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Old Saturday, August 15, 2009
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Default Cabinet Division issues civil awards list

ISLAMABAD: On the occasion of Independence Day, the President of Islamic Republic of Pakistan has announced to confer the following civil national awards on Pakistani citizens and foreign nationals for excellence in various fields of activities.

The investiture ceremony will take place on the coming Pakistan Day, 23rd March, 2010.

Field I.

1. H.E. Mr. General Liang Guanglie (China) for services to Pakistan
2. Prof. Dr. Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu (Turkey) for services to Pakistan
3. Senator John F. Kerry (USA) for services to Pakistan

Field II.

4.Prof. Dr. M. Qasim Jan (NWFP) for services in Science (Academic Teaching/Scientific Research)
5. Prof. Azhar Masood Ahmed Faruqui (Sindh) for services in Medicine
6. Bano Quddsia (Punjab) for services in Literature
7. Ms. Asma Jahangir (Punjab) for services in Human Rights
8. Sardar Muhammad Yasin Malik (Sindh) for Public Service

Field III.

9. Prof. Qin Dahe (China) for Services to Pakistan

Field IV.

10. Mr. An Qiguang (China) for services to Pakistan

Field V.

11. Mr. Karim Khan Shaheed (NWFP) on Gallantry
12. Mr. Khurshid Khan Shaheed (NWFP) on Gallantry
13. Malik Muhammad Afzal Shaheed (Mohmand Agency) on Gallantry
14. Mr. Faisal Khan Shaheed (NWFP) on Gallantry
15. Mr. Muhammad Iqbal Shaheed (Punjab) on Gallantry
16. Mr. Aamir Waseem (Punjab) on Gallantry

Field VI.

17. Prof. Dr. Masoom Yasinzai (Balochistan) in field of Science (Bio-Chemistry)
18. Dr. Shahid Mansoor (Sindh) in field of Science (Bio-Technology/ Genetic Engineering)
19. Mr. Saeed Ahmad (NWFP) in field of Engineering(Mechanical)
20. Mian Muhammad Aqeel Majid (Punjab) in field of Engineering(Nuclear Chemical)
21. Mr. Aslam Hayat (Punjab) in field of Engineering (Nuclear)
22. Mr. Muhammad Shahid Raza (Islamabad) in field of Mechanical Engineering
23. Mr. Philip Goddard Ransley (U.K.) in field of Medicine
24. Professor Hiroji Kataoka (Japan) in field of Education
25. Professor Ayesha Jalal (Sindh) in field of Education
26. Professor Hasan Askari (Punjab) in field of Education
27. Mr. F.E. Chaudhry (Punjab) in field of Art (Photography)
28. Late Syed Musa Raza (Santosh Kumar) (Punjab) in field of Art (Film Acting)
29. Late Syed Salim Gillani (Punjab) in field of Art (Broadcasting)
30. Late Mr. Hanif Ramay (Punjab) in field of Art (Creative Calligraphy)
31. Mr. Jamil Naqsh (Sindh) in field of Art (Painting)
32. Mr. Abdullah Jan Jamaldini (Balochistan) in field of Literature
33. Dr. Shahzad Qaiser (Punjab) in field of Literature
34. Mr. Rahimullah Khan Yusufzai (NWFP) in field of Journalism
35. Late Ms. Nirmala Deshpande (India) for Services to Pakistan
36. Mr. Dzanko Damir (Bosina & Herzegovina) for Services to Pakistan
37. Dr. Harald Hauptmann (Germany) for Services to Pakistan
38. Mr. Folker Flasse (Germany) in Services to Pakistan
39. Mr. Javed Masud (Punjab) in Public Service
40. Mr. Adil Salahuddin (Sindh) in Public Service
41. Mr. Asad Umar (Sindh) in Public Service
42. Mr. Pedio Massimo (Italy) for Services to Pakistan
43. Late Prof. Muhammad Ali Khan (Balochistan) in Public Service (Education)
44. Prof. Adil Najam (Islamabad) in Public Service (Environment)
45. Mr. Bani Amin Khan (Sindh) in Public Service
46. Syed Qamar Zaman Shah (Sindh) in Public Service (Agriculture)
47. Late Dr. Abdul Ghani (NWFP) in Public Service
48. Mr. Alam Zeb Khan Shaheed (NWFP) in Public Service
49. Dr. Muhammad Amjad Saqib (Punjab) for Social Service
50. Mr. A. K. Khan (Sindh) in Public Service
51. Dr. Javed Ahmed Ghamidi (Punjab) in Public Service (Religious Scholars)
52. Professor Rasul Bakhsh Rais (Punjab) in Public Service (Scholar)
53. Allama Talib Johri (Sindh) in Public Service (Scholar)
54. Dr. Zaheeruddin Babar Awan (Punjab) in Public Service (Scholar)
55. Mr. Sohail Mansoor (Sindh) in Public Service (Highest Tax Payer)
56. Mr. Islahuddin Siddiqui (Sindh) in Sports(Hockey)

Field VII.

57. Dr. Muhammad Javed Akhtar (NWFP) in Science (Chemistry)
58. Dr. S. M. Javed Akhtar (Sindh) in Science (Laser Optics)
59. Mrs. Mehmooda Kazmi (Punjab) in Science (Biology)
60. Mr. Safdar Habib (Sindh) in Engineering
61. Syed Khalid Hussain (Punjab) in Engineering (Nuclear)
62. Mr. Muhammad Masood Mirza (Punjab) in Engineering(Mining)
63. Mr. Zahid Shakeel (Punjab) in Engineering (Mechanical)
64. Dr. Raja Ali Raza Anwer (Punjab) in Engineering (Nuclear)
65. Mr. Kaleem Shaukat (Punjab) in Engineering (Mechanical)
66. Syed Tahir Hassan Hashmi (Islamabad) in Engineering (Chemical)
67. Mr. Ayaz Ayub (Punjab) in Electrical Engineering
68. Mr. Faiz-ul-Hassan (Punjab) in Electronics
69. Mr. Riaz Alam Khan (Sindh) Engineering (Aerospace)
70. Late Anwar Solangi (Sindh) Art (Actor/Drama Writer)
71. Rabia Zuberi (Sindh) Art in (Education & Sculpture)
72. Mr. Zulfiqar Ali (Punjab) in Art & Culture
73. Masarrat Misbah (Sindh) in Art (Restructuring of faces)
74. Mr. Hameed Akhtar (Punjab) in Literature
75. Mrs. Afzal Tauseef (Punjab) in Literature
76. Mr. Masood Ashar (Punjab) in Literature
77. Mr. Sobho Gian Chandani (Sindh) in Literature
78. Mr. Muhammad Ibrahim Joyo (Sindh) in Literature
79. Mrs. Fehmida Riaz (Sindh) in Literature
80. Mr. Masud Mufti (Punjab) in Literature
81. Prof. Dr. Muhammad Azam Azam (NWFP) in Literature
82. Mr. Muhammad Saleem Khan (Saleem Raz)(NWFP) in Literature (Poetry)
83. Prof. Dr. Inam-ul-Haq Javeid (Punjab) in Literature (Poetry)
84. Mr. Shahid Mahmood Nadeem(Punjab) in Literature(Playwright)
85. Mr. Mahmood Shaam(Sindh) in Literature (Journalism)
86.Mr. Sultan Ahmed(Sindh) in Journalism
87.Mr. Younus Khan (NWFP) in Sports (Cricket)
88. Mr. Shahid Khan Afridi (NWFP) in Sports (Cricket)
89.Mr. Zakauddin (Punjab) in Sports (Hockey)
89. Mr. Lal Saeed (NWFP) in Sports (Boxing)
91.Mr. Atta Muhammad Kakar (Balochistan) in Sports
92.Dr. Med. Ursula H. Schmitz (Germany) for Services to Pakistan
93.Dr. Rebecca D. Eiwen(U.K.) for Services to Pakistan

Field VIII.

94.Prof. Li Xiguang (China) in Journalism & Communication
95.Mr. Tariq Abdul Hamid Hamed Mishkhas (Saudi Arabia) in Journalism
96.Prof. Dr. Bernd Michael RODE (Austria) for Services to Pakistan

Field IX.

97.Mr. Rahim Dil Khan Shaheed (NWFP) for Gallantry
98.Mr. Mr. Muhammad Ashraf Shaheed (NWFP) for Gallantry
99.Mr. Naimat Ullah Shaheed (NWFP) for Gallantry
100.Mr. Imran Khan Shaheed (NWFP) for Gallantry
101.Mr. Noor Dali Khan Shaheed (NWFP) for Gallantry
102.Mr. Aslim Nawaz Shaheed (NWFP) for Gallantry
103. Mr. Asad Ali Shaheed (NWFP) for Gallantry
104. Mir Abdullah Shaheed (NWFP) for Gallantry
105. Mr. Fazal Wahid Shaheed (NWFP) for Gallantry
105. Mr. Muhammad Fayaz Shaheed (NWFP) for Gallantry
106. Mr. Noor Tali Jan Shaheed(NWFP) for Gallantry
107. Mr. Muhammad Subhan Shaheed (NWFP) for Gallantry
108. Mr. Aftab Khan Shaheed (NWFP) for Gallantry
109. Mir Alam Shaheed (NWFP) for Gallantry
110. Mr. Gohar Ali Shaheed (NWFP) for Gallantry
111. Mr. Ajmir Shah Shaheed (NWFP) for Gallantry
112. Mr. Muhammad Islam Shaheed (NWFP) for Gallantry
113. Mr. Alamzeb Khan Shaheed(NWFP) for Gallantry
114. Mr. Muhammad Mehdi Hasnain Shaheed (NWFP) for Gallantry
115. Subedar Shair Abbas Khan Shaheed (NWFP) for Gallantry
116. Mr. Yar Zameen Shaheed (NWFP) for Gallantry
117. Lance Naik Muhammad Raiz Shaheed (NWFP) for Gallantry
118. L/N Malik Dad Shaheed(NWFP) for Gallantry
119. Mr. Rizwan-ul-Haq Shaheed (Punjab) for Gallantry
120. Mr. Abid Ali Shaheed (NWFP) for Gallantry
121. Mr. Fazli Rabi Shaheed (Bajaur Agency) for Gallantry
122. Mr. Muhammad Ismail Shaheed (Bajaur Agency) Gallantry
123. Mr. Farmanullah Shaheed(Bajaur Agency) Gallantry
124. Mr. Hussain-ur-Rahman Shaheed (Bajaur Agency) for Gallantry
125. Mr. Javedullah Khan Mehsud (South Waziristan Agency) for Gallantry
126. Mr. Ghalib Khan Shaheed (Khyber Agency) for Gallantry
127. Mr. Sabir Jamal Shaheed (Khyber Agency) for Gallantry
128. Mr. Wali Khan (Khyber Agency) for Gallantry
129. Mr. Zarmat Khan (Khyber Agency) for Gallantry
130. Haji Sultan Khan Shaheed (South Waziristan Agency) for Gallantry
131. Malik Mehr Dil Khan Shaheed (South Waziristan Agency) for Gallantry
132. Mr. Muhammad Hamayun Khan Marwat (NWFP) for Gallantry
133. Mr. Alam Zeb Khan (NWFP) for Gallantry

Field X.

134. Dr. M. S. Kausar (USA) for Services to Pakistan
135. Prof. Dr. Nilofer Shaikh (Sindh) in Archaeology
136. Mr. Maqsood Ahmad (Punjab) in Science (Physics)
137. Dr. Muhammad Sajid (Punjab) in Science (Maths/Fluid Mechanics)
138. Dr. Muhammad Iqbal (Punjab) in Science
139. Syed Shabbir Hussain Tirmazi (Punjab) in Technology (Mechanical)
140. Mr. Abdul Wahab(Punjab) in Technology (Surface Finishing)
141. Dr. Farhat Abbas (Sindh) in Medicine
142. Dr. Javed Suleman (Pakistani living in USA) Medicine
144.Dr. Masood Sadiq (Punjab) in Medicine
145. Ms. Shaheena Puri (Sindh) in Art (Singing)
146.Ms. Mariam Khatoon alias Durdana Baloch (Balochistan) in Art (Drama Acting)
147. Mr. Sajjad Haider Kishwar (Punjab) in Art (Drama Acting)
148. Mr. Akbar Khameesu Khan (NWFP) in Art (Alghoza Nawaz)
149. Ustad Abdul Latif Khan (Punjab) in Art (Sitar Nawaz)
150. Ustad Nazir Khan (Sindh) in Art (Tabla Player)
151. Miss Shazia Batool (Balochistan) in Art(Painting)
152. Ms. Najmi Sura(Sindh) in Art (Painting)
153. Dr. Kanwal Feroze (Punjab) in Literature
154.Dr. Hafeez-ur-Rehman Tahir (Dr. Tahir Taunsvi) (Punjab) in Literature
154. Mr. Abdul Hakim Baloch(Balochistan) in Literature
156. Dr. Muhammad Qasim Bughio (Sindh) in Literature
157. Shamshad Neelam alias Neelam Momal (Balochistan) in Literature
158. Mir Muhammad Ulfat (Balochistan) in Literature
159. Mr. Sabir Zafar (Muzafar Ahmed) (Sindh) in Literature(Poetry)
160. Mr. Dil Nawaz Dil (Punjab) in Literature(Poetry)
161.Mr. Ashiq Buzdar (Punjab) in Literature (Poetry)
162.Mr. Muhammad Idrees alias Mohsin Changezi (Balochistan) in Literature(Poetry)
163.Mr. Noor-ul-Bashar Naveed (NWFP) in Literature (Drama Writer)
164.Late Qamar Shahbaz (Sindh) in Literature (Poet, Writer, Columnist)
165. Syed Bahadur Ali Salik (Northern Areas) in Journalism
166. Mr. Faisal Mahmood(Punjab) in Sports (Taekwondo)
167. Mr. Tariq Mehmood (Punjab) in Sports (Golf)
168.Mr. Shafqat Ranna (Punjab) in Sports (Cricket)
169.Mr. Waqar Azeem (Sindh) in Public Service
170.Mr. Nadeem Akhtar (Sindh) in Public Service
171.Dr. Zeenat Moula Bakhsh (Balochistan) in Public Service
172.Mr. Muhammad Arif Balgamwala (Sindh) in Public Service (Philately)
173.Mir Aslam Hussain Sehr (Northern Areas) in Public Service
174.Major Junaid Aftab (NWFP) in Public Service
175.Mr. Majyd Aziz (Sindh) in Public Service
176.mr. Ghulam Sarwar (Northern Areas) in Public Service
177.Mr. Shabbir Hussian Balti (Northern Areas) in Public Service
178. Mr. Ibrar Ahmed Ghazie (Northern Areas) in Public Service
179.Dr. Sohail Habib Tajik (NWFP) in Public Service
180.Mr. Masood Naqi (Sindh) in Public Service
181.Ms. Seema Mughal (Sindh) in Public Service
182.Mr. Maqsood Ismail (Sindh) in Public Service
183. Mr. Gulzar Firoz (Sindh) in Public Service
184.Haji Masood Parekh (Sindh) in Public Service
185.Mrs. Saeeda Sultan Afridi (Khyber Agency) in Public Service (Education)
186.Mr. Abdul Fatah Marafie (Kuwait) in Social Work (Health & Education)
187.Mr. Abdul Illah Mohammad Rafie Marafie (Kuwait) in Social Work (Health & Education)
188.Mr. Sono Khangharani (Sindh) in Social Worker

Field XI.

189.Dr. Mukhtar Ahmad (Uganda) in Public Service
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