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Old Thursday, September 22, 2005
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sibgakhan is a jewel in the roughsibgakhan is a jewel in the roughsibgakhan is a jewel in the roughsibgakhan is a jewel in the rough
Question Mathematics.....Quizzes

A Numbers Game
"Five questions with numbers for answers."

Question 1:

What's the next number for this series: 2,3,10,15,26?

Answer: …………….. ((Number))

Question 2:

If the distance between two Stars in the Universe is 4.2 light-years; what is the distance expressed in miles?

18,493 trillion miles
25,998 trillion miles
24,696 trillion miles
21,568 trillion miles

Question 3:

What's the next number for this series: 6, 12, 20, 30, 42?

Answer: …………… ((Number))

Question 4:

How many zeros follow a 1 in a googol?

Answer:………… ((one word or number))

Question 5:

How many zeros follow the number 1 in a vigintillion written in Germany?


Could you qualify for the AIME?

"This is a quiz similar to the American Invitational Math Exam (AIME), a difficult test given to qualified HS students every March. Every answer is an integer from 0 to 999 inclusive. A score of 3 out of 5 would be great."

Question 1:

Consider the set of numbers S = 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. You take every distinct two-element subset of S and write down the number that is larger. For example, if you take the subset 4, 6, you would write down the number 6 because it is larger than 4. What is the sum of all of the numbers that you write down?

Answer: ……(A number)

Question 2:

What is the sum of all integers, n, 1 < n < 100, that satisfy the condition that 13 is a factor of (n^2 + 27n + 7)?

Answer:……….. (A number)

Question 3:

An ellipse on the xy-plane has foci at (-41, 23) and (115, 42). The ellipse is tangent to the x-axis. What is the length of the major axis of the ellipse?

Answer :………. (A number)

Question 4:

Suppose we are playing a board game with the following rules:

1. The board has 5 spaces on it.

2. Your playing piece starts out on space number 1.

3. Each move consists of moving the piece to a randomly chosen space other than the one which you currently occupy (for example, if you are on space number 2, you randomly move to either space 1, 3, 4, or 5, with each space having equal chance of being selected, but you cannot stay on space number 2).

4. You win if, after seven moves, you are back on space 1.

The probability of winning this game is p. Find 4096p.

Answer: ……….. (A number)

Question 5:

Suppose log.4a (40*sqrt(3)) = log.3a (45)

(Log.m (n) denotes log base m of n. sqrt(x) denotes the square root of x.)

Find a^3 (a^3 denotes "a cubed.")

Answer: ………… (A number)

Special Numbers

"This quiz is all about weird or special numbers or groups of numbers. Lots of interesting facts in this one - ENJOY!"

Question 1:

This kind of number is divisible by only one and itself. The first few examples are 2, 3, 5, 7, and 11.


Question 2:

What is the set of positive numbers that results in whole numbers when raised to the power of one half?


Question 3:

What is the name for the type of number that cannot be written as a ratio of two integers?


Question 4:

This kind of number is equal to the sum of its positive factors, excluding itself. The first 3 examples are 6, 28, and 496.

Answer:…….. (One Word)

Question 5:

Real numbers are rational, irrational, whole, and imaginary.


Question 6:

The numbers 3, 7, 31, and 127 are what?

Fermat Primes
Mersenne Primes
Leibniz Primes
Newton Primes

Question 7:

What group of numbers does the letter "i" represent?

Irrational Numbers
Indefinite Numbers
Imaginary Numbers
Infinite Numbers

Question 8:

Since every even number is divisible by 2, there are no even prime numbers.


Question 9:

The number 12 has 6 factors: 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, and 12. If you add up those factors you will get 28. Because of this fact, and the special properties of 6 and 28, the number 12 is called a _______ number.

Answer: ……. (One Word)

Question 10:

What is extremely special about these two numbers: 220 and 284? They are ______ pairs.

Answer: …….. (One word)

A Tricky 'n' Easy Maths Quiz! (4)

"I'm back with another maths quiz. Be careful... These questions might tease your brain! There are some easy ones though, and you can use a calculator for the tough questions. All the best!"

Question 1:An angle measuring 60 degrees is measured as 62 degrees. What is the percentage error correct to 3 significant figures?
3.23% 3.33% 37.2% 35.5%

Question 2:
In a group of x children, 10 like Maths and 25 like English. 7 like both subjects and 17 like neither. How many children are there in the group?
59 45 25 38

Question 3:What is the dividend on 320.80 at 15p per ? (Hint: 1 pound = 100 pence)
0.4812 p 4812 48.12 48.12 p

Question 4:A box contains 20 fresh fruits: some mangoes and some grapes. If there are 8 more mangoes than grapes, how many mangoes are there?
Answer: (Type the number only (in digits))

Question 5:A card is drawn at random from an ordinary pack of playing cards. What is the probability that it is neither a face card nor a black card?
14/52 = 7/26 20/52 = 5/13 10/52 = 5/26 16/52 = 4/13

Question 6:A certain number of two digits is decreased by 54 when the digits are interchanged. The tens digit is three times the unit digit. Find the number.
Answer: (The number 23 does not mean 2 * 3; it means 2 * 10 + 3. Type the number only (in digits).)

Question 7:What is the value of 64^(2/3)?
16 42.67 8 455.11

Question 8:A pile of 15 boxes is 3 metres high. What is the depth of each box?
0.002 km 200 mm 200 cm 5 m

Question 9:The area of a face of a cube is 81 cm^2. What is the volume of the cube in cubic centimeters?
Answer: (Type the number only (in digits - don't type the units!))

Question 10:What is the volume of a cylinder with diameter 296 cm and height 3.054 m (correct to 3 s.f.)?
21000000.0 cm^2 None of these 2100.0 cm^3 21.0 m^3

Question 11:From a stick 2y metres long, I cut a piece of length 4y centimetres. What fraction of the original stick remains?
None of these -1/2y 49/50 -2y

Question 12:What is the supplement of ([dozen sixes] + 80)degrees?
188 degrees 28 degrees 82 degrees 22 degrees

Question 13:A man needs to sell a cuckoo-clock costing 300 to make an exact profit of 10%. How much should he sell it for?
Answer: (Type the number only (in digits - no units!))

Question 14:If 5/8 of the children in a school are boys and the school consists of 2400 students, how many girls are there?
900 1440 1500 1477

Question 15:Jack's average mark after 8 results was 54. This dropped to 49 when he received his ninth result which was for Maths. What was his Maths mark?
Answer: (Type the number only (in digits))
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