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General Knowledge, Quizzes, IQ Tests A zone where General Knowledge related to this exam can be shared.Surveys and Threads with polls and questions that require answers can be Posted here

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Old Wednesday, July 08, 2009
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Default Branches of study

1. Astrology : Study of cosmic and celestial bodies to predict future
2. Anemology : Study of winds
3. Agrostology : Study of grasses
4. Aerology : Study of ground
5. Aerobiology : Study of air borne micro-organisms
6. Agronomy : Science of soil management of crop production
7. Aetiology ” : Study of causes of diseases
8. Amphibiology : Study of amphibia
9. Anthropology : Study of science of human development
10. Algology : Study of algae
11. Archaeology : Study of antiques
12. Biology : Study of living organisms ,
13. Bryology : Study of mosses and fern —
14. Botany : Study of plant life
15. Bacteriology : Study of bacteria
16. Balneology : Scientific study of bathing and medicinal springs
17. Conchology : Study of shells
18. Criminology : Study of crime and criminals
19. Cosmology : Study of universe
20. Campanology : Study of bells
21. Cardiology : Study of science of heart mechanisms and heart diseases
22. Cartography : Study of science of map making
23. Cryptology : Study of coded symbols
24. Characterology : Study of characters
25. Chronology : Study of science of time and dates
26. Dermatology : Study of skin and skin diseases
27. Deltiology : Study and collection of picture postcards
28. Dendrology : Study of science of trees
29. Demography : Study of statistics of birth, death and diseases
30. Egyptology : Study of Egyptian antiques
31. Embryology : Study of embryos
32. Enology : Study of science of wine and wine making
33. Ecology : Study of biology dealing with organisms in relation to : one another and to their surroundings
34. Entomology : Study of insects
35. Enzymology : Study of enzymes
36. Epidemiology : Study of epidemics
37. Eleclrotechnology : Study of science of application of electricity in : technology
38. Epistemology : Theory of the method or grounds of knowledge
39. Ergonomics : Study of efficiency of persons in their working environment
40. Eschatology : Study of doctrine of death, judgment
41. Ethnology : Study of science of human races and their relations : to one another and their characteristics
42. Ethnomusicology : Study of music of one or more cultures
43. Ethology : Study of science of animal behavior
44. Etymology : Study of history, origin, root of words
45. Ecclesiology : tudy of science of churches
46. Ekistics : Study of human settlements and their development
47. Futurology : Study of systematic forecasting of future
48. Gastronomy : Study of art and science of good eating and drinking
49. Gemmology : Study of science of gems
50. Genealogy Study of ancestral history
51. Geochronology Study of measurement of geological time
52. Geomorphology Study of physical features of the earth’s surface
53. Gerontology Scientific study of old age and process of ageing
54. Geology Study of science of history of earth’s crust
55. Glaciology Study of glacial action of ice
56. Graphology Study of hand writing
57. Gynecology Study of science of women’s diseases
58. Hematology Study of physiology of blood
59. Haplology Mistake of uttering once what should be spoken Twice
60. Heortology Study of church festivals
61. Herpetology Study of reptiles
62. Hierology Study of sacred literature
63. Histology Study of organic tissues
64. Horology Study of measuring time or making clocks
65. Hydrology Study of science of water
66. Haemato!ogy Study of science of blood
67. Hygrology Study of human atmosphere
68. Hypnology Study of science of phenomena of sleep
69. Ichthyology Study of fishes
70. Iconology Study of icons
71. Indology Study of Indian history, literature
72. Kallology Study of beauty
73. Lithology Study of nature of rocks and stones
74. Limnology Study of physical phenomena of lakes and other fresh
75. Lexicography Study of dictionaries
76. Martyrology Study of history of martyrs
77. Meteorology Study of motions and phenomena of atmosphere
78. Metrology Study of science of measurements and weights
79. Mineralogy Study of minerals
80. Morphology Study of science of forms of things
81. Myrmecology Study of ants
82. Myology Study of muscles
83. Mycology Study of ungi . ‘
84. Myscology Study of mosses
85. Numerology Study of occult meaning of numbers
86. Nosology Branch of medical science dealing with classification of diseases
87. Nephology Study of clouds
88. Neontology Study of organisms not yet extinct
89. Neology Coining of new words
90. Neurology Study of nervous system of living beings
01. Oceanography Study of oceans
92. Oenology Study of wines
93. Ontology Branch of metaphysics dealing with nature
94. Opthamology Study of science of eyes
95. Ornithology Study of birds
96. Orology Study of mountains
97. Otology Study of ear diseases
98. Otorhinolaryngology Study of science of ear, nose and throat.
99. Palaentology Study of fossil
100. Palynology Study of pollens
101. Patrology Study of the writings of the Fathers of the church
102. Parapsychology Study of mental phenomenon outside the sphere
of ordinary psychology
103. Pedology Study of natural soils
104. Pharmacology Study of pharmaceutical drugs
105. Periodontology Study of structures surrounding and supporting teeth
106. Philology Study of linguistics
107. Penology Study of punishment of crime and prison management
108. Phonology Study of sounds in a language
109. Phraseology Study of mode of expression
110. Pogonology Study of beards
111. Psephology Study of the quantities in which drugs should be
112. Pomology Science of fruit growing
113. Radiology Science of radiation
114. Rheumatology Study of rheumatic diseases
115. Rhinology Study of noses
116. Scatology Study of obscene language
117. Semiology Study of linguistics
118. Speciology Study of species
119. Somatology Science of living bodies
120. Speleology Scientific study of caves
121. Splenotology Study of spleen
122. Stomatology Study of diseases of mouth
123. Selenology Study of moon
124. Terotechnology Study of installation and maintenance of equipments
125. Trichology Study of hair
126. Topology Study of shapes and surfaces
127. Toxicology Study of poisons
128. Tribology Study of friction and lubrication
129. Teleology Study of basic purpose of nature
130. Tautology Saying the same thing twice over in different words
131. Ufology Study of unidentified flying objects
132. Urology Study of urinary system
133. Vexillology Study of flags
134. Volcanology Study of Volcanoes
135. Zymology Study of science of fermentation
136. Zoology Science of animal structure
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