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Old Wednesday, March 21, 2007
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Smile Can We Defy Time

Stephen Hawking suggests had time travel be a reality in future we might have already been visited. Time travel being a physical impossibility though does not mean it is implausible. We are prisoners of our own perceptions and while trying to unlock the time dimension of the universe, we put our selves on the driving seat and ponder whether we will ever be able to defy time which is prime constraint of our own lives. Time travel explanations in theoretical physics suffer from a major psychological dilemma. While trying to explain time travel, may be many of us restrict ourselves to a mechanical thought process and more or less close our minds to the larger philosophy of life. This may very well be the reason time travel is still largely believed to be a fiction and human fantasy then a reality. Though quantum physics have made time travel a physical possibility in theory, the above mentioned paradox accepted by Stephen Hawking questions whether it will ever transform into a reality.

To understand the reality of time travel, Einstein’s theory of relativity remains a prime explanation. It indicates that if information or matter may move from one point to another at the speed of light or faster, there is a possibility of moving backwards in time or in other words traveling in the past. In a universal sense, past may very well be anyone’s future and thus one may conclude that while traveling at a speed of light one may travel through both past and future. In a strict mathematical sense present doesn’t exist. We as limited life forms have one foot in the past and one in the future. Either time is what has past, thus becoming a historical fact or it is what is to follow which is a futuristic option or may very well be put as a set of undefined but plausible parallel realities.

The correct understanding of Einstein’s theory of relativity does not lie in recent evolution of science. Rather one needs to look into entire human social evolution to get a more accurate perspective of Einstein’s mathematical proof. Human evolution is more about an outcome of philosophy than contemporary science which is primarily constrained with mathematical theorems. Philosophy is more analogous to imagination and creativity while defying mathematical constraints and scientific boundaries. So it is philosophy where lies the answer to time travel.

Though, imagination and creativity are generally perceived as abstract concepts, in cognitive sciences such qualities of human mind are defined as interpretation of information of surroundings. Human mind processes more complex form of information mainly through two sensory inputs. We listen or hear and use visual optics to observe or decode information regarding our immediate or distant surroundings. As social human evolution is progressing at a faster rate, so are our capabilities to decode information. The current technological revolution is witness to it. We are getting rather more accurate in our understanding of the universe and unraveling more complicated universal phenomenon while retaining our natural abstractness.

Let me briefly examine human social evolution to answer how we have been able to decode pertinent information out of abstractness since ancient times. Art is the most abstract form of human imagination. Archeological studies suggest that the first form of human art was some basic jewelry from shells in form of small rings. In my view that is the first information we decoded regarding the secret of the universe. Later on 0 or a ring would make the fundamentals of mathematics and would be utilized as one of the basic binary code for artificial intelligence. Before bringing into my discussion social human evolution and its significance to our present and future, let me interpret the significance of the rings early human life made to bring some artificial change in their natural surroundings. That first step to embrace art was an unconscious interpretation or prediction of not only our scientific journey but acceptance of divinity. If one analyze history of linguistic art and human expression, 0 is not only used in mathematics as the median value but it may very well be the symbolic explanation of earth, orbital movement of so called heavenly objects, shape of the universe and beyond. Ring or 0 is not only the basic code but explains the basic and at the same time most abstract information regarding the existence of universe. What is the biggest question of our lives and the biggest contradiction we pose to ourselves in scientific circles? It is the existence of a being we identify as God in theology. Theology claims that the universe is being created by a divine force and life is sent on earth by that divine force. Now if I symbolize 0 as such divine force and life (most importantly intelligent life form) as 1, then that completes the basic set of information about the essence of not only this universe but also our own lives.

Now let us move to linguistics which is a rich set of alphabets creating even a more diversified form of information coming to our cognitive conscious with an easy flow. In span of last couple of millennia, human social evolution has created distinct fields of science and philosophy which has been highly correlated with our advanced form of communication. To me, all of this is an effort to find the truth about ourselves and what we can achieve.

As our linguistic skills have developed over time, we have been able to streamline our utopian abstractness in a more defined way through oral and written communication in form of art, architecture, literature, poetry and philosophy. Whereas, mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology have corrected many of our abstract ideas and have now given us a better reasoning and logic to understand the secrets of life. Aristotle quite aptly suggested that knowledge is to reason better than before. The best methodology in logical reasoning while unraveling a scientific query may only be achieved if we not only utilize scientific knowledge but also the many varying patterns in its historical evolution which is to say any related information from primitive art to middle age philosophy and theology to contemporary science.

Coming back to time travel, the explanation lies in exactly this kind of reasoning. Time travel in past or distant future is happening every day since intelligent life on earth has started. Here one may keep in mind that time itself is a creation of human mind due to mortality constraint. In reality time identifies to mere changes or variations in our surroundings. Thus time is just mathematical limitation but carries a dynamic set of information about the universe.

Physically though we may not travel through time as yet but our minds may very well be defying the time constraint. Light which in some limited sense may violate the time constraint should always carry information from the past and the future. The only life form which may be able to interpret this rich set of information is us. Since brain is the key part of our identity as humans, it would not be an exaggeration if I claim we travel through time while we are unconsciously or consciously interpreting information from different time coordinates whereas this set of information is carried by particles of light. We may call that information as predictions or prophecies. How correct we are in our predictions as an individual depends on how good we are able to decode the relevant information. In a more universal sense what ever we may iterate, imagine or do, it is some way related with our own past and future as a society. And once all actions of humans at one point in time combined holistically, one may ravel more accurately what lies ahead of us.

Let us take a brief example of the famous painter Da Vinci, who could chart down the designs of bicycles much before bicycles became a reality. Did he travel through time? Well physically he never did. But he some how could interpret the information of the future. This example provides a vague circumstantial evidence that some humans are able to derive information from light more accurately than others through their enhanced cognitive capabilities. Continuing with this line of argument, we may put the natural skill of our cognitive capabilities a metaphysical star gate.

Imagination or utopianism is the characteristic in every human being. Art or philosophy, which is less constrained to technical limitations, is much superior to pure sciences in terms of revealing the truth about ourselves and our surroundings. In short, that may also mean imagination is much superior to intelligence quotient which is more of a measurement of human memory and practiced skills. One really has to discover the richness of their own imagination by adopting a logical approach to even basic questions about their own life. Such is a simple practice which does not require a set of some specific enhanced mental or physical skills. Imagination is a hidden facet of every mind. There may be people who might have higher memory capacity and thus seem to be more intelligent than others, but imagination is a shared characteristic and the one which primarily makes humans a superior life form. In a universal sense, believing in right things and then adopting an approach of logical reasoning doesn’t require a certain score in intelligence quotient.

Regarding whether we would defy time in future, there is a strong possibility. Though a physical visit from the future seems an implausible case but a contact from future cannot be ruled out. Such contact may have been made through light already. There is also a probability that we may have already been contacted from some other planet. Due to vast distances any such contact is also possible only through light.

How would we know whether we have been contacted? Well, as yet we have not been able to device any such intelligent mechanical device which may decode such advance information continuously coming through the abstractness of light. The only possibility to decode such information is our own brains, as I have argued, which has the capability to outclass any mathematical or physical constraint. Whether Schizophrenia is a disease or a certain peculiar state of mind, where one may be receiving some kind of information which lies beyond our orbital systems or which lies beyond our time line would be another interesting question then? Whether Dr John F. Nash junior, the Nobel Prize laureate for his famous game theoretical model, got delusional or whether he has decoded some advanced form of alien contact is a question which may help to answer the secret behind schizophrenia? Dr Nash’s imaginative characters also presented in the movie ‘The Beautiful Mind’ may very well be holograms. His holograms were constructed according to his imaginative capacity. We already know that such holograms are a possibility in future as it has been shown quite often in Hollywood science fiction movies. Well if history is of any lesson, fiction of today may very well be a reality of tomorrow. Dr. Nash might well have been able to interpret such advanced form of information because of his well developed imagination and scientific mind. Others, on average who are also identified as schizophrenic, may interpret similar set of information in ways which may relate to their psychological constraints. A negative mindset or a less logical or scientific mind may interpret the information in a manner that results in bringing harm to themselves and others. The behavioral diversity in such a mental state might very well be the direct negative externality of information load. If such patients are told to reverse any information they interpret as negative into a positive scenario through psychological session, it might help in overcoming their destructive state of mind. This is not to say that they don’t need a psychiatric help. The nature of medical help for such mental state should always be a combination of psychiatry and psychology. With a positive understanding of schizophrenic patients, we might be able to transform many into mental genius from a just being mentally distorted patients.

Time is the fourth dimension in the Universe as Stephen Hawking has rightly suggested in one of his recent public lectures. I think then the shape of the universe is like a ring where the ring may point to the fourth dimension. Each circular pattern within the ring shows the ball like shape of the universe at one point in time meaning that the universe looks the same irrespective of our point of reference. The ring itself indicates universe at various time horizons. This means that not only that universe looks the same at a singular point in time but also it would look same at different time horizons. We can conclude then that the net change in matter composition of universe over time is zero. Whether the universe is expanding or contracting might then very well be a question raised in physics due to our optic illusion. In my view, the universe is moving along that ring rather than following a big bang theory. This again adds on to my earlier elaboration of 0 or ring being the basic code of this universe.

In scientific circles there has been some talk of building a super computer which may predict about our future more accurately and in a more detailed manner. Well such device may be built in today’s time where the prime source of information would remain human mind. Primarily, a soft ware needs to be build which may help to decode the correct information coming out of random decisions made by a certain selected sample of human beings. This concept is quite similar to the recent science fiction movie called ‘minority report’. However, in reality it is not like a movie where two psychics are thrown in a pond. It is much different then that. A selected number of individuals, with some enhanced psychic powers may be exposed to a set of different natural habitats where their every day random decisions can be observed through a satellite and the information can then be fed in the computer with unique software depending on each individual’s personality traits. Such simulation might then be helpful in decoding right information from the near or distant future. The subject matter of the information though very well depends on the nature of the habitat they are exposed to. A detailed methodology to build such a system would be discussed in another article.

It is a correct assertion that our future depends on our own perceptions and approach to life. All our fantasies and ideas have some amount of truth to it, despite many ideas coming out as being unrealistic at this point in time. If we think life exists outside this planet, it is a valid possibility. At the end of the day, what is most important is that we can be able to translate truth out of our collective imagination. God has sent us to discover this universe while simultaneously giving us a choice to accept or reject his being. It is to our disposal what we make out of our future as a human race. We are given a set of options or parallel realities. What reality we would choose in future is solely our own prerogative. If there is some more developed form of human life outside this planet, they might very well be contacting us through light. Earlier mentioned hologram delusions of Dr Nash may indicate that our prototypes might well have visited us in form of holographic form. Another analogy may be that we would ourselves achieve similar technical know how in future, and thus would be trying to contact ourselves from some future time line. All are possibilities. What I believe in is that every question always has multiple answers, especially in cognitive sciences, and each answer might very well be the correct answer. Human life and its scientific, social and political essence have been the biggest question for us, and there are multiple set of answers. Einstein was again quite right to suggest that reality is merely an illusion albeit a very persistent one.
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