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Old Wednesday, November 14, 2007
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Post Identification of Famous Personalities.



Poet of the east and national poet of Pakistan. Composed several books on poetry both in Persian and Urdu. Educated in Sialkot, Lahore and than in Great Britain and Germany. Thinker, Philosopher, Political Leader, Educationist and Lawyer. Gave the idea of creation of Muslim country in the sub-continent i.e. Pakistan.

MISS FATIMA JINNAH: (1893-1967)-

Younger sister of the founder of Pakistan Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. Dentist by profession. A political leader, social worker and right hand of her brother during the freedom movement and also after the creation of Pakistan. Contested Presidential Election against Field Martial Muhammad Ayyub Khan in 1964.

SOCRATES: (449 B.C-399 B.C)-

A Greek Philosopher, scholar, educationist and social reformer. According to him education was praize and ignorance a sin. He was compelled to drink a poisonous liquid on account of his revolutionary thoughts by the then government.

DATA GANJ BAKHSH: (399 Hijrah—465 Hijrah)-

His name was Syed Ali Hajveri. He was born in a Mohallah of Ghazna (Afghanistan). Migrated to Lahore under the instructions of his teacher. A sufi and religious scholar. Author of various books especially on mysticism one “Kashfu Majoob” very famous on the subject. Mazar at a little distance of Shahi Masjid Lahore.

YASIR ARAFAT: (1921-2004)-

He was chairman of Palestinian Liberation Front and President of Palestine. A political leader, social worker and freedom fighter for Palestine.

IBN-E-KHALDUN: (733-808 Hijrah)-

Born in Tonisia and buried at Egypt. A historian, critic and a Muslim scholar. He was the first man who introduced scientific system for recording the event of history. His “Muqadimma” is the famous book completed and published in 789 A.H.


Poet, mathematician, educationist and author. He started his professional life as a lecturer of Islamia College Lahore and retired from that institution in the capacity of Principal. Composed a book under the title “Sad-para-e-dil” (Rubaiyat) and Urdu dictionary under the tittle “Gulzar-e-Maanie”. He also wrote more than thirty-two books on mathematics.

IMAM-ABU-HANIFA: (699-767 Hijrah)-

Imam of he Hanafi school of thought. His name was Noman bin Sabit. He was not Arab by origin. According to some historians he was born in Persia while others are of the opinion that he was Afghan by origin. A religious scholar, a scholar, a philosopher, expert of Islamic law and Jurisprudence. A majority of Muslims of the world follow his school of thought i.e. based on logic and rationalism. His title is Imam-e-Azam.

NASEEM HIJAZI: (1914-. ….)-

His real name is Muhammad Sharif. A historical novelist, journalist and author. Beside his stay for professional purpose at the Punjab and the other parts of the sub-continents, he also published his paper “Tanzeem” under the patronage of late Mir Jaffar Khan Jamali of Balochistan from Quetta. A well-known figure among the Urdu writers.

SYED AMIR ALI: (1849-1928)-

Author, political leader, educationist and lawyer. He was the first Muslim Judge appointed by the government of Great Britain in undivided India. Worked as lecturer and professor in the Presidency College Calcutta. He stayed at London for 24 years and was selected as member of Privy Council. Author of two famous books i.e. the History of Saracen and Spirit of Islam. He was among the most prominent Muslim leaders of the undivided India.


The 50th Imam of Ismailes. A prominent figure among the world leaders. A social reformer for his community. He like his father has started so many projects for the welfare of mankind. Educational Institutions, Training Centers and Hospitals established by him are of good reputation. He was selected Imam after the death of his father in 1957.


An American musician and singer known throughout the world for his songs.

CHARLES DICKEN: (1812-1870)-

An English writer, novelist, well known for his works and many books like “Great Expectations” etc. he was born in a poor family but earned money from journalism and widely published and sold books on literature.

MOTHER TERESA: (1910-1997)-

Born in Yugoslavia. A Christian lady devoted herself to the service of mankind. She joined Convent School Calcutta as a teacher and later on also worked as the Principal of that institution. After 1946 she devoted herself to the welfare work for the mankind. She was awarded Nobel Prize for Peace in 1979.

ROBERT BROWING: (1812-1889)-

English poet famous for his lyrical poetry.


English writer, dramatist and critic. He was awarded Nobel Prize for literature in 1915. His works have been in 30 volumes. He worked for literature for more than sixty years. Some of the famous books written by him are (a). Man and Super Man (b). The Devil’s Disciple (c). Plays pleasant and unpleasant.

LIAQUAT ALI KHAN: (1895-1951)-

The first Prime Minister of Pakistan. A trustworthy and efficient colleague of the founder of Pakistan during freedom movement. Minister for finance in the undivided Indian Government. He was killed by a person named Syed Akbar on 16th October, 1951 while addressing a gathering at Liaquat Bagh Rawalpindi.

DR. ABDUL SALAM: (1926-1996)-

Pakistani Scientist who shared Nobel Prize with other scientists on 16th October 1979. he was famous for his research work in physics and mathematics. Also worked as a Professor in these subjects.

FAIZ AHMAD FAIZ: (1911-1984)-

Urdu poet, journalist and educationist. He was also awarded Nobel Prize. Famous for his works in Urdu. His poetry books have been translated and published in foreign languages. He also worked as Public Relation Officer in Pak Army. He was one of the convicts in Rawalpindi Conspiracy Case (1951). In Urdu poetry he is famous for his revolutionary thoughts as well as unique style of smile and metaphor. He was also first editor of Pakistan Times at the time of its first publication. Also edited “Imroz” Urdu daily.

KAMAL ATA TRUK: (1881-1938)-

The founder of modern Turkish State after the Ottoman Caliphate. A nationalist leader of Turkey. A warrior and freedom fighter. He also introduced modernism in Turkish society and declared his country to be secular. Remained President of Turkey form 1923 to 1938.


A Bengali poet of revolutionary and progressive nature. He won Nobel Prize for peace and literature in 1913.

MOLVI ABDUL HAQ: (1870-1961)-

Baba-e-Urdu, writer of several books on Urdu literature and language. Scholar, social reformer and educationist. He devoted his life for the development and progress of Urdu language. He believed that Urdu would be international language in the next century. He established Urdu College at Karachi. After his death he was buried inside the campus.

FAZAL-UL-HAQ MOLVI: (1877-1962)-

He was from East Bengal. A man who took active part in the freedom movement. He had the honor of presenting Lahore Resolution (Now called Pakistan Resolution) on 23rd March 1940. He was politician, social worker, leader of the Muslims of sub-continent and a successful lawyer.


An Iranian poet who compiled “Shahnama” comprising fifty thousand verses on the history of Persia (including Afghanistan). It is said that “Shahnama” was compiled under the directives of the King Mahmud of Ghazni. But according to the latest research it had been compiled three year before the coronation of Mahmud.


An English poet. Usually known as the poet of the nature. He was much impressed by the study of French Revolution and as such his poetry is the record of hopeful events and gives courage to the youth.


Sister of Indian leader and former Prime Minister Mr. Jawaher Lal Nehru. She served has Diplomat and Minister of India. Also a good writer and composer. The book written by her “So I Became Minister” is a wonderful record of her political life.

ABUL KALAM AZAD: (1888-1958)-

The most important figure form the Muslim community who headed the Indian National Congress during and after independence. A religious scholar, writer, philosopher, political leader and educationist. He also worked as journalist and editor of “Al-Balagh”. The best commentator of the Holy Quran. In two volumes “Tarjuman-ul-Quran” has been published several time. He could not complete his literary works and other scholarly books on account of his active political life. He was also Education Minister of India after partition.

SHAIKH SAADI: (589-692 Hijrah)-

An Iranian poet of Persian language. An educationist, textbook writer, scholar and preacher of Islamic ethics. The famous books i.e. “Gulistan and Bostan” are still included in Darse Nizami. His real name was Masli-hud-Din. Syed Altaf Hussain Hali an Urdu poet has compiled a good book on his life called “Hayat-e-Saadi”.

ADOLF HITLER: (1889-1945)-

The Nazi leader of Germany. He ruled Germany for considerable period. Known as the most powerful dictator in the history of 20th century. He was a good administrator and planner. However, his attitude towards the neighbors always remained aggressive. The most important warrior of the 2nd world war. He was successful everywhere but the war with Russia (1941) became the real cause of his defeat. He also wrote a book describing his political struggle.

VLADIMIR LENIN: (1870-1924)-

The communist leader of Soviet Union (Russia). He came into power on 7th November 1917 after the down fall of CZAR of Russia. He spent the whole life in political struggle against Feudalism. The only leader of his time who successfully implemented the ideology of socialism in his country.

ROBERT DARWIN: (1809-1882)-

Writer and social scientist. He is famous for his book “ The Origin of Species”. He is also the man who presented the theory of Evolution. This theory changed the entire idea about creation. The scientist started research on his philosophy. Although not fully correct yet most of thoughts originated from him are the base of scientific study in biology.

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