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Old Wednesday, December 16, 2009
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ishra is on a distinguished road
Default Final Result PMS 2009 Announced

Congratulation to all the qualifiers.

1. Muhammad Irfanullah S/O Muhammad Alam Khan
2. Muhammad Fayyaz Khan S/O Wali Khan
3. Muhammad Khalid Zaman S/O Shams-uz-Zaman
4. Mohammad Rafiq Khan Mohmand S/O Mohammad Aslam Khan Mohmand
5. Khalid Khan S/O Wazir Muhammad
6. Muhammad Naeem Khan S/O Abdul Aziz
7. Muhammad Tahir S/O Rehman Said
8. Fahad Wazir S/O Muhammad Javed Wazir
9. Mohib-ur-Rehman S/O Habib-ur-Rehman
10. Muhammad Hayat S/O Sanab Gul
11. Zeeshan Abdullah S/O Abdullah Khan
12. Noor Alam Khan S/O Koid Aman
13. Minhas-ud-Din S/O Nasim Ahmad
14. Noor-ul-Amin S/O Zar Moeen
15. Shah Saud S/O Khitab Gul
16. Zahoor Baber S/O Malik Muhammad Daud Afridi
17. Muhammad Sher S/O Ghulam Nabi
18. Irfan Ullah Khan S/O Dilawar Khan
19. Muhammad Riaz Khan S/O Musa Khan
20. Arshad Ali S/O Shah Jehan
21. Abdul Nasir Khan S/O Abdur Qadir Khan
22. Muhammad Shakeel S/O Amir Zada
23. Abdullah S/O Waliullah
24. Muhammad Ilyas S/O Muhammad Shah
25. Muhammad Nawaz S/O Sahib Gul
26. Hafiz Ataul Munim S/O Abdur Rashid
27. Javid Ali S/O Hameed-ul-Hassan
28. Asif Ali S/O Salar Khan
29. Abdul Haseeb S/O Inayat Ullah
30. Yasir Ali Khan S/O Zafar Ali Khan
31. Zia-ur-Rehman S/O Abdur Rahman
32. Basharat Ahmad S/O Zulfiqar Sher
33. Gul Akbar Khan S/O Noor Faraz Khan
34. Wajid Ali Khan S/O Imdad Khan
35. Altaf Hussain S/O Sher Alam
36. Hamid-ur-Rehman S/O Usman Gul
37. Imran Khan S/O Faramosh Khan
38. Fiaz Alam S/O Mehr Amin
39. Wasil Khan S/O Zahir Khan
40. Syed Roman Ali Shan S/O Muhammad Zafar Ali Shah
41. Hazrat Ali S/O Muhammad Ali
42. Naik Muhammad S/O Noor Rehman
43. Dil Nawaz Khan S/O Muhammad Ismail Khan
44. Habib Ullah Khan S/O Sabz Ali
45. Muhammad Ishaq S/O Muhammad Jamil
46. Abdul Haleem Khan S/O Abdur Rauf Khan
47. Tariq Mehmood S/O Muhammad Sadiq
48. Khalid Iqbal S/O Hayat Khan
49. Rashid Khan S/O Sher Din
50. Syed Saif-ul-Islam Shah S/O Syed Abdul Latif Shah
51. Shah Hussain S/O Gul Shed
52. Mansoor Alam S/O Muhammad Baseer Khan
53. Baidullah Shah S/O Iran Bad Shah
54. Jehangir Azam Wazir S/O Sher Azam Wazir
55. Muhammad Naeem Khan S/O Muhammad Yousaf Khan
56. Muhammad Tayyab Abdullah S/O Abdullah
57. Nasar Ali S/O Inayat Ullah
58. Irfanullah S/O Inayatullah
59. Hameed Ullah S/O Amtali Khan
60. Baseer Ali Rehman Khan S/O Abdul Rehman Mano Khan
61. Muhammad Zahid S/O Muhammad Ishaq
62. Khaliq Dad Khan S/O Silli Mar Jan
63. Muhammad Naveed Akbar S/O Ali Akbar
64. Khan Muhammad S/O Abdul Jalil
65. Muhammad Tariq S/O Muhammad Saleem
66. Muhammad Iqbal Khan S/O Muhammad Rehman
67. Muhammad Iqbal S/O Wali Jan
68. Muhammad Zaher-ur-Din Baber S/O Murad Ali Khan
69. Mir Khawas Khan S/O Akram Khan
70. Muhammad Anwar Khan S/O Ajmal Khan
71. Muhammad Ejaz Khan S/O Muhammad Pervez
72. Muhammad Farooq S/O Said Ahmad Shah
73. Muhammad Shoaib S/O Zain-ul-Abidin
74. Muhammad Fawad S/O Khalil-ur-Rehman
75. Zia-ur-Rehman S/O Muhammad Iqbal Khan
76. Abdul Hadi S/O Abdul Haleem
77. Muhammad Sheeraz S/O Raees Khan
78. Muhammad Ali Khan S/O Qaim Khan
79. Muhammad Ishaq S/O Guldar Ali
80. Said Nawab S/O Ghazi Khan
81. Javed Iqbal S/O Kaboot Khan
82. Muhammad Zahid S/O Muhammad Younas
83. Hamid Ali S/O Noor Hanif Shah
84. Rizwan Ullah Khan S/O Aziz Ullah Khan
85. Muhammad Abdullah Shah S/O Muhammad Yaqoob Shah
86. Muhammad Tufail S/O Mir Shah Nawaz
87. Malik Manzoor Ahmad S/O Malik Dost Muhammad
88. Shahid Khan S/O Sadbar Khan
89. Ahmed Kamal S/O Shams-ul-Islam
90. Muhammad Saleh S/O Muhammad Zakir Khan
91. Muhammad Ayaz Khan S/O Zurab Gul
92. Hakmat Ullah S/O Zaid Ullah Khan
93. Shahid Ali S/O Sultan-e-Room
94. Sadaqat Ullah S/O Sher Muhammad
95. Mahmood Ahmad S/O Shah Nawaz Khan
96. Samiullah Khan S/O Bismillah Jan
97. Kamran Khan S/O Mir Rehman Shaheen
98. Amanat Khan S/O Jamshid Khan
99. Noor Wali Khan S/O Hakim Jan
100. Muhammad Abbas Khan S/O Muhammad Sabir
101. Ashfaq Ahmad S/O Khan Badshah
102. Khurshid Alam S/O Hashim Khan
103. Muhammad Yasir Hassan S/O Hafiz Mehmood-ul-Hassan
104. Mian Abdul Qadir Shah S/O Mian Sharafat Shah
105. Abdul Kabir S/O Akram Jan
106. Noor-ul-Amin S/O Gul Dad Khan
107. Muhammad Hayat Shah S/O Muhammad Ghazi Shah
108. Musarrat Zaman S/O Sher Akbar
109. Nawab Khan S/O Khan Said
110. Naeem Ullah Khan S/O Rahim Khan
111. Manzoor Ahmad Afridi S/O Muhammad Ilyas Afridi
112. Ansar Mehmood S/O Munsif Gul
113. Sami-ur-Rehman S/O Khan Raziq
114. Muhammad Saleem S/O Behram Khan
115. Jamal-ud-Din S/O Fazal Muhammad
116. Muhammad Taufique S/O Gulab Khan
117. Shah Nawaz Naveed S/O Jan Muhammad
118. Kashif Iqbal Jilani S/O Ghulam Jilani Asif
119. Touseef Khalid S/O Khalid Mahmood
120. Maqbool Hussain S/O Tajamal Hussain
121. Syed Mazhar Ali Shah S/O Syed Abdul Jalal
122. Jamshed Khan S/O Mir Kaman Khan
123. Mujeeb-ur-Rehman S/O Nazir-ur-Rehman
124. Amjad Mairaj S/O Imraj Gul
125. Tariq Jamal S/O Gul Jamal
126. Ashfaq Khan S/O Amin-ul-Haq
127. Pir Muhammad Khan S/O Noor Muhammad
128. Bashir Ahmad S/O Daulat Khan
129. Riaz Muhammad S/O Noor Muhammad
130. Kamran Khattak S/O Hashmat Ullah
131. Muhammad Abid S/O Muhammad Iqbal
132. Sher Alam Khan S/O Sher Afzal Khan
133. Fayaz Muhammad S/O Nazar Muhammad
134. Muhammad Nadeem Akhtar S/O Muhammad Ilyas
135. Abdul Akram S/O Muhammad Nadir Shah
136. Imran Mashal S/O Mashal Khan
137. Pir Muhammad S/O Muhammad Khan
138. Muhammad Arif Khan S/O Muhammad Irshad Asif
139. Sardar Bahadar S/O Naimat Ullah Khan
140. Asif Ali S/O Muhammad Din
141. Tanwir Khan S/O Shaista Khel
142. Muhammad Yousaf Khan S/O Haj Khan
143. Habib Khan S/O Yar Afzal
144. Ikhlaq Ahmed S/O Muhammad Rasool
145. Asad Sarwar S/O Sarwar Sultan
146. Imran Zia S/O Zia-ud-Din
147. Tariq Mehmood S/O Khush Muhammad Khan
148. Anwar Zeb S/O Alam Zeb
149. Izaz Ullah S/O Hidayat Ullah
150. Zia-ur-Rehman S/O Muqarrab Khan
151. Muhammad Arif Khan S/O Muhammad Hamayun
152. Tanveer Ahmed S/O Kala Khan
153. Amir Rehman Mohmand S/O Abdul Ghafoor
154. Jamshid Khan S/O Lal Muhammad
155. Zakir Hussain S/O Muhammad Humayun
156. Jan Muhammad S/O Haji Sher Jan
157. Muhammad Ayaz Khan S/O Redool Khan
158. Muhammad Asif S/O Zakir Hussain
159. Muhammad Asif S/O Saeed-ur-Rehman
160. Syed Habib ul Hassan Gillani S/O Syed Riaz Hussain Shah
161. Qasim Ali Khan S/O Abdur Rasheed Khan
162. Mushtaq Hussain S/O Abdul Hanan
163. Amir Hassan Khan S/O Muhammad Hussain
164. Muhammad Arshid S/O Abdur Rashid Abbasi
165. Muhammad Irshad S/O Sikander Khan
166. Yasir Imran S/O Shah Imran
167. Abbas Ali Bukhary S/O Syed Chand Farid Shah
168. Khadija Hayat D/O Hayat Ullah
169. Naghmana D/O Nasrullah Khan
170. Naj-Mus-Sahar S/O Aziz-ur-Rehman
171. Shama Niamat D/O Niamat Khan
172. Irum Naz D/O Mukhtiar Khan
173. Aamna Ameen D/O Sahib Zada Muhammad Ameen
174. Aasma Arif D/O Muhammad Arif Khan
175. Bibi Fatima D/O Gul Muhammad
176. Tabassum D/O Mir Muhammad
177. Faryal Kazim D/O Muhammad Kazim
178. Zuhra Nigar D/O Karam Ali
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ashfaq_dir (Wednesday, December 30, 2009)
Old Wednesday, December 16, 2009
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ishra is on a distinguished road

In fact it is PMS 2008.

All the qualifiers are requested to share their DMSs.
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Old Wednesday, December 23, 2009
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jadoon khan is a jewel in the roughjadoon khan is a jewel in the roughjadoon khan is a jewel in the rough

:warm congratulation to all qualifiers...........bow
There are extraordinary people in very ordinary look. and
most of the time ordinary people do extra ordinary things.
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ashfaq_dir (Wednesday, December 30, 2009)
Old Sunday, December 27, 2009
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Hina 11(MISS Einstein) will become famous soon enoughHina 11(MISS Einstein) will become famous soon enough

warmly congratulations to all the qualifiers.Wishing for bright future ahead...

Having once decided to achieve a certain task, achieve it at all costs of tedium and distaste. The gain in self-confidence of having accomplished a tiresome labor is immense.
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ashfaq_dir (Wednesday, December 30, 2009)

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