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Tanich Friday, April 26, 2019 12:13 PM

Inspector customs batch-5 (26-04-19) Questions

Below are some of questions from todays paper.

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Tanich Friday, April 26, 2019 12:43 PM

English: (Not exact wording but the basic taste of questions)
1.he is as old as ____
2.he knows you as well as ___
3.she likes you as musch as ___
(options were me, I, she, herself, myself stc)

4-10 questions with options who, whom, whose, which, whatever
11-20 the senteces were writeen and you have to choose the type of sentces from the options (simple, compound, complex, active, passive, direct etc )[e.g he asked me to eat food]

62 is what percent of 248 (25%)
find hcf of 164,1722 (82)
if hcf is 25 and product of 2 numbers is 2050.what is lcm (202)
(128)^3/2 equals to ? 2 ^21/2
some other basic ratio, fractions and percentage questions.

number of maazi seeghas in arabic grammer. (14)
maaida means ? table spread
given ayat is ? jumla faliya
khilafat duration? 30 years
sihae sitta names ?
conditions of salat?

auto content wizard
number of files name shown in excel file menu
not a font ? subscript
how to enter subsccript ?
outline view
hot to edit enter view data in acces ? form sheet table

P.A / C.A :
Question: Which country is developing a 750-acre Industrial zone in Bangladesh. A: Japan. B: China. C: India. D: None of These. Answer: B.
longest bridge from hongkong to? china
first temple in? UAE
The ___ expel 23 Russian diplomats? UK
boko haram? nigeria
first pm to visit palestine? modi
nato SG extention? 2022
quaid e azam start his political career from
q.a lead muslims from year
word govt summit ? dubai
capital for books ? sharjah
apec summit? Papua New Guinea
joined back coomonwealth after 2 years withdrawl? maldives
WEF meeting held in ?

pressure unit
magnetic flux unit
nuetron, nucles, mass spetograph founded by ?

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Sent from my CHM-U01 using Tapatalk

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