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Old Monday, July 02, 2007
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STRAIN2 will become famous soon enoughSTRAIN2 will become famous soon enough
Lightbulb Islam is based on, and rooted in, a well-integrated set of beliefs

Originally Posted by sheeba.s is ones mentality that matters.
Let me make is very short. Mentality has nothing to do with religion.
We all Alhumdulillah are Muslims and accept Islam as our Deen.

Let me put some light on this basic belief.

Allah says in Quran;

“This day, i have perfected your Deen for you, completed my favor upon you, and have chosen for you Islam as your Deen”
(Al-Mă´edah verse :3)

The basic definition of Deen is reward. (Al-Fatiha : 3) ===>
Reward is always on the basis of some laws. If anyone abides by the laws, he will be given good reward and in case of their violations, he will be punished.======>
Laws are there to support a system and the system is known by the one who has the absolute authority and command.=======>
The value of a system exists till the time it is obeyed.

Hence, Deen is a system of life in which human beings consciously surrender themselves to the sovereignty of a higher authority, and live a life of total obedience under the system of that higher authority, in order to gain rewards from it and to save themselves from its punishment.

Islam is based on, and rooted in, a well-integrated set of beliefs describing the nature of ultimate reality, meaning of human life, and the final destiny. In addition to this essential faith or Iman, modes of worship (i.e., Salat, Zakat, Saum, and Hajj) and various social customs are also indispensable and integral parts of Islam.

Hope this will clear the doubts.
The Demand Of Faith Is To Bow Down After Hearing The Command. Faith Cannot Co-Exist With Ifs And Buts.
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Old Sunday, July 15, 2007
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Say-no-to MATERIALISM! is an unknown quantity at this point
Default Success!

I just want to say we are not thinking about the MOST important part of this issue. that is IS hijab a hurdle in "Women's SUCCESS".

Plz first define what is women's success. Are you talking about wordly success or REAL success of the women. What is this life. Just a mere BIGBANG and EVOLUTION alongwith MATERIALISTIC philosophies and RELIGIONS only as PERSONAL MONOPOLIES manipulating them wherever we want; accepting and rejecting according to OUR will. A muslim by definition is the one who submits his WILL to Allah. ...... I think if u ponder upon this much it would be enough.......

If u say that No No Hijab is a hurdle then tell me Aren't clothes too hurdles during swimming, running, etc...... Why these double standards. So according to this LOGIC during swimming........ ( I think I made my point clear)
Hijab is no issue. REAL issue is what is A women's "REAL SUCCESS". In USA there is almost no Hijab and the rate of rape is Max. but I agree women are successful according to your SUCCESS definition. In Saudi Arabia the rate of Rape is Min. but the Worldly success of women is not that much as in AMERICA.
so which success we want. We should know what we are, (just like Animals according to Science requiring animal needs or above them with features of spirituality according to ISLAM) .................

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Old Thursday, January 10, 2008
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Post “Jijab or Veil is the beauty of women”

Literary Meaning:

Hijab or ħijāb (حجاب) is the Arabic term for "cover" (noun), based on the root حجب meaning "to veil, to cover (verb), to screen, to shelter"
In some Arabic-speaking countries and Western countries, the word hijab primarily refers to women's head and body covering, but in Islamic scholarship, hijab is given the wider meaning of modesty, privacy, and morality.
The word used in the Qur'an for a headscarf or veil is khimār (خمار).

Q. Is Islamic dress appropriate for modern times?
A: Islamic dress is modern and practical. Muslim women wearing Islamic
dress work and study without any problems or constraints.

As far as my observation is concern “Jijab or Veil is the beauty of women” because the word “Women” mean pardah or veil and nothing more than that and that’s all my owner I will not say something more with respect of Hijab.
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Old Sunday, January 20, 2008
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habibrahet is on a distinguished road

I think, it depends upon her work (work type),
If her work needs only her abilities, then it doesnt effect on her progress, (e.g. for office work, some designing fields etc)
if her work needs her abilities as well as her appearance then it must effects on her progress (e.g. for a Model, Hijab must effects for her work, or at that place, where a girl is only appointed to attracts their customers, then HIJAB must effacts for her progress there).

Its all that i have.

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Old Friday, January 25, 2008
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Turk govt, opposition agree to ease scarf ban

Friday, January 25, 2008
Opinion polls show strong public support for lifting the ban

ANKARA: Turkey’s Islamist-rooted ruling AK Party and a key opposition party agreed on Thursday to cooperate to lift a ban on the wearing of the Islamic headscarf in universities, a move sure to anger the secular elite.

The secular elite, who include army generals, judges and university rectors, view the ban as vital for the separation of state and religion.

“Agreement has been reached ... the issue of the headscarf was evaluated in terms of rights and freedoms,” said a joint statement by the AK Party and the nationalist MHP. Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan needs MHP support in parliament to amend Turkey’s constitution. Erdogan did not say when the proposal would be put to a vote in parliament.

The role of religion has been a polarising issue in mainly Muslim Turkey since the founding of the secular republic in 1923on the ashes of the Ottoman Empire. The current headscarf ban in universities dates back to a court ruling in 1989.

The secularists accuse the popular centre-right, pro-business AK Party of plotting to boost the role of Islam in Turkey, a claim Erdogan and his party deny.

Erdogan, whose own wife and daughters wear the headscarf, insists wearing the garment is a matter of personal freedom in a country where two-thirds of women cover their heads.

Opinion polls show strong public support for lifting the headscarf ban. Many women opt not to go to university because they want to keep their heads covered. Others wear wigs. Thursday’s move could increase political tensions in Turkey, a candidate for European Union membership. Financial markets are closely watching the headscarf debate.

“The reaction of the secular elite to the changes in the constitution will be important for the markets,” said Ozgur Altug, an economist at Raymond James Securities.

Last year, the issue helped spark early parliamentary polls following mass secularist rallies and tough army warnings.

The powerful military, which views itself as the ultimate guarantor of Turkey’s secular order, has not yet commented but is unlikely to welcome the latest moves.

The army has ousted four democratically elected governments in the past 50 years, most recently in 1997 when with public support it drove out a cabinet it viewed as too Islamist.

Some secularists see the headscarf as a threat to the modernising pro-Western reforms of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk in the1920s and 1930s. They say any relaxation of the ban could turn Turkey into another Iran.

“We may no longer see female students with uncovered heads in a few years time. Turkey is turning to Sharia law, not to the EU but to the Middle East,” said Isa Esme, deputy head of the powerful secular body overseeing higher education.

The AK Party has come under strong pressure from grassroots supporters to act after winning re-election last July.

An increasingly wealthy but pious middle class is emerging in Turkey and it wants to practise its religion more freely.

The MHP, Turkey’s third largest party in parliament, has long backed relaxing the headscarf ban because, like the AK Party, it counts among its supporters many religiously conservative small businessmen and farmers.

Critics say the secular elite uses Islam as an excuse to keep control of key state institutions for its own benefit.

“The logic is one of fear: if you give (people) one thing, they will ask and eventually get more... if you allow the headscarf in universities today, they will declare a Shari state in 10 years,” Ibrahim Kalin, director of Turkish think-tank SETA, wrote in Zaman daily.


My personal comments:
well the islamo-philic AKP party has been commended by many of the occidental opinion makers as well, that it has put the Turkish state on the path of progress and prosperity so much so that even the women feel more affinity towards it, notwihstanding the fact that its leadrs'(Erdogan and Abdullah Gul)'s, family women observe hijab, themselves, according to the Islamic principles. Yet the minor Turkish Elite(the secularits), abhorres hijab on the ludicrous pretext that its a hurdle in the way of female emancipation and prosperity. What should be commented upon such paradoxical ideology????? , eh.....
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Old Friday, January 25, 2008
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Khan333 is on a distinguished road

I would add that 'If sin become common even than it is not valid(Koi gunnah aam honay say jayaiz nahi ho jata)'. It is fact that Hijab could create problems for ladies, as proved above. But we must not forget that , Kawa chala hans ki chall apni bhi bhool gayai. we should stick to the preachings of our religion. Today ladies are discourged, not to wear hijab, if they are demanded to go for further offensives than what would would be the response. Would we allow our sisters and daughters to sacrifice further for progress in worldly life. Of course not. Therefore We must fight against that evil system.
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Hurriah (Friday, January 25, 2008)
Old Sunday, February 10, 2008
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habibrahet is on a distinguished road


I would like to invite you to plz concenrate on thread's topic (i.e. Did Hijab cause hurdle in woman success? ) rather than (what Islam says abour Hijab).

I think there are some ladies also resides in Pakistan who dont belong to religion Islam, question is only (wether Hijab causes hurdle in woman (may be women) success). Hope we should keep concentrate on topic in future.

My GoaL is to be a Failure! If I reach my GoaL, I'll be Successful and if I don't reach my GoaL, I'll still be Successful.
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Old Friday, February 22, 2008
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Default media should represent ISLAM properly

MAM,....u hav pointed out a really important issue...i praise ur sense of approach....our media has become called....but it only represents the mentality of upper class people....i mean to say that in all talk shows of private chanelles specially , the modernizm is applied while i think that modernizm should not be physically its a matter of mind n soul...HIJAB is a gift of islam to muslim woman...the safety measure so that she easily moves in the society wdout hesitation,,,it is absolutely wrong impression that muslim in hijab may remain backward in the society ...........the frst pilot remains in hijab....while all our members in senate or national assembly take dupatta on their heads...which give them gorgious n respectful effect....the success can be achieved in the limits of dresses....the media should keep this in mind....
dreams require effortless sleep while aims reqire sleepless efforts
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Old Saturday, February 23, 2008
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our beloved leader Benazir Bhutto Always weared hijab even she had studied from USA and she has left a name on the world which will always be respected dress is not the thing which shows what you are but your knowledge and your abilities shows what you are and what you can do even you are dressed up like mod girls or without hijab if you dont know the work or you dont have abilities you will never get success and same thing i will ask about the women in hijab in my opinion hijab is not a hurdle in anyone's success although where ever i have gone the women in hijab are more been seen with respect then the women who are not in hijab i am not saying that who doesn't wear hijab is wrong or can not have success but i am only saying that hijab is not a hurdle in your success
please no sister around here takes it personally
and please read my post of Are We Muslims? you will be more clarified about the role of media in our lives
if it is done its possible and if its possible then i can do it:)
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irum (Saturday, February 23, 2008)
Old Saturday, March 01, 2008
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Silent Spectator is just really niceSilent Spectator is just really niceSilent Spectator is just really niceSilent Spectator is just really niceSilent Spectator is just really nice
Thumbs down Hijab or veil?

If u r muslim or if u consider urself a muslim woman or girl.
It is necessary for u to wear or do hijab not only but also veil or NAQAAB.
I have read the reply of a student who has said that the retired general says that u should wear jeans and paints,, For God sake don't say like this if u do follow the western culture then wt about the superiority of Islam and the priority of muslims and wt will be the difference b/w muslim women and non-muslim woman.
This man must hold his horse wt he has said.?
Best regards.
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