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Old Friday, August 17, 2007
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Default Scholarships Guidelines

Scholarships Guidelines

Here is a complete set of instructions and information for finding a scholarship for your education. You must read all this before you start finding a scholarship:

Develop Your Scholarship Strategy

Although most student aid comes in the form of federal education loans and grants from colleges, scholarships -- with their lure of "free money" -- get a huge amount of attention from students and their parents. If you decide to invest your time in a search for scholarships, it's important to have an organized system to find, apply for, and win scholarship money.

Start With a Personal Inventory

Most of the information you will be asked for on a scholarship search questionnaire will be easy to come up with -- year in school, citizenship, state of residence, religion, ethnic background, disability, military status, employer, membership organizations, and so forth.

Beyond those questions, you will have to give some thought to your academic, extracurricular, and career plans. You should ask yourself:
  • Do I want to participate in a competition? If so, what are my talents and interests?
  • What subject do I plan to major in?
  • What career do I plan to pursue?
  • Do I want to apply for all types of aid or only scholarships?

Your answers to these questions will help determine your scholarship eligibility. Take your time brainstorming and don't overlook anything -- the more personal characteristics you discover, the more scholarships you could potentially apply for.

Research Local Scholarships First

In general, the smaller the geographical area a scholarship covers, the better your chances of winning. Begin with your university guidance office. Counselors will know about scholarships for students graduating from your university. They may also be aware of scholarships for residents of your town, county, and state.

Your next stop should be the college aid section of your public library. Most libraries will have a number of books about financial aid, including scholarship guides such as the Govt. College University Library. They also may have information on local scholarships.

Check Membership Organizations and Employers

Organizations of all types and sizes sponsor scholarships -- leave no stone unturned. Explore categories you might not have considered, such as religious, community service, fraternal, military, union, and professional.

And don't forget your parents. Many large companies offer scholarships or tuition programs for children of employees. If you are uncertain, ask your parent to check with his or her human resources department.

Use a Free Scholarship Search Service

A scholarship search company collects information on hundreds of awards and compares your student characteristics with scholarship restrictions. Based on your answers to a questionnaire, you will receive a list of possible scholarships. It is up to you to decide which ones you will try for.

You should never have to pay for scholarship information. If you're asked to pay a fee for "exclusive" scholarship leads, there's a good chance your scholarship service is really a scholarship scam.

Here are some free scholarship search services:

Scholarship Search -- collegeboard.com's student tool

Research Institutional Scholarships

Since the vast majority of all scholarship money is disbursed by colleges, it makes sense to research what kinds of scholarships are available at the schools that interest you. Check out college websites, catalogs, and financial aid offices for this information. Institutional awards can be offered on a university-wide basis, or within a particular college or major. Eligibility for such awards can be based on merit, financial need, intended major, ethnicity, or a variety of other factors. Here are some questions you might want to ask about these awards:

Are scholarships awarded automatically if a student matches certain criteria (such as GPA or SAT® score)?
What is the application procedure? What materials are required?
Is the award renewable? What are the requirements to maintain the award?

Scholarship Application Tips

The Money Is There, But You Have to Ask for It

The scholarship application process is very similar to the college application process. First, you filter a large list of possible choices into a focused list that matches you. Then you create compelling applications that are supported by your achievements, essays, recommendations, and interviews. Here are some tips to help you create strong scholarship applications.

1. Application Tips

There's a lot of advice out there about the best way to apply for scholarships -- how to "package" yourself in your essay, what extracurricular activities to emphasize, etc. The truth is, much of this advice can vary widely, depending on the author -- what works for one applicant may not necessarily work for another. You'll discover that most of the scholarship secrets you'll read about boil down to using your common sense and following directions carefully.

2. Start Your Research Early

The more time you can put into your scholarship search, the more options you'll have. You'll need time to research scholarships, request information and application materials, and complete your application -- plus, some scholarships have deadlines early in the fall of senior year. Use Scholarship Search to get started.

3. Read Eligibility Requirements Carefully

If you have a question about your eligibility for a particular scholarship, contact the scholarship sponsors.

4. Organize All Scholarship Materials

Create a separate file for each scholarship and file by application date. Keep a calendar of application deadlines and follow-up appointments.
Many scholarships require you to provide them with some combination of the following:

Standardized test scores
Financial aid forms
Parent's financial information, including tax returns
One or more essays
One or more letters of recommendation
Proof of eligibility (e.g. membership credentials)

You may also need to prepare for a personal interview. For students competing for talent-based scholarships, an audition, performance, or portfolio may be required.

5. Proofread Your Application Carefully

Use your computer's spelling and grammar check features. Have a parent, teacher, or friend read your essays.

6. Don't Leave Items Blank

Contact scholarship sponsors if you aren't sure how to fill out any part of the application.

7. Follow Instructions to the Letter

Avoid going over the length limit for the essay, and resist the temptation to send supporting materials that are not requested in the application.

8. Make Sure Your Application Is Legible

Type or print your application forms and essays.

9. Make Copies of Everything You Send

If application materials are lost, having copies on hand will make it much easier to resend your application quickly.

10. Double-Check Your Application

If you're reusing material (such as a cover letter or essay) from another scholarship application, be especially careful you haven't left in any incorrect names or blank fields. Don't forget to sign and date your application.

11. Get Your Applications in Early

You'll miss out if you miss deadlines. Consider using certified mail or return receipt.

Things You Should Not Ignore!

If you hear these lines from a scholarship service, you may be getting cheated:

"The scholarship is guaranteed or your money back."

No one can guarantee that they'll get you a grant or a scholarship. Refund guarantees often have conditions or strings attached. Get refund policies in writing -- before you pay.

"You can't get this information anywhere else."

There are many free lists of scholarships available. Start researching scholarships at the high school or library before you decide to pay someone to do the work for you.

"I just need your credit card or bank account number to hold this scholarship."

Never give out credit card or bank account number on the phone without getting information in writing first. It may be the set-up for an unauthorized withdrawal from your account.

"We'll do all the work."

Don't be fooled. There's no way around it. You must apply for scholarships or grants yourself.

"The scholarship will cost money."

Don't pay anyone who claims to be "holding" a scholarship or grant for you. Free money shouldn't cost a thing.

"You've been selected" by a "national foundation" to receive a scholarship or "You're a finalist" in a contest you never entered.

Before you send money to apply for a scholarship, check it out. Make sure the foundation or program is legitimate.
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Old Thursday, October 18, 2007
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Default Important points to consider for overseas PG (MS/PhD) Scholarship

For HEC fellowships (90% Overseas Scheme):-

Score of Local NTS(National Testing Service) GAT of minimum 50+

Research Article should match with any of PhD faculty professors in the country/University overseas you are applying for

Academic Interview after acceptance of your PhD/MS research article.

For HEC Fellowships (10% Scheme):-

ETS GRE (General) International by ETS USA score
1200/1600 minimum
4.5/6.0 band in Analytical writing

And we ourselve have to talke the confirmation of admission letter from any of the 500 top Universities of the world mentioned on HEC website (including universities like Harvard, MIT, Oxford, Cambridge)

U.S. Fullbrigt Fellowships:ETS GRE (General) International by ETS USA score
1200/1600 minimum
4.5/6.0 band in Analytical writing

Also, acceptable score in ETS TOEFL test

Followed by an Academic Interview by the US panel under USAID & HEC officials with a Professor from Pakistan as well.


So for doing PhD overseas on HEC or any other fellowship a candidate should prepare & score well as mentioned above in following:-

NTS GAT (General) Local of Pakistan conducted by National Testing Service

ETS GRE-General International with minimum score & band described above

ETS TOEFL International from ETS USA or IELTS(only for Europe & Australia/New Zeeland)
with acceptable score - which varies according to fellowship & country/Univ

Finally a Research Article should be made for each country according to looking at the publications of PhD Faculty/Professors specially on Funded projects

Noman !
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Old Monday, October 22, 2007
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Default Information & Guidelines for Commenwealth Fellowships


Although much has changed since its inception in 1959, the central aims of CSFP remain very much intact. The Plan aims to provide a network of study opportunities throughout the Commonwealth. Although special emphasis is placed on the needs of developing nations, the scheme is intended as a genuine partnership, with opportunities and benefits for all member countries.

Awards under the scheme are not made by any central body. It is for each Commonwealth country to decide whether to offer awards in a particular year, which countries will be eligible to receive them and what precise selection criteria will operate. As the map shows, over twenty have made awards at some point during the scheme's history.

Historically, the majority of awards have been offered for postgraduate study - both doctorates and taught courses. There are, however, exceptions to this. Some countries - most notably the United Kingdom - offer Fellowships designed to provide established university staff in developing countries with an opportunity to update their skills. A small number of undergraduate awards have been made. Other recent innovations include the provision of distance learning awards by Canada, split-site study and Professional Fellowships by the United Kingdom. At their 2000 Conference, Commonwealth Education Ministers encouraged further diversity in the range of awards available.

The selection of candidates is a partnership between home and host country. When a country decides to offer awards, this is notified to those countries whose citizens will be eligible. It is then for those countries to advertise the awards, and to make the required number of nominations. These will then be sent to the host country, who will select the final recipients from nominations received. Often this will involve competition between the nominations of different countries.

The participation of each country is organised by a national nominating agency. Agencies are responsible for advertising awards applicable to their own country and making nominations to host countries. Applicants should apply to the nominating agency in their own country in the first instance. In most cases, the agency is part of - or appointed by - government agencies. In the case of some award categories, however, the functions are filled by other bodies, such as individual universities or their representative bodies. As a result of decisions taken at the 14th Conference of Commonwealth Education Ministers in November 2000 it is likely that some countries will accept nominations from a wider range of sources in future years, whilst retaining existing agencies as the main channel. Further details will appear on individual country pages as announced.

From its inception, the CSFP has enjoyed the support of Commonwealth member governments at the highest level - a fact that has re-enforced its position as one of the world's most prestigious scholarship schemes.

The Plan was, in fact, very much devised at Ministerial level. Its formation is thought to date from an influential speech by Sidney Smith, a former President of the University of Toronto and later Canadian Minister of External Affairs, in September 1958, which called for better educational links between Commonwealth countries. This notion was developed further at the Commonwealth Trade and Economic Conference, held later that year in Montreal, at which the first proposals for the Plan were formulated.

Final agreement of the Plan, however, was left to the first Conference of Commonwealth Education Ministers (CCEM), held in Oxford in 1959, which established the five key principles under which CSFP still operates today see below. As a result of this special connection, successive CCEM's have taken a special interest in the operation of CSFP, and have regularly reviewed its performance. The most recent review, at the 14th CCEM, November 2000, resulted in agreement to proposals to increase the number of awards, countries hosting them and diversity in the type of provision available.

The five General Principles of CSFP, laid down at the time of its formation, are as follows:
The Plan should be additional to, and distinct from, any other plan in operation.
The Plan should be based on mutual co-operation and the sharing of educational experience among the countries of the Commonwealth.
The Plan should be sufficiently flexible to take account of the diverse and changing needs of the countries of the Commonwealth.
While the Plan will be Commonwealth-wide, it is operated through a series of bi-lateral arrangements, to allow for the necessary flexibility.
Awards should be designed to recognise and promote the highest standards of intellectual achievement as well as technical and professional performance, and have regard to any expressed human resource or development needs of nominating countries.
Since that time, over 25,000 Commonwealth citizens have benefited from awards under the CSFP. Many of these have gone on to directly influence the lives of others, from senior positions in government, industry and the professions, or by working in positions vial to national development, such as the education, health or other key public services, or international agencies. The alumni section
gives further examples, and provides an opportunity for former award holders to keep in touch.

The list of recipient countries also demonstrates that the scheme has also become a genuinely Commonwealth wide one. Countries hosting awards have inevitably been more concentrated, with the United Kingdom constantly keeping to its promise to support at least half of the total number of awards on offer. Whilst the number of awards held has reduced in recent years, the founders initial target of 1000 award holders in any year has normally meet met. It is hoped that, as a result of the ministers enthusiasm the scheme will now enter a further period of expansion.
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Old Tuesday, November 06, 2007
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Default Guidelines for PhD Scholarships Commonwealth U.K.

Salamz all dear Overseas Higher Education Fellowship aspirants !

I have done extensive research to collect information regarding specific Scholarship/Fellowships programs which are offered in each academic year/term in various Universities of United Kingdom; And posted these in the thread "PhD Scholarships Commonwealth U.K."

It really was a hard job; However I done it for myself & for the good of fellow forum members. Almost arond 80 different specific PhD Fellowship Research Areas I've posted with the Dept link & in many posts the supervisor name & also for some the sponsoring agency so that it'll become easier & the probability of success may become higher.


The procedure for Pakistani students is simple & as follows:-

in the thread I posted find the discipline/research topic most suited to you with respect to your academic backgroud.

Apply via Post (Hard Copy) to the specific University & the specific Dept for which you are intended to take admission in, contact info of which I posted with each Research Area on the thread.
Under Sponsoring option-- mention at top HEC Overseas Fellowship and on second Commonwealth Fellowships Award

Contact the Professor under which research project for PhD is going on via NET or better via phone call by taking time in advance. The link of supervisor & dept is given on thread for each Research area for which PhD Scholarship is being offered.

When you'll receive "confirmation letter of Admission" from any University. Apply for Student Visa + Send photocopies of confirmation letter to HEC with all documents under various HEC programs & also to Commonwealth Headquarters in London. [Address & links of all these I have already provided in the 2 threads about Commonwealth scholarships]


I'll continue University research for PhD Overseas Scholarship Programs which are open for each academic year/term & try my best to post at cssforum & share with you all what I'll be able to know.

best regards,
Noman !
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Default thanx for the topic

can you please help in writing research proposal and whom should i see for help ?
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Old Saturday, January 15, 2011
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Originally Posted by noorulain1 View Post
can you please help in writing research proposal and whom should i see for help ?
Whats the topic? If you belong to any university or college, go see the Phd faculty for help, they will help you better.

'Never think that God's delays are God's denials. Hold on; hold fast; hold out. Patience is genius!
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Originally Posted by noorulain1 View Post
can you please help in writing research proposal and whom should i see for help ?
The research proposal is depends upon your field of interest and the subject you want to apply for heigher studies ....
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Old Tuesday, November 13, 2012
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Default how to know about hec scholarship

Dear All,
I got 60 marks in GAT test batch V for mphil scholarship conducted by nts. I am really worried bcoz i did'nt hear anything about that. no news from anyside. can any body tell me how to get information regarding that. how to know about the selected people.
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Old Sunday, May 14, 2017
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i have done MBA Finance and i am going to apply for MEXT scholarship in MS Finance or MS management.seeking assistant from the senior members and any volunteer who has secured any previous scholarship
In the application form there is a form "Reseach plan" its composed of three headings
1.present field of study

2.Your research topic in Japan: (Describe articulately the research you wish to carry out in Japan)

3.Study program in Japan: (Describe in detail and with specifics particularly concerning the ultimate goal(s) of your research in Japan)

what topic should i opt ???
what should write in study program???

as i am applying first time for any scholarship kindly elaborate about writing format and contents.posting a sample and format will be highly appreciated
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Old Monday, April 11, 2022
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Default Scholarship

If you having any trouble getting a University scholarship Abroad believe me Edvise Education Consultants are the best for solving problems and they can also arrange Visa for students.
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