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Old Friday, June 03, 2016
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Default Repeated Questions of Pakistan Affairs

Personalities and Reformist Movements

2015 - Describe the services of Shah Waliullah for the renaissance of Muslims in India.
2015 - Discuss the main events of the Faraizi Movement. In what way did it arouse awareness amongst the Muslims of Bengal?
2015 - Examine the services rendered by the Ulema and Mushaik in the freedom movement of Pakistan.
2009 – State the reasons Sir Syed advanced to the Indian Muslims to eschew politics. To what extent he was successful?
2009 – “The Ulemas of Nadwa attempted to make a synthesis of Modernism of Aligarh and Conservation of Deoband in their syllabus.” Examine. (Also asked in CSS-2002)
2006 - Why Sir Syed had opposed the Indian National Congress and to what extent he was successful?
2005 - The net impact of Sir Syed Ahmed Khan’s contributions was the Separatism that led to the creation of Pakistan. Prove.

Events of Freedom Movement

2015 - Shimla Conference 1945 failed to achieve anything and to break the deadlock between Congress and All India Muslim League." Critically analyze.
2015 - "Quaid-i-Azam was a great Constitutionalist." Elucidate.
2014 – What circumstances led to the partition of Bengal in 1905? How it affected the Hindu – Muslim and Hindu – British relations?
2014 – Discuss the circumstances which led to the conclusion Lucknow Pact 1916?
2014 – The Congress Rule in the provinces during 1937-39 provided an opportunity to All India Muslim League to re-organize and re-activate. Discuss the Congress Rule in the provinces and its impact on the All India Muslim League.
2014 – Critically examine the Cabinet Mission Plan 1946 and its proposals.
2014- Why did the Indian Muslims demand the right of separate electorate?
2012 – Analyze the factors which resulted in the creation of Pakistan.
2009 – Highlight the main features of the Cabinet Mission Plan. Could Pakistan emerge a more viable and strong state under this scheme? Discuss its pros and cons.
2009 - The Quaid-e-Azam was against the performance of “a surgical operation” on the provinces because such a step would be a dangerous proposition and would “let loose terrible forces”. In the light of the statement, discuss the division of the Punjab and Bengal.
2009Shimla Deputation was “not a command performance”. Do you agree? Discuss.
– “The Lahore Resolution enabled the All India Muslim League to embark upon an effective program which culminated in the establishment of Pakistan.” Discuss.
2006 - The agitation over the partition of Bengal was a provincial rather than an All-India issue." Do you agree? What was its impact on the course of Indian Nationalism?
2006 - Nehru Report created more problems than solving the communal issues." Elucidate.
1996 – Critically examine the role of Allama Iqbal in the Socio– political rejuvenation of the Muslims of the Sub-continent.
1994 – What was the Cabinet Mission Plan? Was it in any way an acceptance of the demand for Pakistan?
1994 – Evaluate critically the causes and effects of Nehru Report. In what way was it different from Jinnah’s fourteen points?
1994 – Illustrate the main features of the Government of India Act, 1935. Review its significance in the constitutional history of the subcontinent.

Post-partition Events Development/ Constitutions/Issues/Problems

2014 – Examine the difficulties in the establishment of an Islamic Order in Pakistan after Independence.
2014 – Discuss economic, political and linguistics problems which the government of Pakistan had to face after Independence.
2012 – Discuss the two major problems faced by the Government of Pakistan soon after Independence.
2009 - The Indian Government is “upholding one theory regarding Junagadh with one part of the library and the opposite theory of the Kashmir with the other part of the library.” Explain the paradoxical stand of India on Kashmir on the one hand and Junagadh, Manavadhar, Mangrol etc. on the other.
2006 - Can the Objective Resolution be termed as Magna Carta of Pakistan? Give arguments.
2005 - Spell out the Islamic provisions of the 1973 Constitution of Pakistan.
1996 – Critically analyze the factors which contributed to dismemberment of Pakistan.
1996 – Briefly trace the constitutional development in Pakistan. What are your views on 1973 with or without eight (8th) amendments?
1994 – Give an analytical account of Islamization in Pakistan.
1994 – Review the causes of the dismemberment of Pakistan in 1971.
1994 – Do you propose a presidential system for Pakistan? Develop your arguments by keeping in mind the past national experience in the process of solving constitutional problems.

Ongoing Problem/Issues & Developmental Projects & Civil Military Relationship

2012 – What are the factors that have deterred agricultural development in Pakistan at the desired place? Suggest remedial measures.
2012 – Discuss the various dimensions of Pakistan China Relations and how it could be further strengthened?
2005 - Describe the reasons that led to the Pakistan Army plunging into politics, time and again.
2005- Un-planned population growth is the root cause of problems relating to health, education, shelter, law and order, unemployment and environment. Discuss.
2005 - Discuss the socio-economics and political dimensions of Baluchistan crisis.
2005 - Politics of opposing the utilization of untapped water resources by constructing Kalabagh Dam can be defused by developing the political consensus. Comment.
1996 – Pakistan is confronted with serious economic crisis. Analyze.
1996 – Evaluate forth coming general elections in Pakistan.
1996 – Explain the causes of political instability in Pakistan.

Land, Geography, Resources, Climate, Culture, Federation of Pakistan

2015 - Discuss the importance of the strategic location of Pakistan.
2015 – Discuss briefly the geographical features and the natural resources of Pakistan.


2015 - Analyze the main determinants of the Foreign Policy of Pakistan.
2012 – “While refusing foreign aid, measures have to be taken for reducing un-necessary expenditures and generation of additional resources for achieving the goal of self-reliance.” Discuss.
2006 - There is an “unbridgeable gulf between Hinduism and Islam and their followers existed together in the same land for hundreds of years like two streams which continue to unparalleled to each other indefinitely, without ever becoming one body of water”. Elucidate.
2006 - "Pakistan is a rich country where poor people live." Explain.
2005 - “In the USA-Pakistan relationship of mutual dependence, Pakistan’s obligations are substantial while American ones are minimal.” Analyze.
2005 - What are the merits and demerits of establishments Education Boards in the private sector for certification of secondary and higher secondary education in Pakistan.
1996 - Some consider independence of Kashmir as third option. Analyze its merits and demerits.
1996 – Critically analyze the role of bureaucracy in Pakistan.
1994 – Keeping in view the history of freedom movement, highlight the main attributes of Pakistan’s Islamic Ideology.
1994 – “An ideological state should have an ideological foreign policy.” In the view of this statement, outline the main foreign policy objectives of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. To what extent the various governments of Pakistan have been successful in achieving those objectives?

Short Notes

2012 – Energy Crisis in Pakistan, Pakistan is a rich country where poor people live, Eighteen Constitutional Amendment and the issue of Provincial Autonomy
2006 - Problems of industrialization in Pakistan and their solution, Pakistan's relations with Saudi Arabia.
1996 – Write a critical note on Pak-US relations, Short Note on Indus Basin Treaty
1994 – Short but Comprehensive Essay on Muslim Nationalism as against Secular Nationalism.
1994 – Khilafat Movement, Shah Wali Ullah, Muhammad Ali Bogra Formula, Kashmir and The U.N.O, Policy of Privatization

This Plan is prepared with the help of all the Pakistan Affairs past papers of PMS.
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