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Old Saturday, May 02, 2015
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Default Intelligence Bureau (IB) 1.2.2015

36. What will be the sampling frequency that reveals the same sampled signal
37. Which transistors are used in TTL? Bipolar
38. Which system used dc to dc high voltage gain
A. Solar system
B. Battery backup
39. Which statement is false for switching regulators
40. To decrease the power in control system we use
41. Power plant the availability of power is least for
A. Wind
B. Solar
C. Tidal
D. Geothermal
E. Bio gass
42. A diode that has a negative resistance characteristics is the
A. Schottkey diode
B. Tunnel diode
C. Hot-carrier diode
D. Laser diode
E. Zener Diode
Answer: B
43. Common mode rejection ratio is the ratio of
Answer: Differential mode gain to Common Mode gain
44. Resolution of ADC is defined as the no of bits in
Answer: Output
45. The control system is used for
46. Horizontal line in the s plane is for
47. Recharge able batteries are called? Secondary batteries
48. The batteries which are charged and discharged continuously
49. Which system needs more stability
A. Automatic washing machine
B. Traffic signal system
C. Home heating system
D. Motor with position control

50. Natural frequency in the control system represents
51. For measuring small resistance we use
Answer: Kelvin bridge
52. Hay bridge is used for the measurement of
Answer: Inductance
53. ____ bridge used for the measurement of resistance
Answer: Wheatstone bridge
54. In three phase 4 wire system how many voltages are available
Answer: Two
55. _____ acts as voltage controlled variable capacitor
Answer: Varactor
56. By which a meter after checking with no current returns to its previous state
Answer: Controlling Torque
57. By connecting a shunt of higher value in ammeter what will decrease
Answer: Current sensitivity decreases
58. If z transform lies in ROC then
A. System is stable
B. Inverse of system is stable
C. Both system and its inverse are unstable
D. Both system and its inverse are stable
59. If R1 is the resistance of a coil of copper at t oC and RT is the resistance at T oC and also the resistance temperature coefficient of copper per degree centrigrade at 0oC is 1/234.45, then Rt/RT
(A) (1+t) / (1+T)
(B) (1+ 234.45t) / (1+234.45 T)
(C) (234.45 + t) / (234.45 + T)
(D) (234.45 + t2 ) / (234.45 + T 2).
60. The shunt winding of a motor has a resistance of 85 ohm at 22oC. When the motor runs at full load, its resistance increases to 100 ohms. The resistance temperature coefficient of winding per 0oC is 0.004. The rise in temperature of the winding will be nearly
(A) 20oC
(B) 50oC
(D) 100oC.
61. Wimbledon Tournament is for? Lawn Tennis
62. All organizations share
63. For minimum input a person has got the output he has used the resources
64. Sharjah is in? UAE
65. Against Nehruís Report Qaid-e-Azam proposed a solution of how many points? Answer: 14 points
66. the punishment for robbery in Islam
67. on simple series question (___, 15, 19, 24,) answer 12
68. Which of the following Rukn-e-Islam is called a shield? Answer: Fasting
69. What is the literal meaning of word Qiblah? Answer: In front of
70. Northern end of Pakistan is occupied by western range of which of following? Answer: Himalayan range
71. The ancient name of IRAN
72. TLRIA is to WOULD then YBVLKA is for? BEYOND
73. Which word will be in the middle select and tick that one
A. Rigorous
B. Retrospective
C. Remove
D. Revive
E. rumor
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