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Viceroy Saturday, October 16, 2010 12:30 PM

Your reaction on knowing your result

These days are special for the forum, some members are happy while others are not so. We are all friends here and it's good to see how we're sharing each others' joy and grief. So this thread serves the same purpose, let's share our first reactions to our moments of happiness and shock so that we may learn from each others' experience doubling our joy and minimizing the i-feel-lonely feeling.

[B]My Reaction[/B]

I was in Wah Cantt. in the morning and came back home after noon, had no idea that the result was expected today. I just opened the forum in routine and saw posts like "Result has been declared" and "It's posted outside FPSC" and that was the moment my heart beat started to increase. I was staring at the FPSC Website in an indecisive state of mind. There was something in me that wanted to get the result delayed forever and there was another part of me which wanted to know everything. I was alone in the room.

Just to move away somewhere, I went downstairs and then with the same heart beat I don't know what forced me to pick up the phone and dial FPSC Headquarter (I had never called them before). Well, after a few tries a lady picked up.

Me: AOA please [roll number] check ker k bata dain.
Lady: (checking) Hmmm Ji Sir, aap ka naam to hay, please hold karain

[I][she transfers the call to somewhere, another person picks up][/I]

Man : Je AOA
Me : Ji please [roll number] check ker dain
Man: Sir aap 15 minute baad fone ker lain
Me: Je nahin, main dobara nahin ker sakta, abhi batayen
Man: Aaann Sir hold karain
Me: okay
Man: Sir please 10 minute baad call ker lain
Me: Je main nain kaha hay k main nahin ker sakta dobara, aagay hi bari mushkill se mila ha aap please check ker k batayen
Man: Aaann, Sir aap ye mobile number le lain, is per call ker k poch laina kuch dair baad.

[I][I noted down the number, called after hardly 5 minutes][/I]

Man: Ji
Me : [roll number]
Man: Sir main dekhta hun
[I][At this moment I could hear my heartbeat][/I]
Man: Sir Mubarak Ho!
Me: (with a pause, a bit shaky hand holding the receiver and finally some relief) Ji Bohat Bohat Shukriya
Man: [I]Silence[/I]
Me: [I]Silence[/I]
Me: Ji ye confirm hay na!
Man: Ji Ji Sir main nain khud check kiya hay
Me: Bohat bohat shukriya janab,
Man: Aap pehlay banday hain jis ka main nain result check kiya hay aur wo pass hay
Me: Bohat Shukriya,
Man: Okay sir, Khuda Hafiz.
Me: Ji Ji Khuda Hafiz.

[I hung up the phone and start walking to my mother, steps still shaky, my mother and bhabi sitting in mother's room]

Me: Ami, yaar wo CSS k paper diye thay na main nain!
Ami: Haan
Me: Yaar uska result aa gaya hay.
Ami: Ahan
Me: Yaar nahin ho saka, pass nahin huwa main.

[Me looking deep into Ami's eyes]

Ami: (with a lot of love in her eyes) Koi baat nahin, ye bhi koi baat hay, bass khair hay.
Bhabi: Koi baat nahin bhai, theek hay jo bhi hay.

Me: (smiling) Yaar bas abhi abhi pata chala hay result ka. Aur main nain ker liya hay pass, ho gaya hay CSS.

[Me looking deep into Ami's eyes again]

Ami: (with a lot of joy in her eyes) Hmmmm, Shukar hay Allah ka, Mubarak ho.
Bhabi: Mubarak ho bhai.
Ami: Abb abbu ko bhi bata do abb aur ja ker nafal parho shukranay k.


So that's how it went, I then called my dad in his office, told him the result, offered the nawafil and yeah surely updated my facebook status with a hidden meaning in it. A senior member of this forum decoded the status update and then congratulation messages started to pour in. Later in the evening my youngest sister broad casted an SMS to all friends and family and then my mobile phone went busy.

So this is how I spent my first day, knowing the result with a passed status. I hope you liked reading it and will share your experience. Success and failure is a separate thing but there is a lot of healing in sharing your grief and sharing the joy doubles it.

10:54 PM (GMT +5)

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