliation.

Mr Musharraf's supporters say they can muster enough votes to prevent his opponents from gaining a two-thirds majority required in both houses of parliament.

Our correspondent says Mr Musharraf has three options ahead of him

he could contest the impeachment in parliament, which is what his supporters there are urging him to do,
he could resign,
or he could take a huge risk, dismiss the government and dissolve parliament.
To do that would need the backing of the army, but there has been no indication yet of where Pakistan's most powerful institution stands, our correspondent says.

The whole nation is haunted by euphoria of the impeachment of the most cruel dictator.This indeed will herald a new dawn of democracy.His impeachment will end horse trading, bring political stability, end politics of conspiracies, terrorist attacks by the militants, corruotion, subversion of the constitution, nepotism, hostility with foreign countries and many other ills.It indeed is a good omen for public administration as the chief patron of the corrupt nazims will quit and thus they will leave the scene paving the way for smooth administration.
In my opinion, he should not only be impeached but also tried for the charges of;
1.human rights violation
2.selling out our own nationals to the US
3.Corruption by himself and his cronies
4weakening the federation
5.disturbances in baluchistan and fata and the killing of Akbar Bukti
6.Subversion of the constitution twice.
7.distruction of the institutions.
8.assault on Judiciary
9.Economic irregularities
10.victimization of political opponents
and many more...

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Old Tuesday, August 12, 2008
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Surmount is a jewel in the roughSurmount is a jewel in the roughSurmount is a jewel in the rough
Default Pervez Musharraf: Pakistan’s Only Real Democrat in 40 Years

Pervez Musharraf:

Pakistan’s Only Real Democrat in 40 Years

By Laila Sohail

Laila is a young Pakistani woman.

Musharraf’s biggest mistake is that he tried to be a democratic leader while he could have easily been an authoritative one. What was required perhaps was that he ruled this country like a true dictator, changing the political system and snubbing all opposition. He joined a political party - most likely the wrong one – took off his uniform, held elections, and let the power transition be smooth for those whom the nation had chosen, despite knowing their inabilities. He has the vision and ability to do more for this country than these self-centered politicians ever will, but it is his reputation that is tarnished while they enjoy their moments of glory.

While Musharraf may be called a dictator; it is his democratic policies that have made the maximum contribution to his unpopularity.

He gave the media its much awaited freedom. The media wanted to use its freedom to the full it found an easy target in a tolerant and democratic-minded military ruler. Live current affair talk shows replaced the daily soaps at tea time, and news anchors took the place of movie stars.

With the discovery of live coverage,
something had to be covered, so sensationalism became the ‘in’ thing. The more controversial, the more it sells. The media that Musharraf had opened up to show his dedication to putting Pakistan on the track of democracy chose him to be its favorite villain.

Musharraf was blamed for the exiled politicians. So he designed the NRO to bring them back. The Feb. 18 election result showed that it was the will of the majority to have these people back, not only in the country but also in power. The list of corruption cases and the record of past performances was not enough to challenge the invincible feudal power of these feudal politicians. Yet Musharraf lost the faith of his own supporters due to NRO because they saw it as a compromise on principles.

Those who criticized Musharraf before the elections for not allowing the exiled politicians to return, were now criticizing Musharraf for letting these failed politicians back, after seeing their disappointing performance after Feb. 18.

How can I speak in favor of a man who broke the constitution to gain power? How can anyone support a dictator? “The people of this country
want democracy, not a man in uniform.”
We hear this line time and again.

Before deciding on what the people of this country want, a reality check should be taken. The people of this country don’t care that a man who had nothing to do with politics all his life, who was not even an active member of the party that his wife was leading while she was alive, who was always in the backseat with the only limelight he got being for all the wrong reasons … that man is now ruling the country, without a vote and without a seat in the parliament. Why? Because the 19 year old heir to the throne is too young to take over as king. Some mockery of democracy this is!

There is a piece of paper much talked about and we are ready to put a man on trial for violating it. Those who talk about democracy and the importance of this paper should look at their own history first.
The constitution passed in 1973 was first amended by the very man who passed it.
  • In April 1974 an amendment allowed to limit the press freedom and ban any political parties it felt were a threat to the ‘sovereignty and integrity’ of the country.
  • In 1975 laws were passed to detain suspects indefinitely and take away rights of bail for those arrested by the FSF, the fascist personal militia of the ‘democratic’ ruler at the time. This was the fate chosen for the constitution by its own architect.
This vendetta against the President has nothing to do with the violation of the constitution or democracy. Mr. Nawaz Sharif and his bruised ego won’t rest until the man responsible for his downfall is driven out of office. The political system is hostage to one man’s revenge. It is an old and dirty move in this power play, because the only thing that really matters to the politicians is power. Today they talk about their struggle for democracy, but like all their other claims, it is a sham.
  • In the 1977 election, there was open prosecution of the supporters of political parties, rallies were banned, and a law was passed limiting public gatherings to just 5 people.
  • Power hunger led Bhutto to rig the elections in 1977, an unnecessary, hasty and fatal move. Contrast this with the Feb. 18, 2008, election, held by the so-called dictator. That’s the truth.

The tradition of seizing power continues. One has to give Mr. Zerdari full credit for not only securing the rider’s seat on this horse of power, but also playing the role well. Whether it’s his transformation from a Sindhi jagir dar to an English speaking diplomat, or his never ending talks with Nawaz Sharif to maintain the coalition, Mr. Zardari has become what we call a true politician in

I support a man who I know is educated, who comes from a middle class family and who served this country for years through its most prestigious institution. I would choose him over the hypocritical feudals with shady pasts any day. The elite whose lifestyles have no resemblance to those of the common man, and who only see politics as the easiest path to self capitalization.

I don’t care if Musharraf used his uniform to become the president. I am not a politician, so I don’t have to be diplomatic. I am not a lawyer, so I don’t have to defend the legitimacy of his actions. I am a young Pakistani who wants to see this nation get out of the chains of feudalism and become a progressive state. If it takes a dictator to do that, so be it.

This system and these politicians have given us enough reasons to lose our faith in them. Their model of democracy is a twisted one that only serves their own purpose as per convenience, without a consideration for the country or its people. What they call a ‘transition into democracy’ is a transition into darkness, with them being the civilian dictators. Keep your flamboyant styles and deceiving promises, no thank you, we don’t want your ‘vision’ of democracy.’ We are better suited to a dictatorship than this gag they call a democracy. Meanwhile, the comedy circus continues …

Click for Actual Source

Dear Fellows, the words written above were not ideas of mine, but after reading that.............

~Time owns each and everything~
~Useless youth if not useful for Pakistan~
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Faryal Shah (Tuesday, August 12, 2008), marwatone (Saturday, August 16, 2008)
Old Tuesday, August 12, 2008
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Cant think straight will become famous soon enough

true. He is the only General, who laid down the civil government structure. I have met people from different classes, they all agreed to whatever Musharraf has done for Pakistan, and people of Pakistan and he has done for good.current situation is pretty nerve wrecking for people they actually dont know where are we heading. politicians are lying (shame on you guys), Musharraf's impeachment is not that easy as Mr 100 %'s saying.Can we succeed despite a few mistakes?
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And you go sore in the eyes your life is an abyss...
Where your shadow reached before You.
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Old Wednesday, August 13, 2008
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Muhammad Asjad is on a distinguished road

Musharaf was supported by majority in his early times in Politics and his discission were appritiated a lot. But we have to admit he made number of blunders not just mistakes. A true leader will never come in to the stupid ideas of others i-e he all did with the will and advice of Q-League.

Now he should go. Its the need of the Hour.

I dont know there will be much differece. There is not so much difference between New Government and the Old one. Still it will solve one big issue. There may be a bit more stability.

Its time for musharaff to go now.
A drop of ink make millions think

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Old Wednesday, August 13, 2008
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Faryal Shah will become famous soon enough

@ M asjad

can you identify blunders he did and how bad he did to the nation. who will be the better replacement zardari or nawaz.

Ab ulti counting shuru ker deni chayee. what musharraf reformed in last 8 years will be vanished within 8 months.
Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.

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Old Wednesday, August 13, 2008
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Malik Jehangir is on a distinguished road
Default @Faryal Shah

The worst democracy is better than the best dictatorship.
At the end of his 8 years rule, he has nothing to count and tell the nation what he has garnered for the nation....
Among What he gave us are suicide attacks, interprovincial tension, destroyed institutions, political instability, worsening law and order situation, energy shortage, corrupt international image, food shortage, inflation and so many other things....
I hope we are moving towards a better era once we get rid of this dictator
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Old Thursday, August 14, 2008
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Hina 11(MISS Einstein) will become famous soon enoughHina 11(MISS Einstein) will become famous soon enough
Default lawful to impeach musharaf??

oh yes now it z time to say ba bye to Mr Musharaf .
he has already played alot with our feelings and lives of so many people...

now it z 100% lawful to impeach that v person as our PRESTIGIOUS CONSTITUTION OF 1973 provides with clear cut rules as who to b removed and how...

**ARTICLE 47(8) says that an impeachment motion may b moved against the President id he guilty of voilating the constitution z guilty of gross misconduct..**

now the supportes of mr President r of the view that there r no charges against him which could in real senses satisfy that v article so he cant b impeached(z it so??) ...

if he z not guilty u/this v article then where can v rate his certain acts which he admitted himself as done against national interests of PAKISTAN..

for 8years he have been deceiving after taking over the govt he said he z having no political agenda and he will hand over the govt ater free and fair elections,bt ....

*he also banned political parties.

*it was he who gave full freedom to jihadi organizations and allowed them to collect money n the form of zakkat/donations etc.. and now wa ji wa..war agaist terror....

*it was he who removed 60 judges for his own sake .

*it was he who opted for the release of Maulana Fazlullah's militants..

*he knew that foreign fundings coming for such madrassahs bt he did nothing.

*more than 80 illegal FM radios were allowed to function w/o any restriction from the state..

*he banned media..

*massive killing in karachi on 12th may..who z responsible 4 waste if precious lives??

*allowing foreign intrusions in PAKISTAN's territory esp tribal belt..

*massive killing in Lal Masjid EVENT...


*Mockery of accountability as bank loans were waived and masterminds of the steel mills fraud,stock market scam and wheat and sugar shortage were allowed to go scot free.

Now judge him on these basis and many many more,z nt he eligible to b impeached??

HE Z....
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Old Saturday, August 16, 2008
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malangz is on a distinguished road
Default Beti farosh k lye ahtasab nahi Sazae Maut...

He might have taken some good actions but if one wants to count then there are uncountable things for which he should be hanged till death....I would just mention 3...

Silence on the movie against Quran and Cartoon controversy

Laal Masjid incident


Dr.Afia's arrest and selling her to FBI.

Our President says"Agar daal mehngi hai to awam chicken khaye"...Is this a responsible attitude? Is this a mature statement? I liked the statement of Dr.Amir Liaquat k "hum to is lye daal khatay hain k Pyaray Mohammad(SAW) main daal hai aur Sadar sahab ko is lye chicken se mohabat hai k washington main Noon hai".Humaray President ko to naach gaanay ki mehfilon se hi fursat nahi milti k awaam k baray main sochay...12th May ko jab khi main laugon ka qatal e aam ho raha tha to islamabad main musharraf sahab jashan mana rahay thay...Jab Laal masjid pe operation ho raha tha to apnay Chak Shehzad k farm house pe Mujra dekh rahay thay aur sharab main dhut they...Mai ye nahi kehta k baki politicians k hath saaf hain...lakin Sadar sahab ne to sari hadain hi paar kar deen...agar ab bhi Sadar sahab ko safe path dia gya to is se bara zulm nahi hoga...Dr.Afia ko FBI k hawalay kar k jo Gunnah aur Ghadari Sadar Sahab ne kee hai us k lye agar Aalijah ko koray bhi maray jayain to shayad kam hoga...Qaum ki beti ka soda karnay walay ko ryaayat nahi dee jatee...Sazaye Maut dee jatee hai.Allah Dr.Afia aur us jesay jitnay mazloom amrica ki qaid main hain aur Pakistani hakoomat k zulm ka shikar hain,unki hifazat farmae aur azaadi ata farmae...Allah hum sab ka haam i o nasir ho(ameen) mera point of view tha mai ne likh dia..Ikhtelaaf e rae har aik ka bunyadi haq hai...JazakAllah...
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Old Saturday, August 16, 2008
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Surmount is a jewel in the roughSurmount is a jewel in the roughSurmount is a jewel in the rough

@ malangz

Thanks you are right. He is being compared to our other current politicians and leaders, while such things 'wo sharabb mein lattt thyy or Mujraa dekh rahy thy' don't have any place in news or no movie clip has been seen about such issues, or please mention the resources for such information. It would be v.very informative
~Time owns each and everything~
~Useless youth if not useful for Pakistan~
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Old Sunday, August 17, 2008
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u.rubab is on a distinguished road
Default is thiz the need of time!

WE all are witnessing every other newspaper and every media channel bombarded with MUSHARAF TRIAL story and bla bla.we find some of the people regarding and respecting all this matter as Quaid orAllama's most aspired dream,becoming true.
What I feel about all this is.its all very positive.i would rather call it an expression of a highly saturated and politically stable nation.I strongly hold this view that its something higher to our very current status,a country whose more than 60% population is living a dead life out of hunger and poverty!If v stop being dumb we can easily smell the biased politics tactic,keeping up the tradition of our every newly formed Govt.'s attitude towards the previous one.In case of Musharaf,he has a lot of other reasons to face today.
In short,I favour this act firmly but not just against a person confronted by typical political forces.I want it in its actual and true form.Its verification,for me atleast,lies on the Eligibility criterias of those who want to conduct it.I favour it as a process of Pakisatan's politics,equally unavoidable for the future candidates of Presidensy or Ministership.Its really necessary to get rid of world known corrupt souls as our so called leaders.

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