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Old Tuesday, June 30, 2015
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Default Commonly Used Terms of Different Sports and Games

1. Badminton

Drop: A light underhand stroke by a player which carries the shuttlecock just over the net by.

A minor lapses or infringement of rules committed by a player

Smash: To strike the shuttlecock overhead with great force.

Deuce: The game is deuce or nil when both the contestants stand equal.

2. Baseball

Base: A point which is at each corner of the baseball field marked by a sack.

Battery: A section of fielding unit comprising the pitcher and the catcher.

Catcher: The player who stands behind the plate to give signals about the kind of ball the pitcher should deliver.

Diamond: The baseball field.

Home: Place where the batter stands in a baseball game.

Pitcher: A player of fielding unit who delivers the ball to the batter.


Blocking: The act of impeding, the progress of an opponent.

Dribbling: The act of throwing, bouncing or rolling the oall.

Held Ball: The ball is declared held when two players of contesting teams have one or both hands on the ball firmly.

Holding: It is the bodily obstruction in the freedom of movement of a player by a player of the opposing team.

Jump Ball: The tossing of the ball in air by the umpire among '.he two opposing players.

Multiple Throws: A series of free throws attempted by the players of same team.


Baulk Line: A line which is drawn across a Billiards table. It is 73.66 cm from its bottom edge.

Break: A player's turn in Billiards. J

Cannon: It is a stroke which causes the striker's ball to hit the ball and opponent's balls.

Cue: A wooden stick used in Billiards to strike the balls.

Hazard: A stroke which drives one or the other of the balls into or the other of the pockets is called hazard. ^

Jigger: A long stick with a metal cross fixed diagonally on the | It is used to aid the player to strike the ball.

Jenny: It is a losing hazard made into one of top pockets, when the object ball is close to the cushion along which the striker's ball must

TraVepolting: It is pocketing the ball.

Spot Stroke: It is a series of winning hazards made by pocketing the red ball into one of the top pockets.


Auxiliary Points System: It's a system of judging in boxing.

Break: It is the order of the umpire to the contestants to stop boxing and withdraw.

Down: A boxer is considered 'down' when he touches the floor with any part of his body.

It is a boxer's blow with bent elbow.

Lying on: It is the posture of the boxer during boxing.

Rabit Punch: A blow on the back of the neck.

Seconds out: The rounds during boxing contest.

Weigh in:
It is an act of finally weighing a boxer at the official scales.

Win by Knock out: A win by 'knock out' is declared when a competitor is incapable of further boxing or declines to begin boxing within 10 seconds.


It's a chesspiece which moves diagonally.

Castle: The only double move in chess whereby the king moves two squares towards the Rook and the Rook is placed on the square the King has just passed over.

A move in chess whereby the King cannot avoid being captured.

It's a mode of opening the chess game by giving a piece for the sake of gaining an advantage in timing.

Knight: A chesspiece with a horse's head, that moves one square laterally and one diagonally.

Pawn: A chesspiece of the lowest range and rank. It moves only square straight forward laterally.

It is the chesspiece which moves straight in all directions as tar as desired.

Stalemate: A deadlock which results in a draw of the chess game.


Break: A ball, after delivery from the bowler, when on touching turns either towards the left or right, is called a break. It can be Break or off-break. for ball passes the bat, missing the wicket, goes far enough I the batsman to run it, it is called a bye.

Chinaman: It's an off-break ball bowled by a left-handed bowler a right-handed batsman. S

Creases: The lines which define the positions of the batsman and the bowler are called creases.

Duck: It's getting out at zero.

Drive: It denotes the hitting of the ball with great force. If the ball having been hit passes the bowler, it is called the straight drive; if it is driven on the left side of the bowler, it is called cover drive; if driven in the on-side, it is called on-drive.

Follow on:
The unscheduled batting by the losing team is called follow.

Gully: It is the position between point and slips.

Hat-trick: It is the bowler's feat in dismissing three batsmen in consecutive deliveries.

It is the state in which the bat hits the wicket while playing.

L.B.W.: It is the state in which the ball hits the legs, in front of the wickets.

Maiden Over: It is an over in which no run is scored by a batsman.

No Ball:
The delivery of a ball by the bowler in contravention of the rules governing the bowling action is termed as no ball.

Over: The bowling turn of a bowler which consists of six deliveries.

It is the strip of ground lying in between the bowling creases.

Rubber: Winning of a series of official Test matches by a team.


Bogey: The scoring figure for a given hole or for the whole course of a good player.

Brown Bunker: A sandy gap which act as a trap in a golf course.

Caddie: One who attends a golfer and carries the clubs round.

Dormy: A player who is leading by the same number of holes as there are still to be played.

Fairway: The smooth turf lying between the tee and putting green.

Fourball foursome: Golf in which each player plays his own ball.

Foursome: Golf in which two against two partners plays the same ball-

Green: It is a rough circle of tended grass surrounding a hole from where the player puts the ball into the hole.

Link: A golf course is called link.

Par: Scoring figure in golf.

Rough: The space on either side of the fairway.

Stymie: A state on the putting green in which an opponent's ball blocks the way to the hole.

Tee: An elevation from which the ball is first played at each hole-

Threesomes: Golf in which each player plays for himself against the others.

9. Hockey

Corner Hit:It is the hitting of the ball by the players of the opposing teams tart of the game, after a goal and at the resumption of the game at the several Corner: It is a situation when a player of the defending team diverts the side-line near the goal-post. Then the attacking team is the free hit from a spot on the defender's goal-line within three yards f he corner flag-post and near the point where the ball was made to cross L goal-line. It is called a corner hit.

Dribble: The moving of a player along with the ball on the blade of his off-side: A player is said to be off-side if there are fewer than three opponents between him and the goal unless he is in his own half of the field.

If the ball passes over the side-line on being touched by a player, a player of the opposing team is allowed to roll-in the ball by hand from behind the side-line.

Scoop: It's a sweeping stroke at the ball.

Stick: The act of a player's raising his stick higher than his shoulders while hitting the ball.

Striking Circle: The space enclosed by four yards long and three inches wide line drawn parallel to goal-line at a distance of 16 yards from it is called striking circle.

10. Horse Racing

Jockey: A man who rides the horse in a horse race.

Punter: A man who stakes on a horse in a horse race.

A horse race with artificial obstacles.

11. Lawn Tennis

Back Hand: A stroke in tennis at the ball with the hand turned backward.

Deuce: A situation in which both opposing players have won three Points.

Ground Stroke: The stroke played after one bounce of the ball.

Half volley: A return stroke played as the ball bounces up.

Obstruction by the net for cancelling a service.

Volley: a stroke at the ball before it touches the ground causing it t0 return.


Chukker: A round of game consisting of eight minutes. The bail 1 A Stick consisting of a lon8 cane- with which Player hits


Dead Heat: A race in which two or more competitors are

Hurdle Race: The race run in tracks where a number of hurriw'' placed. less are

Marathon Race: A cross-country race run on roads coverin distance of 26 miles and 385 yards.

Relay Race: A team race in which the members of the same tea have to run one after the other.

14.Rugby Football

A closing in of rival forwards round the ball on the ground shooting

Bag: The quantity of game brought down in a shoot.

16. Shooting
Bull's Eye: The centre of a target.

Muzzle: The end of a gun barrel from which a projectile is discharged.


Doubling: If a player touches the ball more than once with any pan of his body before its being touched by any other player in the mean time.

Holding:Momentary resting of the ball on the hands or arms of a player.

Volley: A hard return stroke at the ball causing it to return to the other side at once.
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