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Post Assistant Director MOD NTS (Past Papers)

Assistant Director MOD (Ministry of Defence) Past Papers.

Complete in PDF:

Afzal Qambrani
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Old 3 Weeks Ago
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Afzal Qambrani is on a distinguished road

Question: Who was adjusted Man of the match in the final of Asia Cup Cricket Tournament 2008 ?

1. Mutthiya Murlidharan
2. Kumar Sankara
3. Ajanta Mendis
4. None of these

Correct Answer: 3.

Question: Name the longest river in the world ?

1. Mississippi
2. Missouri
3. Nile
4. Saint Lawrence

Correct Answer: 3.

Question : Who is the author of “Asian drama”?

1. William Shakespeare
2. Gunnar Myrdal
3. Jawahar Lal Nehru
4. None of these

Correct Answer: 2.

Question: Which composer wrote 27 piano concertos, 23 string quartets, 35 violin sonatas and more than 50 symphanies?

1. Mozart
2. James Galway
3. Messiaen
4. None of these

Correct Answer: 1.

Question: What is the order of magnitude of electric resistance of the human body (dry)?

1. 102 ohm
2. 104 ohm
3. 106 ohm
4. 108 ohm

Correct Answer: 3.

Question : What is a non-working male bee called?

1. Male-Bee
2. Drone
3. King

Correct Answer: 2.

Question: Hazrat Nizamuddin Auliya’s Dargah is located at...................

1. Ajmer
2. Mumbai
3. Delhi
4. Hyderabad

Correct Answer: 3.

Question: What does the latin word 'vox populi' mean ?

1. Pen name
2. To infinity
3. A method of operating
4. The voice of the people

Correct Answer: 4.

Question The largest bay in the world is

1. Baffin Bay
2. Mezenskaya Bay
3. Obskaya Bay
4. Hudson Bay

Correct Answer: 4.

Question The First Global Agro Industries Forum met in April, 2008 at-

1. Geneva
2. Doha
3. New York
4. New Delhi

Correct Answer: 4.

Question: Which one of the following cities is a birth place of Urdu poet Mirza Ghalib, and musician Ustad Faiyaz Khan ?

1. Lucknow
2. Agra
3. Barabanki
4. None of the above

Correct Answer: 2.

Question: The planet nearest to the earth is

1. Mars
2. Jupiter
3. Mercury
4. Saturn

Correct Answer: 1.

Question: Who is India's ambassador to the US?

1. Ronen Sen
2. Montek Singh Ahluwalia
3. Lalit Mansingh
4. Rajat Gupta

Correct Answer: 1.

Question 32: Which of the following is the brightest star in our solar system?

1. Proxima Centauri
2. Canopus
3. Sirius
4. None of the above

Correct Answer: 3.

Question : In which of the following cities has the monument of Martyr and War of independence been established?

1. Allahabad
2. Meerut
3. Kanpur
4. None of the above

Correct Answer: 3.

Question 36: What is the baby owl called ?

1. Chick
2. Owlet
3. Spat
4. Calf

Correct Answer: 2.

Question Where is the seat of International Court of Justice

1. Rome
2. New Delhi
3. London
4. The Hague

Correct Answer: 4.

Question 38: The in Arjun Awards were instituted the year

1. 1965
2. 1963
3. 1961
4. 1967

Correct Answer: 3.

Question: Titagarh in West Bengal is famous for—

1. Paper manufacturing
2. Locomotive manufacturing
3. Fertilisers industry
4. Textile industry

Correct Answer: 1.

Question: Which one of the following is the first space craft to go beyond our solar system?

1. Salyut
2. Viking I
3. Pioneer 10
4. Viking 2

Correct Answer: 3.

Question: Which of the following Trophies/Cups is associated with the game of Golf ?

1. Iran Cup
2. Padmawati Trophy
3. Topolino Trophy
4. V. C. Gupta Trophy

Correct Answer: 3.

Question: Which of the following is an antibiotic?

1. Aspirin
2. Paracetamol
3. Penicillin
4. Sulphadizine

Correct Answer: 3.

Question: The galaxy we live in is called the Milky Way. It is shaped approximately like

1. A round ball
2. A doughnut
3. A pretzel
4. A flat spiral

Correct Answer: 4.

Question First Asian Woman Lord Mayor of Britain:

1. Reshma Shah
2. Anju Sood
3. Kavita Sahni
4. Sushma seth

Correct Answer: 1.

Question: In which Olympic the first Olympic Torch was lighted?

1. Mexico
2. Amsterdam
3. USA
4. Germany

Correct Answer: 2.

Question: The name United Nations was suggested by

1. Stalin
2. Sir Winston Churchill
3. F.D.Roosevelt
4. Mahatma Gandhi

Correct Answer: 3.

Question The first recipient of Nehru Award was

1. Mother Teresa
2. Martin Luther king
3. U Thant
4. Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan

Correct Answer: 4.

Question: Doctor who deals with cancer in body is known as

1. Pediatrition
2. Urologist
3. Psychiatrist
4. Oncologist

Correct Answer: 4.

Question: Dal Lake is situated in

1. Jammu & Kashmir
2. Orissa
3. Punjab
4. New Delhi

Correct Answer: 1.

Question : In the early Olympic Games, only free, male Greek citizens could compete. After Rome conquered Greece, Romans participated as well. Which Roman emperor competed at Olympia in a ten-horse chariot race

1. Augustus
2. Nero
3. Tiberius
4. Vespasian

Correct Answer: 2.

Question: Aymara and Quechua are

1. Languages
2. Trees
3. Mountains
4. Rivers

Correct Answer: 1.

Question: Which blood group is called Universal Doner?

1. A
2. B
3. AB
4. O

Correct Answer: 4.

Question: Which of the following is not the principal organ of the united nations?

1. General Assembly
2. Security Council
3. Trusteeship Council
4. None of these

Correct Answer: 3.

Question : How long is the lifespan of a cloned animal compared to that of the original animal?

1. same as the original
2. lesser than the original
3. greater than the original
4. can't say

Correct Answer: 1.

Question : Which female lawn tennis player had won the wimbledon tournament maximum ?

1. Steffi graph
2. Monica seles
3. Martina navratilova
4. Maria sharapova

Correct Answer: 3.

Question 74: Lord Buddha Died At ?

1. Nalanda
2. Humbi
3. SolaNagara
4. Kushinagara

Correct Answer: 4.

Question : In 1921, a session of the Indian National Congress was held when its President was in prison and with some other leader acting as its President. Who was the Congress President in prison ?

1. Mohammead Ali
2. C.R. Das
3. Abul Kalam Azad
4. Mahatma Gandhi

Correct Answer: 2.

Question : China has signed an agreement with which of the following countries, which will help both the parties to make the East China Sea "a sea of peace, co-operation and friendship" ?

1. North Korea
2. South Korea
3. Japan
4. Russia
All of these
Correct Answer: 3.

Question: Who invented cycle?

1. Mac millan
2. Joseph aspdin
3. Charles babbage
4. Gottileb daimler

Correct Answer: 1.

Question: In which all carbon atoms are quaternary in nature?

1. graphite
2. diamond
3. teflon
4. nepthalene

Correct Answer: 2.

Question : Mendel's name is associated with:

1. Linguistics
2. Phonetics
3. Physics
4. Genetics

Correct Answer: 4.

Question: Lithosphere is the part of

1. Moon
2. Sun
3. Earth
4. Planets

Correct Answer: 3.

Question: World Environment Day falls on

1. Jun 5
2. Nov 14
3. Oct 2
4. Nov 19

Correct Answer: 1.

Question : When was slavery abolished in Britain ?

1. 1830
2. 1837
3. 1833
4. 1843

Correct Answer: 3.

Question 9 ‘Zazia’ was re-imposed during the reign of-

1. Akbar
2. Aurangzeb
3. Jahangir
4. None of these

Correct Answer: 2.

Question: Who among the following invented Lasers?

1. Theodore Maiman
2. Denis Papin
3. William Moton
4. Francis Crick

Correct Answer: 1.

Question : Who is the founder of the decimal system?

1. Archimedes
2. Bhaskara Acharya
3. Arya Bhatta
4. Bhaskara 2

Correct Answer: 3.

Question 100: Who among the following will host 5th CISM World Military games 2011?

1. Russia
2. China
3. Italy
4. Brazil

Correct Answer: 4.



1.Petronas towers are located in:
c.Kuala Lumpur
d.None of these

2.Name of the present UN Secretary General is:
a.Kofi Annan
b.Bon Ki Moon
c.Batrus Ghali
d.None of these

3.The length of common border between India and Pakistan is:
a.900 miles
b.1000 miles
c.1100 miles
d.None of these (its 1809 miles)

4. SAARC conference was held in 2004 at:
d.None of these

5.China became the member of World Trade Organization in:
d.None of these (11-12-2001)

6.The number of players in each team of basketball game is:
d.None of these

7.Which is the largest Surah of the Holy Quran:
a.Surah Al-Imran
b.Surah Al-Baqarah
c.Surah Yaseen
d.None of these

8.The Olympic games in 2004 were held in:
d.None of these

9.How many members the National Security Council (Pakistan) has:
d.None of these

10.Nobel Peace Prize for the year 2006 was awarded to:
a.Dr. Mahatir Mohammad
b.Dr. Mohammad Yunus
c.Dr. Abdul Kalam
d.None of these

11.Denzil Washington is renowned as:
a.USA army general
b.British Naval Commander
c.Hollywood Actor
d.None of these

12.The number of OIC member states is:
d.None of these

13.Mahbub-ul-Haq Human Development Center is located at:
d.None of these

14.Hugo Chaves is the president of:
d.None of these

15.What is the name of the only Pakistani who won a Nobel Prize:
a.Dr. Ashfaq Ahmed
b.Dr. Abdus-Salam
c.Dr. Abdul Qadeer
d.None of these

16.Maple leaf is the National emblem of:
d.None of these

17.Name of Bangladesh Parliament is:
a.People National Assembly
c.Jatia Sangsad
d.None of these

18.India has constructed ‘Baglihar Dam’ in occupied Kashmir’s district of:
d.None of these

19.‘Hamas’ was founded by:
a.Yasser Arafat
b.Ismail Haniye
c.Khalid Meshaal
d.None of these (it was founded by Sheikh Ahmed Yassin)

20.Which of the following regions of Balochistan will be irrigated through Kachi Canal Project:
d.None of these

1.Transparency International is based in:
a.New York
d.None of these

2.The largest source of electricity generation in Pakistan comes through:
d.None of these

3.Pakistan’s largest export partner is:
a.Saudi Arabia
d.None of these

4.India is constructing Kishanganda Dam in:
b.Sri Nagar
d.None of these

5.WAFA is the news agency of:
d.None of these (Palestine)

6.Former US Vice-President Al Gore has won Nobel Peace Prize 2007 for his campaign against:
a.Child Labour
b.Human Rights Violations
c.Global Warming
d.None of these

7.May 3, each year is Internationally observed as:
a.World Environment Day
b.Human Rights Day
c.Global Warming
d.None of these (World Press Freedom Day)

8.The world’s largest producer of uranium is:
c.South Africa
d.None of these

9.The district of the country having lowest population density is:
d.None of these

10.Qantas is an airlines of:
d.None of these

11.The first Muslim Nobel Laureate was:
a.Anwar Sadaat of Egypt
b.Yasser Arafat of Palestine
c.Abdul Salam of Pakistan
d.None of these

12.Darfur conflict is in:
d.None of these

13.Parachinar is the main town of:
a.Khyber Agency
b.North Waziristan
c.South Waziristan
d.None of these (it’s capital town of Kurram agency)

14.One US barrel is equal to:
a.20 litres
b.30 litres
c.50 litres
d.None of these (its equivalent to 159 litres)

15.Ringgit is the currency unit of:
d.None of these

16.Pakistan is the Chairman of:
a.Non-Aligned movement
c.Group of 77
d.None of these

17.The first President of America who made an official visit to Pakistan was:
a.Richard Nixon
b.Dwight D. Eisenhower
c.Lyndon B. Johnson
d.None of these

18.The ‘Aid to Pakistan Consortium’ meets every year in:
b.New York
d.None of these

19.General Michael Hayden is the:
a.President of Chile
b.Defense Secretary of United States
c.Commander NATO’s forces in Afghanistan
d.None of these (he was director of the CIA)

20.Which of the following International Organizations has no formal structure and secretariat:
a.Green Peace
d.None of these

1.Who is Nicolas Sarkozy:
a.German Chancellor
b.Canadian President
c.French President
d.President of Georgia

2.What position Hu Jantao holds:
a.General Secretary of Communist Party
b.President of the Country
c.Both ‘a’ and ‘b’
d.None of these

3.Who is the president of World Bank:
a.Robert Brace Zoellick
b.Robert Bruce Gate
c.Robert Bruce Lohaf
d.Bill Gates

4.Where is the headquarter of the Amnesty International located:
d.New York

5.Asian Development Bank (ADB) was established in:
d.None of these

6.Who were the three statesmen who formulated Non-Aligned Movement (NAM):
a.Gandhi, Nasser, Tito
b.Nehru, Nasser, Tito
c.Chou-en-Lai, Bhutto, Nehru
d.Soe Karno, Nasser, Tito

7.The permanent Secretariat of SAARC is established at:

8.Who was the founder of HAMAS in 1987:
a.Sheikh Ahmed Yasin
b.Yasser Arafat
c.Abu Nidal
d.None of these

9.How many official working languages are recognized by UNO:
d.None of these

10.In which month does the UN General Assembly usually meet every year:
d.None of these

11.Which of the following countries have the power of veto in the General Assembly of UNO:
d.All of these

12.The term of office of a judge of the International Court of Justice is:
a.5 years
b.7 years
c.9 years
d.None of these

13.Alliance among India, Germany, Japan and Brazil to support each other’s bid for permanent seat on UN Security Council is called:
a.Alliance 4
b.G 4
c.Big 4
d.None of these

14.The Iran-Pakistan-India gas pipeline is also known as:
a.Friendly Pipeline
b.Peace Pipeline
c.Great pipeline
d.None of these

15.The first parliamentary elections in Afghanistan were held in:
d.None of these (1965)

16.Which is the National Flower of Pakistan:
d.None of these

17.After ‘Pushtuns’, the largest ethnic group in Afghanistan is:
d.None of these

18.The capital of Argentina is:
c.Buenos Aires

19.Which is the largest country in Africa:
d.None of these

20.Name the currency of Sri Lanka:
d.None of these

I will soon post the solved mcqs of 2010 css current affairs paper also.

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Afzal Qambrani
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Thanks for the provided data. It really matters and is highly appreciated.
Do you have any idea about the syllabus for the upcoming NTS test regarding the post of asst. director?
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