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Old Tuesday, October 06, 2020
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Default Misguided Term Terrorism(Critical To Traditional Understanding)

Definition of terrorism doesn't lie with word Pakistan & India but it lies with words "Threatening or harming someone physically" but under charter of psychology according to Dr Steven Pinker it is not merely motive of terrorism to harm someone physically but it is a try with aim to dominate some entityís economy, free will and civil values without their consent in such a way that it ruins peace in that entity. What we have ignored through all those years is the motive of terrorism in any form and it is the most important question in solving the problem of terrorism. Blaming India never solved the issue and peace never went an inch ahead. Why? I am not interested to talk about what our administrations since decades fooled our minds with same stuff of blame games and what we got actually from that?
We have been part of slavery since year 712 and have been calling all Muslim invaders as Conquerors while from those rulers lists when it comes to British we call them Slave Traders Masters and crucial rulers. Anyone ever thought about the fact? Who pushed us in the line of following all those invaders which came from multi nations, this question is clean chit of our moral depression. Millions of us are still happy that once we were ruled by foreign invaders. After 1308 years we are finding the solution of terrorism between the borders of Pakistan and India? Not fair
Its not Pakistan which is trouble creator for India economically, strategically or socially and true is vice versa too, its natural need of human to be self centred in obtaining their goals and history is full of repetition of it. Why our every government is hiding its diplomatic in ability with the view that RAW is planning something against Pakistan or Indian poor calibre governments have been fooling their nation with same idea about ISI. Who idiot has time to fight a war in this modern era when oxygen is at risk, drinking water is at risk, pure nutrition is at risk? Instead of working over core issues politicians are convincing their nations that we have only serious threats from our neighbours merely to put them in voter line. Millions of educated jobless people, dying children of serious diseases, no progress (invention as well as discovery) in science, no foreign investments in countries, corruption is top priority, no human rights on and on are the issues that cry that we are suffering from "De-perception-ism".
Look critically at our home status -power hunger, gender inequality, no free will, financially instability threats, burden of taxes, no sufficient income, deprivation of proper medical care and education on and on. Are not these a part of psychological terrorism which has been invested by political structures of these two countries? Still we are convinced that these are not problems actually? Who convinced us? Our slave minds definitely.
Its very funny for me that people regard their vote as national responsibility, they stay in line for the person who they are sure that will never put them out of problems but still they are there after every few years, slavery works with propaganda.
We Pakistani, as a nation are terribly sure that we are not responsible for all the circumstances produced in Assam or Manipur, we are not responsible for her clashes with China, we are not responsible for Sudan internal clashes, we are not responsible for Armenian war, then who is responsible? Their own incapable elected governments where incapable people head the chairs and misguide their nations with their rubbish mindsets to act as dual faced disguised in terrible approaches towards humanity.
Its sad that we have been effected in the region but we didn't asked for opportunity to be effected, if we look critically then roots of our internal terrorism started by ourselves in late 70's which caused strong inclination towards sectarian wars at our domestic level. I don't suppose it true that when Sipah e Sahaba and Fiqa Jafaria were killing each other were funded by Saudi Arabia or Iran either. When we were developing Taliban for our own interests, did our state actors ever realized about later effect over nationís civil values? Not so because they were nonsense and were suffering in ability. Let me check a cross over the issue, did Afghanistan ever recognized our loyalty? Answer is again a No.
If material terrorism is bad then psychological terrorism is worse than former form.
Instead of replacing core views related to any form of terrorism with scientific approaches, uplifting the perception level, these non state actors are compelling state actors to blame each other and tell the regarding nation that we are worst threats for each other.
Mentioning the government of Imran or Modi as worst governments is not a merit but to resume the whole history of inescapable stupidity is on the line.
Masters in journalism were briefing the nations on covid-19, Chancellors are less educated than Vice Chancellors are the fun facts to laugh at.
Why New Zealand, Norway, Switzerland, Denmark and France are on the top charts of most peaceful nations? Why they are not facing major threats of terrorism (except very few religiously inspired), donít they have arms to fight? Donít they have ammunition to fire? Donít they have neighbours? Only because they got leaders who are devoted to humanity, civil values and peace, they don't misguide their nations, they feel it insult to blame other humans and we as compared to them have history of proud in slavery. A slave brain can fight and minds with free will give an argument with reasoning.
I must add that if any terrorist organizations are working anywhere across the globe, world needs to identify their motives to solve the issue because if government is hanging a murderer then what is the difference between murderer and government and does this eliminates the murder from crime history by doing so? No. It doesn't stop, it only delays next happening. Why not stop? Need to ponder.
I am pretty sure that any form of terrorism (material/psychological) is based on the view of No Perception and No Education. Our (Both countries) political history has kept us away from both these grounds, thatís why we say what others say. We have been in race of words not ideas with frivolous attitude to understand.
We need to rise our conscious level of understanding rather than repeating the same false version which come from the roots of Idiocracy(my term).
I have no enemy anywhere, I am not enemy of anyone anywhere, if every citizen has same opinion then terrorism comes from where? Reason your argument and I am here to listen.
Deepest Regardís for realists.
I am proud that i was born as contrarian that's why i respect critical faculties and rational approach.
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