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Old Friday, November 16, 2018
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Rana shery is on a distinguished road
Exclamation Appraising / Valuation officer F4-180/2018. Dated 15/11/2018

Share mcqs,please.
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Old Friday, November 16, 2018
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bmahmood is on a distinguished road

The paper was very very easy really

Party of Angela markel
Percentage of water in blood
Who was Jamal kashogi
Prophet was from which clan of Bani hashim
Cost longest bridge of the world
where IFF meeting held
Option of shortcut key for increasing size font of character 1.5
What is the different between the simple and compound interest at 15 % if principle amount is 500
35 % of 25 % of 15 % of 95
What’s is meant by poly
A bolt from blue means
Under which artical right of life is mentioned in constitution of 1973 of Pakistan
13th amendment passed on which date
What is the source of 1000 MW electricity of Pakistan from which country new contract is signed
Muhammad ali Bogra visited US on which date
Name of Pakistan female in Australia parliament
Which date Pakistan industrial cooperation act of signed and approved
What is meaning of Sidra tu muntaha
CPEC is part of which contract mainly
Gravitational force of earth in value
Greater then and equal to is the sign of which operation in the language of ALU
Finance minister of Saudi Arabia
How many tarcels bones in human body
Sun is star
What is suplimentary angle
Cutting of paint art is called what
What is the functional of crtl Z
From where macros is computer be adjusted
Chaina signed a contract of railway line from China to which city
Which one is having least mass electoron , proton or neutron
Choromose is composed of what matter
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Old Friday, November 16, 2018
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pakistankhapakhapakhapa is on a distinguished road

Hello guts here are bunch questions I remembered with answers.
FPSC, Case # 180 /2018-R

Computer :::

- Change line height to 1.5 shortcut key in ms word : Ctrl+1 , Ctrl+2, Ctrl+5
answer: Ctrl+5 , self checked

-The process of removing unwanted part of an image is called
answer: Cropping or cutting

- Page numbers can be included in : Header, Footer, both, none
answer: both ,

- Which chart is uded to show change over time: Line Chart, Pie Chart, Bar chart
answer: Line Chart , google

- Excel file is generally called: Workbook, Worksheet, spreadsheet
answer: Workbook

- Maximum font size one can apply to any character: 1634,1636,1638,none
answer: 1638,

- In Excel, which one denoted a range from B1 through E5
answer: B1:E5

- the most basic unit in excel is : Row, column, cell
answer: cell

- In Excel, Rows are labelled as : 1,2,3, , A,B,C
answer: 1,2,3

- Functions in MS Excel must begin with ___
answer: = sign

GK, Islamiyat,Pak affair,current affair everday science

- HCL chemical formula of : Hydrogen Chloride
answer: Hydrogen Chloride , Hydrochloric Acid (Hydrogen Chloride) hydochloride

- Least mass among following: Proton, electron, Neutrino, none
answer: Neutrino , google

- Which of following is used to kill microorganism.: Antibiotic , Antiseptic, Antigen

- Among following not vertebrates ;Reptiles, Birds, Insects
answer: Insects , phylum Arthropoda

- Rear view mirror of a vehicle is: Concave, Plane, Convex
answer: Convex , google

- Istrument used to measure purity of milk: Barometer, chromometer, Lactometer
answer: Lactometer

- Percentage of water in blood is: 70, 90, 80
answer: 80 , or 92 %

- Source of energy in human brain : Glucose, Protein, Fats
answer: Glucose , google

- Which of the following become obligatory in 2 Hijri : Roza, Eid,
answer: Roza

- Sidratul muntaha means?: House of noor , tree of noor, place of noor
answer: tree of extremity, hence none, see wiki

- which pillar is considered as armour, : Roza, namaz,
answer: Roza

- Those arabs which live in desert are called: baduin , Sheikhs, Hizji
answer: baduin

- Prohet took refuge while travelling from makkak to madina in cave: Hira, soar
answer: Soar

- In cave soar 1st revelation came, surah?: Falaq, Alaq,
answer: alaq

- Angela Markel political party: Free democrats
answer: Christian Democratic Union of Germany

- Saudi Jamal Khashoggi was a : Journalist
answer: Journalist

- CPEC is a component of: One belt one road initiative
answer: One belt one road initiative , see wiki

- FATF : Combat Terrorism Financing , Tourism financing?
answer: Combat Terrorism Financing , MOney laundering , see wiki

- Mr. M. Javad Zarif , foreign minister of : Iran , Bangladesh, Kuwait
answer: Iran , see wiki

- General election in Afghanistan took place on : 20 sep 2018, 30,25
answer: 20 October 2018 , hence none

- China Opened world longest sea crossing bridge linking Hongkong to : Mainland , Beijing, Alaska
answer: Mainland , 55 km, Hong Kong to Macau and the mainland Chinese city of Zhuhai.

- China new Rail and Road Cargo Service linking Lanzhou Capital of Northwest China's Gansu Province to : Peshawar, Islamabad, Lahore
answer: ISLAMABAD, see google

- US recognized Jarusalem as capital of Israel, Shifted its embassy on: 14 sep 2017, 14 May 2018, 30 march 2018
answer: May 14, 2018

- USMCA (Formerly NAFTA) member includes:
answer: US, Mexico,Canada , see google

- PM attended 2nd edition of annual Future Investment Initiative (FII) conference in : Riyyadh
answer: Riyyadh ,

- Which agreement was due to soviet premeir Kosygin: Tashkent
answer: Tashkent Declaration 1966, see wiki

- Constitution of 1956 was passed by 2nd constituent assembly on: 29 Feb 1956, 23 march 1956
answer: 29 Feb 1956 ,

- PM , clean and green Pakistan date: 2 oct 2018, 4,8
answer: 8 oct 2018, or 13 oct

- CASA Transmission , 1 GW energy project is bw pak : Tajikstan, krgystan, both
answer: from Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan to Pakistan and Afghanistan , hence both

- Kashmir black day is observed on : 27 oct , 25 oct
answer: 27 oct, see google

- UN Human Rights Prize 2018 to : Asma Jhangir, Malala, Benazir
answer: Asma Jhangir ,

- President national immunization drive on oct 15,2018 agaisnt disease: polio, measeles, typhoid
answer: Measles

- 13th amendment was passed omn: July 1997 , april or oct 1998
answer: 1stApril 1997,

- Pervaiz musharaf and vajpayee , historical summit on July, 14-16,2001 took place: Agra, Delhi
answer: Agra summit, see wiki

- Everyone has a right to life, liberty, and security , is in article of constitution: 3,7,16
answer: none, searcged google

- PIDC was established in : 1972, 1951,1961
answer: 1952, so none from google


- 0,1,2,6,16,44,? : 110,120,88
answer: 120

Now brother Na shukre mat hona , Thanks k saath mije reputaion points b diya karo. Upper meri is post k saath ek chota symbol hoga. Thanks
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Old Saturday, November 17, 2018
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aneeqa is on a distinguished road

Ctrl +Z function
Sun is a star
Gravtional acceleration speed 9.8 metres per second
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Old Saturday, November 17, 2018
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Waqas Saeed Kheeyon is on a distinguished road
Default Other Questions Were


1-We will need the money on 15th Jan. (Shall, May, none)
2-A few people admit that they tell the truth. (Few, Little, none)
3-I had not expected too much cold weather (that, such, none)
4-Let me by you a cup of ice cream. (Permit, Allow,none)
5-I met him 3 years ago (before, back,none)
6-You must fill form in ink. (Ought, should, none)
7-A bolt from blue means an expected misfortune (pleasure, happiness,none)
8-Ayesha is almost like a mother to me (nearly, all most, none)
9-The new timetable is applicable till 30 Dec (Until, About, None)
10-It may rain this afternoon (might, will, none)
11-I have not seen so much food (to, very, none)
12-I have [the B]yet[/B] to receive letter from him. (Ready, still, none)
13-I left the school as soon as I found the job (had left, have left, none)
14-I will reach in time before the... (On, about none)
15-Why to argue with him (argue, arguing, none)


1-Difference between simple and principal interest, 3 years, 15 %, P*550*R.s* Ans-550*(500,750,n)
2-Avg age of 3 girls is 15 with a difference of ratios 3:5:7. Age of youngest is 15 (7,8, none)

1-The obligation in 2 H of Both Roza and Eid ul Fitr (Eid ul Fitr, Roza, none)

≥ is _____ operation Ans- None (Conditional,Arithmetic Logical, none)

Industrial Privatization started on 22 Jan, 1991 (23 Mar, 1991, 22 Jan, 1990, none)

Bhasha dam to be built on Indus River. (Kabul,Sutlej,none)
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Old Saturday, November 17, 2018
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bmahmood is on a distinguished road

Dear Waqas Bhai please re check your answers you have lot of wrong answers . Kindly post the correct soloutions
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Old Sunday, November 18, 2018
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pakistankhapakhapakhapa is on a distinguished road

Originally Posted by aneeqa View Post
Gravtional acceleration speed 9.8 metres per second
correction here the answer was
9.8 metres per second * second,
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