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General Knowledge, Quizzes, IQ Tests A zone where General Knowledge related to this exam can be shared.Surveys and Threads with polls and questions that require answers can be Posted here

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Old Tuesday, September 06, 2005
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sibgakhan is a jewel in the roughsibgakhan is a jewel in the roughsibgakhan is a jewel in the roughsibgakhan is a jewel in the rough
Smile A Quiz for History & Literature

A Quiz for History & Literature

Tired of being losing out on all the Star Wars & Star Trek quizzes? Give your friends this one.

Question 1: Which is the correct author and spelling for the novel "Persuasion?"
Jane Austin
Emily Bronte
Jane Austen
Charlotte Bronte

Question 2: Which Civil War battlefield was the site of two major battles, fought roughly a year apart?
Manassas/Bull Run

Question 3: Which King of England was beheaded? (Hint: this was before the French Revolution)
Henry VII
Richard III
Charles I
Charles II

Question 4: Mr. Rochester is the hero of which English novel?
The Professor
Wuthering Heights
Jane Eyre

Question 5: Which US President served two, non-consecutive terms?
Andrew Johnson
Grover Cleveland
Harry S Truman
George Washington

Question 6: Which was the first US President to be impeached?
John Quincy Adams
Andrew Johnson
Bill Clinton

Question 7: "...my conscience is captive to the Word of God. I cannot and I will not recant anything for to go against conscience is neither right nor safe." Who said this?
Menno Simons
Martin Luther
John Calvin
William Penn

Question 8: Choose one word to describe Thomas Hardy's books.

Question 9: June 6, 1944, D-Day... What happened?
Allies invaded France
Battle of Midway
Nazis surrendered

Question 10: How did Alexander Hamilton die?
in a duel
he lived?
in a shipwreck
in prison
of old age

Question 11: Which of these titles was not written by Charles Dickens?
Old Curiousity Shop
Our Mutual Friend
Daniel Deronda
Hard Times

Question 12: "Rosemary, that's for remembrance." - which Shakespeare play is this from?
King Lear
Much Ado about Nothing
Richard III
Twelfth Night

Question 13: Why is Richard III supposed to have been such a nasty person?
raising taxes to support an unpopular war
killing his nephews to overtake the throne
killing his uncle to overtake the throne

Question 14: Who Wrote "Battle of the Books"
Jonathan Swift
Virginia Woolf
Charles Lamb
Leo Tolstoy

Question 15: Who won the War of 1812?
the Canadians
the Americans
the British

Question 16: Alaska originally belonged to which country?

Question 17: What does Britain's Trafalgar Square commemorate?
Nelson's Napoleonic victory
Victoria's Crimean War
Churchill's Wartime speeches

Question 18: Use one word to describe P. G. Woodhouse's novels.

Question 19: "It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single man in possession of a large fortune must be in want of a wife." - Opening line from what novel?
Vanity Fair
Pride and Prejudice
War and Peace
Mansfield park

Question 20: "If I should die, think only this of me: That there's some corner of a foreign field That is forever England." - Who wrote these lines?
Wilfred Owen
Rupert Brooke
Robert Louis Stevenson
Daniel Deronda
Joyce Kilmer

Question 21: Who is the "father of the essay?"

Question 22: Shipwrecked Twins. Viola/Cesario. Count Orsino. Malvolio. --- which play?
Midsummer Night's Dream
Twelfth Night
Merchant of Venice
Cyrano de Bergerac

Question 23: Grendel is the foe in which of the following works?
Sir Gawain and the Green Knight
The Pearl
Song of Roland

Question 24: Early in his reign, King Henry VIII published a defense of what?
war with France
the Catholic church

Question 25: "Do not send for whom the bell tolls...it tolls for thee," - who said this?

Question 26: When was the Magna Charta signed?
in the 1500's
in the 1300's
in the 1200's
in the 1100's

Question 27: In Chaucer's Canterbury Tales we are told of several pilgrims on their way to Canterbury Cathedral. What famous event happened at Canterbury?
Thomas Becket's murder
first royal British marriage ceremony
first report of Virgin Mary's appearance in Britain
William the Conqueror's coronation

Question 28: Who is the author of "Crime and Punishment?"

Question 29: Two of the signers of the Declaration of the Independence died on the 50th anniversary of its signing. Who were they?
John Hancock, William Penn
Charles Carroll, George Washington
John Adams, Thomas Jefferson
James Madison, Samuel Adams

Question 30: What is Northanger Abbey?
a painting
a book
an old religious house converted to castle
an abbey founded in the 1300's
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