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New Student Monday, March 28, 2011 12:43 PM

My Experience of CSS Forum
My Experience of CSS Forum:


I joined this forum accidently, when I was looking for some topic on google and that topic was posted on the cssforum. After going into some details on various topics here, I was amazed that how good and valuable information is available not only for CSS aspirants but also for people interested in current affairs and issue affecting Pakistan and the world. I firstly didn’t join the forum and just casually look for some useful material. However, after some time I joined the forum as a member.


I would say, forum is incredible source of information. You never need a CSS academy if you are a member of this forum. Most of the times, very good articles are available on all kind of topics, but sometimes you need something more, i.e. where you need the assistance of other members. I found most of the members very cooperative and helping.


Most of the members are very cooperative and helping. I have seen the mental development of many members. Once in need of help, they have improved a lot and are now helping their new counterparts. However, one point I want to emphasize about (some of) the members is their writing ability. Although, those members have much knowledge about the topic, but their main problem with them, is how to put this knowledge in a coherent and logical manner on the paper. I think this is one of the main reasons of low scoring in exam. Moderators and senior members need to think over this problem and suggest some measures.


This is what I call “bolta CSS forum”, where a lot of topics are discussed and is also the part from where most of the controversies arise. I don’t know the clear difference between the “Discussion” and “Off topic Discussion” as both seem to be overlapping. However, this is very valuable section, where members learn to interact and accommodate each other views.
Although, sometimes I feel there are pity issues that don’t need discussion in this section, but however as a whole, this section greatly helps members (at least) in the CSS pre-interview discussion and debate.

Off topic Section:

This can be called the entertainment part of otherwise very serious looking face of the forum. There are so many entertaining and helpful threads and posts that one need not to go somewhere else on internet. I have spent hours just going through this part of the forum, which I believe most of the members also do. One of the important parts of this section is Site Feedback. I found the mods’ response to be quick and decisive. I don’t know how mods react to some serious query or complaint, i.e. either it is one mod’s decision or they interact in making their decision. However, I think the major decision about banning a member should be taken after all mods agree. I also suggest that it would be better if that particular member be warned (three times) publicly on the forum, before getting banned.

About Mods:

During my stay, I found moderators to be more or less decisive, helping (if they could), focused and doing a no thanks job (kuch log un se khush nahi). It is a difficult job to cleanse the forum of clutter and unnecessary posts and I felt that they are overwhelmed by their job. It is because they could have contributed much more, if they were simple members rather than moderators, by helping other members requiring information.

Impartiality and objectiveness of the moderators is very essence for the decorum of any forum. I found moderators to be doing their jobs exactly what they are supposed to do. (Although, some members may feel otherwise). With the exception of one incident, where a 4 or 5 medals winner member was banned for some time, I found nothing controversial. As a whole, I feel fairness, objectivity, and strict decorum enforcement on the part of moderators.


Frankly, I never knew about the rules and regulations and used this forum threads as a way to discuss various topics. Over time when discussing those topics, I felt that moderators should be there to enforce rules and regulations. It is because some times in discussion, things seem to go far away then intended. So, mods are necessary (evil, according to some members) to enforce rules. But this does not mean that rules should not be studied and abide by members.

As a whole I found this forum to be very much informative, helpful, and entertaining :). This is the only forum, where I have stayed for so long, as compared to other forums (Unke naam bi bhool chukka hon). Good discipline, balanced information and friendly environment makes this forum a shining pearl.

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