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Zaineb Warrich Monday, June 29, 2020 09:47 PM

General Knowledge
“Asia Minor” Turkey
“Axis of evil” Iraq, North Korea and Iran (Declared by Bush)
“Boot of Europe” Italy
“Britain of South” New Zealand
“Buffer State of Asia” Afghanistan
“City of Angels” Bangkok (Thailand)
“City of Arabian nights” * Baghdad
“City of Bazaars” Cairo (Egypt)
“City of Brotherly Love” Philadelphia
“City of Canals” Venice
“City of Conferences” Geneva
“City of Cosmonauts” Moscow
“City of diamonds” Ratna Pur
“City of Domes” Istanbul (Constantinople)
“City of Dreaming Spires” Oxford
“City of eternal spring” Quito (Ecuador)
“City of Gandolas” Venice (Italy)
“City of Gardens” Harare (whole year only spring is there)
“City of Ghosts and Temples” Veransi (Benares)
“City of Golden Gate” San Francisco
“City of Golden Temple” Amritsar
“City of Hotels” Beirut
“City of lights” Paris
“City of mosques” Dhaka
“City of old buildings” Ankara
“City of Palaces” Calcutta
“City of parks” Kiev (Ukraine)
“City of Peace” Baghdad
“City of Pool Nectar” Amritsar
“City of Popes” Rome
“City of Priests” Rome
“City of Rams” Guangzhou (China)
“City of roses and nightingales” Shiraz (Iran)
“City of seven hills” Rome
“City of silent thoroughfares” Venice
“City of Sky Scrapers” New York
“City of smile” Bangkok
“City of Songs” Vienna (Austria)
“City of Space Flights” Cape Kennedy (Florida)
“City of roses and nightingales” Shiraz
“Cockpit of Europe”* Belgium (because of the number of battles throughout
history fought on its soil)
“Country of Copper” Zambia
“Cradle of civilizations” Turkey
“Crossroads of Western Europe” Belgium
“Dark Continent” Africa
“The desert fox” Gen. Erwin Rommel (A German Field Marshal)
“Down Under” Australia
“Emerald Island” Ireland
“Empire City” New York
“Entrance to the underworld” Avernus (a lake near Naples in Italy)
“Eternal City” Rome
“Father of Anatomy” Andreas Vesalius (Belgian doctor)
“Father of biography” Plutarch
“Father of Botany” Theophrastus
“Father of Civil Engineering” John Smeaton
“Father of Computer” Charles Babbage
“Father of Economics” Adam Smith
“Father of English prose” Samuel De Champlain
“Father of Genetics” Gregor Mendel
“Father of historical novels” Sir Walter Scot
“Father of hydrogen bomb” Edward Teller (1952)
“Father of League of Nations” Hugh Grotius (Holland jurist)
“father of Medicine” Hippocrates
“Father of Mexican independence” Miguel Hidalgo
“Father of modern Chemistry” Antoine Lavoiser
“Father of modern economics” Adam Smith
“Father of modern Italy” G. Garibaldi
“Father of modern music” Johan Sebastian Bach
“Father of modern philosophy” Rene Descartes (French philosopher)
“Father of modern physical chemistry” Josiah Willard Gibbs (American)
“Father of modern Political Science” Niccolò Machiavelli (Italy)
“Father of modern rocketry” Robert H. Goddard

04:44 PM (GMT +5)

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