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Tahira Shams Tuesday, June 03, 2008 11:26 PM

Need help regarding PMS(NWFP)
Hi All,

Is there any one to help me to chose the optional subjects and any one among u have any information regarding. From where I can find out about that when the PMS(NWFP) examination is going to held.

plz plz plz...........I am totally blank.

As I am appearing in PMS(NWFP) but i didnt get previous papers of PMS(NWFP) any one who can guide me in this regard?

s khan mohmand Saturday, June 14, 2008 02:31 PM

something about PMS (NWFP)

dear i have read your posted thread and found you more hasitated. here is no need to be in tension.'

PMS has been introduced by the Govt in all provinces according to which candidates will compete with each other on the provincial level agaisnt the post of DRO, ACO, Excise and Texation Dept, Police Services and SO of BPS-17. it will be going to held for the first time in nwfp while in punjab it has held. its syllabous, admision criteria ,rules and regulation are all as same to tht of CSS.
so far the exam is concerd so there are two viewa according top the PCS official: either it will be held in the end of july or in the mid of august but all of these are speculation bcs no schedule has been finalised by the chairman and exam committee till this time.

now comes to ur optional subjects. ur optional subjects depends on ur education background. so it will be good tht u mention ur education background then we can easily render some help in this regard.

please keep me in your prayers bcz i have given my css and now on my way along with you people for the next target i-e PMS

shahid khan mohmand

Tahira Shams Monday, June 16, 2008 03:02 PM

dear thanks alot for ur guidance..... today i have called deputy secretary to find out about the examination dates........ he told me that it will in oct and nov......... so in this regard i have time.........now come to the subjects......i have done my masters in botany........ and my optional subjects are Botany, forestry, constitutional law, sociaology and international relations......
i m trying to join the academy as i found much time for preparation......... i am not much worried about any other subject other then english.......it is true i dnt kow how to improve it..........
and still waiting for ur guidance.....
and may Allah JI give u success in CSS exams.

s khan mohmand Thursday, June 19, 2008 11:56 AM

pms exam date

dear ashfaq and tahira here is no need to worry about bcz exam has been delayed by the NWFPCS and will be conduct in oct or in nov.therefore, dont take it easy but u must burn ur candle till midnight bcz u have to cover 12 subjects.i dont want to make u people furstrate but u should realize the fact tht its not the exam in which u will appear with empty mind. however, u people should utilize the time properly.

tahira here is no need to worry about any thing bcz "practice makes man perfect but its also true tht perfect pratice makes it perfect"
here is no need to join any acadmy bcz if ur living in peshwar then sorry to say tht we i-e students of pesh are far behind the punjabians. i utalize the Quaid azam library here in lahore and u will b amazing f u visist this great learnig place. so i think joining of acadmy is nothng more than to spoil ur time. so stuck to ur studies at hime and if u can arrange any tution for english there in pesh then it will give u some edge. so i will recomend u Prof. Salam of Islamia college who an expert in english and especially for css. anyhow, what do u think best for ur future u must follow tht it was a piece of my personal experience which i shared with you. bcz i came to lahore last year to join a coaching acadmy for css after resigning from my job in UN. but what i saw here its like tht "all glatter things are not gold". these acadmies are nothing more than to get money from the students.
anyhow, wish u all the best and if u need some help regarding ur optional subjects i-e int. relation, sociology, and constitutional law.

dear ashfaq, till this time ur frnd didnt come to whom i handover notes.

once again i will be thankful to all of u people if keep me remember in ur prays.

shahid khan

Tahira Shams Thursday, June 19, 2008 11:30 PM

thanks alot dear
ur reply made me clear as i was also confused regarding joining the academy........now i am clear and will not go to the academy...... just bcoz of PMS exams i also left my job from world vision to utilize my all the time for proper studies........ i am ahppy that examsare late but still confuse how to learn good english.....bcoz spoken english is much different then written and i m very bad in writing............
and one more thing i m from Mansehra not from peshawar....... so i will try to find out a teacher who will guide for english.......
dear i am preparing IR from parkash chandar book........constitutional law from the book of Prof Dr. Syed Aftab Hussain Gillani, aamer shehzad,,,,, now tell me are they enough for the preparation ???????
secondly recommend me any book for sociology plz......
remaining subjects are botany my own subject.... forestry is also belong to same group.......
and wat about current affairs,,,, pakistan affair????????
any book which u can recommend????????

wishing u very best of luck............and May Allah ji fulfill ur aims and may your dreams comes true

plz reply me as soon as possible

Tahira Shams

hunter Friday, June 20, 2008 11:20 AM

PMS exam
salam ,

well tahira for sociology you can go through , A text book of Sociology by Iqbal chaudhry, its a good book i am also studgying it, morover you can study "sociology" by horton and hunt, (sorry if spelling is incorrect), it is also highly recomended, i have bought it, but have not started reading it yet.
for pakistan affairs i m studying 'pakistan studies" by ikram rabbani, i found it very easy and knowledgable. if you want to study it you buy "pakistan affairs" by Ikram rabbani, because it is solely for competitive exams.

one thing that i suggest and have read somewhere on this site too that try to avoid the most read and used books i.e. dogars, bhatti's etc etc. its becasue all the students use these books. these books dont develop independent thinking , you just memorize.

baqi good wishes and lot of prayers for all.

Tahira Shams Saturday, June 21, 2008 02:11 AM

need more imformation
thanks for ur suggestions...... Ashfaq if u share me about ur optional subjects and which books u r consulting for these subjects will help me......and can u tell me hoe much u have covered????
as u told me about the dogars and bhatti books.... i m also having 3 books of dogar which is pakistan studies, current affair and islamiyat....
u told me pakistan studies book n sociology...... can u guide me about all the other subjects.......and ashfaq what about essays????????? which are now becoming my headache that how can a person can rite the essay of 4000-5000 words like me............. what should i do for english essays?????????
plz tell me about isamiyat, current affair, everyday science book.....
and other optionla subjects......
i will b thankfull to you
keep in touch and do pray for me as i need it'

Tahira Shams

hunter Saturday, June 21, 2008 11:04 AM


Well tahira dont be so worried, otherwise you can do nothing. just relax and offer your prayers 5 times a day, you have enough time to prepare as you are free and n home. i m on job and hardly find 4 hours to study in a day, and because m living a bachelor life as well in karachi. but i have firm belief that GOD will help me in passing this exam. so simply relax and enjoy the preparation.

My optionals are


Economics ----as i have masters in ecnomics so i use the same books,
Statistics-----sher mohammad chaudhry
International relations------parkash chandar
Sociology---------Iqbal chaudhry, Horton and Hunt
Journalism. -----Mass communication by imtiaz shahid very good book, will try to buy, Journalism for all by Prof. mehdi Hassan
All these subjects are my favourite.

English-----exploring the world of English by syed sadaqat ali shah a good book.
Current affairs-----newspaper dawn and news
Pakistan affairs----------Pakistan studies by ikram rabbani, struggle for pakistan by I.H. Qureshi
Every day science --------every day science by Imtiaz shahid(i think dont remember exactly), A1 publishers
Islamite---------Islami Nazria Khayt by Khursheed Ahmed, also friday features in dawn newspaper

So far essay is concerned it is also pinching me as i am very week in writing and more correctly objective writing. what you can do is simply start writing, buy some rough papers or note books and try to write whatever you study of any subject, i.e. study the topic and then write in your own words whatever you read, this will consume your time but will help you a lot in developing your writing power and memorizing things. next for essay you choose any topic of your own choice, no matter what it my be, it may be "my first day in college" as well, and start writing about it. slowly you will find more concrete topics in your mind and b able to write on it. dont think that you cant write 4000-5000 words essay, all it is simply your knowling, what you think, observe etc etc. so dont be worried my prayers are with you and all others, and hope they will also remember me in their prayers. one thing buy CSS/PCS guide by doggars they will also help you, in answering to questions.

Feel free to ask for help


mikky khan Saturday, June 21, 2008 11:08 PM

dear friends,
I m new to this environment ov cssforum, ba still i ll try to ask abt da pms xames as i m also preparing maself for it. I m really worried abt ma optional subjects specially pol.science (opt subs: int.relations, pushto, european history). cn ne1 here help me in finding gud book for pol.sc. paper A nd paper B.
plzz plzz plzzhelp me nd yes i have startd studying for xames ba still nt satisfied ov ma work as i really need help how a person actually studies 4 competitive xames, i do try to touch all da subjects in a day. Btw i heard dat xames date z postponded to nov, z dat true????

Plz hep me friends, I pray 4 all to succeed in da xames!!

s khan mohmand Monday, July 07, 2008 02:56 PM

all about the study

dear all i have studied u people posted threds. well, u all have mentioned ur good and fruitfull ideas i relly like them all. but i have my personal experience of competative exams including pcs and css. i have given my css exam recently from abbotabad centre. i have passed my two pcs exams against the posts of Inspector in Excise and texation and another for the post of Senior instructor through NWFP comission. as i have posted earlier tht i have visisted several libraries and some experinced teachers here in lahore. but the net results and findigs are as follows regarding preparation and selection of subjects and related books.

first of all i will like to tell u tht how to choose ur subjects. its all depends upon the qualification of the candidate. but it should be kept in mind tht selecting og 100 marks subjects are good than 200 ones because it will goive u more marks and some relax time during ur papers. but not neccessary, i have seen students who have got top positions of have 200 marks subjects.

secndly, selection of books.books of some reputed writers will not only give u some reliable information but will also flourish ur ideas and will brodens ur vision. it will creat maturity in ur ideas and will improve ur expression.always try to buy good books rather than spoiling ur time in layman approach books.

thirdly, i will recomend u people some books and sources for compulsory and optional subjects.


1.english essay .............. sohail bhatii book for english essays ( it will also cover quotational essays for ur 2nd eng paper)

2. english preci and composition.
exploing the world of enlish , but what u people should look in it .

u must look all idioms and pair od words regulary mean to say every day. sentence correction and direct and indirect are also of the same importance.

buy GRE book and start craming vocablry portion. if u could nt memorise all of the words then cram all the excercise at least.

write preci twice in a week regulary. there are so many methods of wrting it.

deletion, and others but what will i prefer to u people is tht of making 3 drafts of ur preci. in 1st draft u write it in bullets form . in 2nd draft conect tht bullets . and in 3rd give it an order . ( i will expain it later on in my next threads or u people can call me on my cell as well).

3. genral knowledge paper
it includes threee subjects having 300 marks. paasing marks are 120. so no need to worry about.

subjects are
pak affairs.................. books: pak affiar by imtiaz shahid, towards pakistan and struggle for pakistan.

but how to study them all also require some tactics

imtiaz shahid book is all comprehensive so it will take much of ur time therefore u must look last five years papers and then study it accoringly.
towards pakistan books are of two type one is originally wrtten my khaliq u zaman and anther is in question and answer form . now its up on u people to which one u like but both are good.

struggle for pakistan should be studied after studying above two books. because it s analytical one so will take some time to understand.

Everyday Science..................... there are 4 types of books

one by imtiaz shahid which is more than comprehensive and more allabrative u may say tht time consuming bcz we are not going to do master in ths subjects.
another is Encyclopedia to everydat science. its also comprehensive but good. its also in much detail.

third one is by Raizul gaq also in detail but very easy to understand . i will recomend it for all those students who have not remained the students of science in thier acdamic. its good for those who weak in ths subject.

fourth one is by Akram kashmiris. i have studied ths book from A to Z . it has been recomended by my seniors who have passed thier css and my teachers too. but the problem is tht this book is good for those who have some good background of scince subjects. it is short and authentic one. u must read the excerices whch hav been given at the end of every chapter. study it from A to z.

and anyone has the text books of FSc it will be more beneficial.

current affairs........................ Dawn/ press reviw of it, monthly digest by safdar mehmood, world time, the cutting edge, friday time and much more.
this paper needs some techniques to be followed.

4. islamyat....................... Islami nazrya hayat by dr. khurshid ahmad
or anothr book by Laqaul hassan
and read islamic page in dawn f ur going to attempt it in english other wise Daily Mashriq dont mis it .

it will be good to attempt ths paper in urdu;

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