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sib mah Tuesday, November 03, 2015 08:01 PM

psychology lecturer
well i certainly do not have any hope to clear up in interview but neither did i had after giving the paper.........

sajjad ali took my interview
sajjad ali (SA): so introduced your self,............ acha tw ap mphil kr rahi ha tw thesis kaha ha? ............. (mei on purpose thesis nae lay k gae the, cuz many people told me jin k aik do din pahlay interviews hoye thy k ya tw thesis ko dekhtay b ni ha ya phr us mei phansa laetay hain:..............sir mera viva rehta ha is lye ni laye..........TW AP NAY MASTERS MEI KIA THA NA WO KAHA HA?......sir wo zara porana tha mei is lye ni laye........ BETA KHAYAL RAKHNA CHAYE NA YEAH CHEEZE AP K CV KO STRONG BNATI HAN R ACHA IMPRESSIION DALLTI HAIN................... i apologize sir

after these first 5 min i was like its over for me but i should answer there all questions at least.......

SA: so kindly tell us your mphil thesis complete topic ..........
he cut short my answer and said that we will go for findings later on ......... so ap college mei parhaye ge tw hamy zara demo tw dayn.........
i gave demo in english and after two mins they said oky now sit......

first lady member asked me: so did you provided cancer patients with short psychotherapies while you were doing research

how you measure motivation
difference between self respect and self esteem

next male member: what is detoxification
what kinda drugs you use during the treatment off drug addicts
what is relapse
kia relapse lye external factors he responsible hotay hain......

secnd lady member: what is the benefit of motivation
how you can maintain motivation in college level students
what is grouping in classroom and what are its benefits and how it helps in motivation

sajjad ali said ok thankyou beta but second female member asked that sir one last question from her .............. and she asked me what were your findings of mphil study...........

i said thankyou and leave

kindly give your views seniors
i am very disappointed and sad

Z Bokhari Tuesday, December 08, 2015 10:07 PM

Lecturer English
The duration of my interview at Lahore office was almost 25 minutes.

Q. Introduce yourself
Q. So u r teaching. F.A or B.A?
Q. Can you deliver a lecture here in front of us?
Q. Ok then deliver a lecture on Greek mythology.
Q. You are done with m.phil coursework, which courses did you study?
Q. What in post colonial literature?
Q. How is post colonialism shown in God of Small Things?
Q. How r the characters you mentioned affected by colonialism?
Q. But was not that division already a part of the Hindu society, the caste system etc?
Q. Define colonialism, post colonialism and post post colonialism
Q. What is diaspora?
Q. Does the diaspora have any effect on the western literature?
Q. What are binary oppositions with respect to post colonialism
Q. Do you think post colonialism actually exists in Literature?
Q. How?
Q. In spite of this why do the authors of the colonies write in the language of the colonisers? Why most of the post colonial literature is in English?
Q. Your favorite genre?
Q. Any particular writer?
Q. Do you think the contemporary writers have depicted their age well?
Q. Which contemporary writers have you read?
Q. How can you say that all of them do not provide a true picture of their age?
Q. Which works of Paulo Coelho?
Q. Isn't Veronica decides to die a portrayal of the problem of the contemporary youth?
Q. What about Brida?
Q. Can't those witches and rituals be symbols of something?
Q. Then what about Harry Potter? It's so popular among the children and adults
Q. What is your thesis about?
Q. Have you written your abstract?
Q. Can you tell what is the approx length of the abstract of a thesis?
Q. What are you exactly going to do?
Q. What is your source text?
Q. So by reading only 1 novel you decided that it'd be the source of your thesis?
Q. So the choice was not made by you
Q. Khulfa e rashideen kitne hain aur kon kon se
Q. 1 aur ko b baaz log include krte hain wo Kon hain?
Q. Tell full forms of these abbreviations

Hafsa2792 Thursday, December 10, 2015 07:11 PM

English lecturer
The result has come and im not selected. It came as a shock to me because i had high hopes after the interview in which all members seemed really interested.
The chairman asked me to introduce myself. I took my time and told them specially about my city and my interest in reading. He asked me about creation of universe and then how many planets are there? I said there were 9 but now 8 then he asked the names and said why pluto isnt a planet anymore? I said because its too far away and hasnt yet completed a single rotation around sun.
Subject specialists asked me about Iqbal and his philosophy which i explained to them with relation to existentialism. They moved it towards Milton and asked about his contributions and some questions from Paradise lost.
There was a woman who asked me to summarize the day.
To me, it felt really nice, comfortable and actually a nice experience. But the result has completely put me off.

hafiz mubashar Sunday, January 17, 2016 04:20 PM

[QUOTE=it is my style;904767]any idea?[/QUOTE]

Almost after 3 years if not earlier. Previously, seats were announced in 2012.

Hira78 Thursday, March 30, 2017 09:47 PM

Anyone applied for computer science lectureship ??
Kindly share past papers and experience of interviews if anybody attempted Computer science ppsc lecturer exams

attique777 Monday, June 19, 2017 02:37 PM

Just go through computer science (Mcqs) Master Level
[B]by Emporium Publishers [/B]

kimbhatti Monday, June 19, 2017 02:59 PM

I wonder why are people worried about interview even before appearing in written test....relax guyz forget about interview at this stage your milestone is to clinch higher marks in written test which matters the most in overall weightage......first try to clear test with flying colors ,focus on current affairs,gk and your master level syllabus comprehensively......interview is not a big deal if you have good academic record (throughout first div) coupled aith reasonable test score.....coz they judge your command on subject in test they don't focus much on subject in interview...interview is all about confidence self presentation and personality check....and from my experience i assure you its totally merit based on your hard work and luck....go ahead with positive mind you will do it inshaallah:) best of luck to all :)

Hijab Noor Friday, July 14, 2017 07:42 PM

you are css qualifier but applying for lectureship. why??

Malik Zee Wednesday, July 19, 2017 05:38 PM

Can any senior tell me about the written qualifying marks for English lecturer in 2015 induction?

Breezy Boo Sunday, August 20, 2017 02:26 PM

Any body please share interview questions of Computer Science Lecturer :confused:

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