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Old Saturday, January 02, 2010
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Post PCS Judicial paper English 2006

PAPER ON: English including Essay
Time allowed: Three Hours
Max Marks: 150
Note: Answer ALL questions.

Q 1: Write an essay of 450 – 500 words on One of the following topics: (50 marks)

a) The true object of education is the generation of happiness.
b) International trade and national prosperity.
c) Peer pressure, a bane or blessing.
d) There is no virtue truly great and godlike as justice.
e) Priorities for good governance.
f) The sugar crisis; genuine or generated.
g) Reading for pleasure is a thing for the past.

Q 2: Construct sentences to distinguish between the meaning of any Five of the following pairs of words:- (10 marks)

a) sensible, sensitive
b) alter, alter;
c) artiste, artist;
d) besides, beside;
e) collision, Collusion;
f) imminent, eminent;
g) strait, straight;
h) gild, guild;

Q 3: Illustrate the meaning of any Five of the following idiomatic expressions in sentences of your own constructions: (10 marks)

a) Ups and down;
b) Take it from me;
c) In a jiffy;
d) Put a damper on;
e) Last but not the least;
f) A bed of roses;
g) A skeleton in the cupboard.

Q 4: Correct any five of the following sentences: (10 marks)

a) All the day I was putting a sweater.
b) This was going on since a long time.
c) If I would have done this, I would have done wrong.
d) I must revenge my brother.
e) Send this letter on my address.
f) We went to the back side of the house.
g) In my opinion, I think it is wrong.
h) We got stuck up in the traffic.

Q 5: Translate the following passage into Urdu: (20 marks)

Socrates had many disciples and the greatest of these was Plato. Plato wrote many books which have come down to us and it is for these books that we know a great deal of his master, Socrates. Evidently governments do not like people who are always trying to find out things; they do not like search for truth. The Atheian government did not like the methods of Socrates, and they held a trial and condemned him to death. They told him that if he promised to give up discussions with people and changed his ways they would let him off. But he refused to do so and preferred the cup of poison which brought him death, to give up what he considered his duty.

Q 6: Translate the following passage into English: (20 marks)
Can’t write Urdu….

Q 7: Make the precis of the following passage in 120 – 140 words and suggest a suitable title:

A still more serious disadvantage of monarchy is the fact that it is usually indifferent to the interest of the subjects, except when they are identical with those of the king. Identity of interest is likely to exist up to a point. The king has an interest in suppressing internal anarchy, and will therefore be supported by the law-abiding section of his subjects whenever the danger of anarchy is great. He has an interest in the wealth of his subjects, since it makes the taxes more productive. In foreign war, the interest of the king and his subjects will be thought to be identical so long as he is victorious. So long as he continues to extend his dominions, the inner group, to whom he a leader rather than a master will find his service profitable. But kings are led astray by two causes: pride, and reliance upon an inner group which has lost its power of command. As for pride: though the Egyptians endured the Pyramids, the French, in the end, grumbled about Versailles and the Louver; and moralists have always inveighed against the luxury of courts. “Wine is wicked, women are vicked, the king is wicked,” we are told in the Apocrypha.

The other cause for the decay of the monarchy is more important. Kings acquire the habit of relying upon some section of the population: the aristocracy, the Church, the higher bourgeoisie, or perhaps a geographical group, such as the Cossacks. Gradually, economic or cultural changes diminish the power of the favoured group, and the king shares their unpopularity. He may even, like Nicholas II, be so unwise as to lose the support of the group that should be most completely on his side; but this is exceptional. Charles I and Louis XVI were supported by the aristocracy, but fell because the middle class was opposed to them.

A king or despot can maintain his power if he is astute in internal politics and successful externally. If he is quasi-divine, his dynasty may be prolonged indefinitely. But the growth of civilization puts an end to belief in his divinity; defeat in war is not always avoidable; and political astuteness cannot be an invariable attribute of monarchs. Therefore sooner or later, if there is no external conquest, there is revolution, and the monarchy is either abolished or shorn of its power.
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