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Pakistan Affairs (Compulsory)


  1. Evolution and growth of Muslim Society in the Sub-continent.

  2. Ideology of Pakistan-Definition and Elucidation. Historical aspects Muslim rule in the sub-continent, its downfall and efforts of Renaissance. Movements for reforms-Sheikh Ahmed Sarhindi, Shah Waliullah, Aligarh, Deoband, Na&wah, Anjarnun Hamiat-e-Islam and other Educational Institutions- Sind Madressah and Islamia College Peshawar. Ideology of Pakistan in the lights of speeches and sayings of Allama Iqhal and Quaid-i-Azam

  3. Pakistan Movement-Historical developments, important event. role of various individuals, communities and groups.

  4. Political Developments in Pakistan since 1947 and efforts for pro mulgation of Islamic system.

  5. Land and People of Pakistan-Geography. Society. Natural resources. Agriculture, Industry, Education with reference to characteris tics, trends and problems.

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Suggested Readings


Title Author
Ideological Orientations of Pakistan Al Mujahid, Sharif
Letters of Iqbal to Jinnah Iqbal, Mohammad
Muslim Separatism in India and Pakistan Hamid, Abdul
Modern Muslim India and the birth of Pakistan Ikram, S. M.
Quaid-i-Azam and Pakistan Dani, Ahmed Hassan
Struggle for Pakistan Qureshi, I. H.
The case for Pakistan Rafiq, Afzal M.
The Making of Pakistan Aziz, K. K.
The Muslim Community of the Indo-Pakistan Sub-continent Qureshi, I. H.
The Emergence of Pakistan Mohammad Ali Ch.
Towards Pakistan Waheed-uz-Zaman
Pakistan A study of Political Development 1947-97 Hamid Yusuf
Ulema in Politics Qureshi, I. H.
World Scholars on Quaid-i-Azam Dani, Ahmed Hassan

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