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Default Past papers-political science

please if anyone has papers kindly share in this thread
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Define political science. To what extent can one be systematic in a study of political process? How " scientific" is political science? ---2012
Salam to everyone as From CCE-2020 onwards political science paper will be of 200 marks and comprises of two papers.Since Syllabus is copied from CSS so one can expect same paper pattern and questions as that of CSS from SPSC in this regard I am sharing past questions of 20 years distributed Topic Wise. This Tab is specific for Political Science Past Papers. If Someone has past papers of CCE (erstwhile PCS) of political science please do share in this tab



Examine the view that Hegelian spirit is nothing but evolution of human consiousness to the realization of political maturity for global human co-existence---2019
Short Note : "Life in state of nature was nasty,poor,brutish and short." (Hobbes) --2008
It is said that Hegal’s dialectic theory was standing on its bead but Marx has reserved it. Discuss this statement-2001
It is said that Hegel's dialectical theory was standing on its head but Marx has reserved it?. Discuss--2006

2) HOBBES / LOCKIE / Rousseau

What is the concept of State of Nature as given by Thomas Hobbes? Make its comparison with the Social Contract as presented by John Locke and Rousseau---2018
Compare and contrast the different political philosophies of Hobbes and Locke. How are these philosophies implemented in present day political systems and policy making---2017
Critically examine the concepts of Hobbes and Locke about `Social Contract.---2015
Critically analyse the Social Contract theory of Hobbes, Locke and Rousseau.---2013
Discuss Lockies's and Hobe's perspective on State of nature---2011
(2) "The natural rights of men are right to live,liberty and paoperty".(Locke)--2008
Short Notes a) LOCKE was the father of Modern Liberal Democracy-comment (b) Describe the basic features of Rousseau’s political philosophy.-2007
Compare the views of HOBBES,LOCKE and ROUSSEAU on Social Contract and Sovereignty--2005
Hobbes and Bodin are said to be the proponents of the theory of Absolutism. Do you agree? Give reasons.-2003
(a) Examine the nature of the contract expounded by Locke revolving in the establishment of the Civil Society. (b) How Montesquieu classify government? Which form he considers to be the best--2004
Right to revolt against the established government by Locke, if the former violates people’s trust, is antithetic, in some respects, to the social contract theories of other philosophers. Analyse the statement and explain in detail.--2000
Short notes a) Rousseau theory of general will--2012 (b) Appreciation and criticism of Rousseau’s theory of General Will.--2009

3) Montesquieu /Bantham and Mill

Examine Montesquieu's theory of separation of powers. Why he has been called "Aristotle" of eighteen century? Discuss.---2013
Montesquieu with all his faults and irregularities is the father of modern historical research." explain and discuss---2012
Examine Montesquieu’s theory of separation of powers. Why has he been called the Aristotle of eighteenth century? Discuss.--2009
"Nature has placed man under the governance of two sovereign masters, pain and pleasure. It is for them alone to point out, what we ought to do as well as to determine, what we shall do..... We owe to them all our ideas; we refer to them all our judgments and all the determinations of life". Bentham. Show how Bentham and J.S. Mill promoted pleasure-pain theory and under what nomenclature. Had this theory any historical ROOT as well as EFFECT on the political conditions obtaining in their homeland?--2000
State the grounds on which Mill advocated the freedom of individual's conduct.what limitations did he apply to this freedom?--2008
Short Notes : (a) Bentham’s `Utility’(b) Philosopher King --2015 (c) Bentham’s theory of Punishment.--2002 (d) Banthom's theory of Punishment -2006 (e) Montesquieu expounded his theory of separation of power to set forth the government organization in order to safeguard the political liberty. Explain.(f) Narrate those facts on which he has been called the Aristotle of the Eighteenth Century.2002


Give critical analysis of Aristotle's classification of Governments---2016
Aristotle was a REALIST and not an IDEALIST- explain w.r.t his theory of the Ends and functions of the state.--2007
Critically analyze the salient features of Plato’s Republic. Do you think that some of its features are valid, even today? ---2018
Critically examine the concept of "Justice" by Plato.---2014
Plato intended to build an institution for scientific study of politics and training of statesman." elaborate. ---2012
“Aristotle was great but not grateful student of Plato”. Comment. -2010
Discuss Plato’s contribution to the History of political thought.--2009
Plato intended to build an institution for scientific study of politics and training of statesman" elaborate--2009
Explain Plato's theory of Justice. How he tries to impliment it through educational system?--2006
Examine the main similarities and differences in the Political Ideas of Plato and Aristotle-2004
Plato’s Communism was, is and will remain impracticable. Critically examine this statement.-2003
Explain Plato’s Theory of Justice. How he tries to implement it through the Education System?-2001
Short notes :a) Platonic and Aristotlian paradigms-2011 (b) Show how Aristotle’s Organic Theory different from Plato’s Idealistic Theory of State.--2000

5) KARL MARX/ Machiavalli

According to Marx "the mode of production in material life determines the general character of social, political and spiritual process in life". Elucidate---2017
“Equal distribution of wealth”, explain this statement in the light of Marx’s philosophy.---2015
Marx's historicalmaterialism is the application of dialectical materialism to explian historical events processes and developments in society -explian ----2011
Is it correct to say that Machiavelli was an Apostle of power politics?---2016
Is it correct to call Machiavelli citizen of all states and contemporary of all ages”. Argue.-2010
Machiavelli enunciated the philosophy of Art of government for effective disciplineand stability in the satate. Analyse and discuss the basis of this philosophy in detail?--2006
As far Philosophers,they make imaginary Laws for imaginary Commonwealths".Elucidate this statement.--2005
Machiavelli enunciated the philosophy of art of the government for effective discipline and stability in the state. Analyze and discuss the basis of his philosophy in detail.-2002
Short notes : (a) Machiavelli’s Prince.--2000 (b) Marx's theory of Class Struggle -2013 (c) Political Philosophy of Karl Marx--2004



Write a detailed note on the concept of asbiah as given by Ibn-e-Khaldun. What is its significance in the progress and decline of nations?--2018
Discuss the upward and downward development of state, rulers and ruled in the socio-political thought of Ibn Khaldun.---2017
Discuss in detail Ibne Khaldun’s concept of `Asbiyah’.---2015
Ibn-e-khaldun perhaps was the first philosopher to realize the relevant importance of economics to politics. Discuss. --2012
How far is it true to say that Ibn-e-Khaldun perhaps was the first philosopher to realize the relevant importance of economics to politics? Argue.--2008
Discuss the place of Ibn-e-Khuldun in the history of Political Philosphy? --2006
."Ibn-e-Khaledun is called the Father of Political Economy".Discuss his views on Political Economy.--2005
Short notes : (a) Asabiya --2014 (b) Ibne Khaldun's concept of Asbiyah --2013 (c) Ibn-Khuldun’s stages in the development of the state. 2002


Discuss in detail the concept of "Raisul Awwal" by Al-Farabi.---2014
Al – Farabi must be placed among the proponents of the Theory of Social Contract.” In the light of this statement. -2003
“Farabi was much inspired by Plato in his setting of the Ideal City, or the Model State.” Discuss--2001
Farabi was in the truest sense, "the parent of all subsequent Arabic philosophers", so that its only natural that he is regarded by the Muslims as the ‘Mu’allim’-o--thani., the second Preceptor, the first being Aristotle. Explain.--2000
Critically appreciate Al-Ghazali's theory of khilafat---2011
AL-GHAZALI was the tourch bearer of the Muslim Rationalistic Renaissance. Analyse the statement in view of his status as a MUJADDID--2007
Enlist the quantities of Al-Ghazali’s Amir and detail account of his daily routine.-2002
Short notes : (a). Al-farabi theory of state--2012 (b) Ideal State of Al-Farabi--2010 (c) AI-FarabPs Concept of State--2004


Describe Al mawardi's theory of Imamate---2016
“Al-Marwardi brought constitutional theory of Islam in line with political reality of his time.” Discuss this with reference to his views on ‘Khlafat’ and Wizarate’. ---2010
Discuss the theory of Kingship as propounded by Nizam-ul-Mulk Tusi.--2009
The Imamate is established to replace prophecy in the defence of faith and the administration of the world". Elaborate this statement of Al-Mawardi with reference to his Theory of Jmarnate.--2004



Write a detailed essay on the principle of Ijtihad in Islam as given by Allama Iqbal. How it can be made possible in the modern age?--2018
What is the Islamic concept of State? Identify issues and challenges to the Islamic concept of state in the modern times.--2017
An Ideal Islamic State is bound to bring revolutionary changes in all spheres of human life.” Discuss--2010
Elaborate the characteristics of Islamic State. Give proper references from the Holy Quran and Sunnah.-2003
Keeping in view the concept of Shura in Islam, which system of government you suggest for an Islamic State – Presidential, Parliamentary or any other? Explain you answer in detail, especially with reference to the practical problems. --2001
Short notes : (a). Iqbal’s views on Ijtehad--2010 (b) Iqbal's concept of millat -2011 (c) Dr.Iqbal's concept of Ego (Khudi)--2005 (d) Explain Allama Iqbal’s Concept of Nationalism. Do you agree that it developed through a lengthy process of evolution?---2001

2) Nationality / Sovereignity/ Confedration/ Federation/ Fascism

Explain the concept of Nationality Distinguish between Nationality and Citizenship---2019
Discuss in detail the concept of sovereignty and explain its attributes.---2015
Sovereignty is the most essential element of state hood-explain wrt the differences in the nature of western and Islamic concepts of sovereignty.--2007
"If a determinate human superior, not in the habit of obedience to a like superior, receives habitual obedience from the bulk of given society,’ that determinate superior is sovereign in that society and that society-( including the superior) is a society political and independent". Austin. Critically examine the theory of sovereignty with reference to views expressed by thinkers in the 16th century.
What characteristics of society leads to adoption of federal form of government? How it can function successfully---2017
Globalization restrict the autonomy of state, generates domestic and social conflicts and inequalities.Discuss the interaction between globalization and domestic politics---2019
Explian Confedration How it is different from Federation---2016
Fascism generally flourish in countries with strong Nationalism and weak democracies.Discuss enabling conditions for facism with reference to germany and Italy---2019
How far is it true to say that the origin of the state lies in force? Discuss critically the Theory of Force regarding the origin of state---2019
What is Fascism and why it is considered to be the child of first half of 20th century events to place in Europe? ---2017
Short Notes : (a) The nature and emergence of 'Nation state' (b) Attributes of Sovereignty -2010 (c) Principles of Fascism-2009 (d) Merits of Federation.---2009 (e) Fascism VS Platonism--2005 (f) Discuss the principles of "Fascism" highlighting its historical background. --2004 (g) “In all federations there is a manifest tendency to entrust the central governments with a wider and wider sphere of authority.” Analyze the statement and discuss in detail.--2002(h) Differentiate between Federation and Alliance.--2002 (i) “Communism is inimical to democracy, freedom and actual rights.” Critically examine the statement. --2002 (j) What are the salient features of communism? Briefly explain.--2002

3) Rights / Liberty /Will of Society

Define and discuss Liberty and its safeguards. Enlist the causes of decline in modern times.---2013
Define and discuss Liberty and its safeguards. Enlist the causes of its decline in modern times also.--2009
Liberty is described as power to do or enjoy something that is worth doing or enjoying in common with others." In the light of the above statement discuss the significance of liberty in the contemporary societies.--2008
Rights and duties are based on the principal of reciprocity?. Explain.--2006
Critically examine the most important theories of Rights as explained by different writers.(Minimum three--2005
Rights are conceived in different ways of various political philosophers. Critically examine the most important theories of right.-2002
How General Will of a Societyii formulated? Discuss in the light of Rousseau's interpretation, on the conclusions, characteristics and criticism of the Theory of Genera! Will-2004
Short Notes : (a) Rights and duties are two faces of same facets---2011 (b) Liberty-2014

4) Political Parties / Pressure or Interest Groups / Public Opinion/ Political Concepts

Compare and contrast the differing roles played by political parties and interest groups in making public policy---2017
Democratic Political system can not function succesfully without organized Political Parties.Discuss---2016
Discuss "Democratic Political System". How can it bring even change in the society.---2014
Give a brief account of historical evolution of Political Parties with reference to theories on the origin of Parties.Also enumerate functions of Political Parties.--2005
Define political parties and their functions. In your view, which party system is suitable for Pakistan's political system?---2013
Discuss the importance of Political Parties in a Modern state and assess, Their role as effective instrument of mobilizing Public Opinion.--2007
How public opinion is made and how it can be measured.----2015
Discuss organization & functions of pressure groups. Point out indicators of its effectiveness also.--2009
What are the agencies available for the formation of and expression of public opinion. Also Discuss the methods of influencing public opinion. Can public opinion be regarded as the 5th essential element of a modern democratic state?--2006
What are the agencies available for formation and expression of public opinion. Also discuss the methods of influencing pi hiic opinion.-2004
Discuss the "Political Culture". Also its importance.---2014
Unitarianism is the habitual exercise of supreme legislative authority by one central power. Bring out basic features of this form of state, giving examples and show that the District Devolution Plan, as an advanced form of local government, is not the initial step towards formation of unitary type of state in the country.--2000
Short notes :
(a) Pressure group--2015 (b) Political Parties -2003 (c) Pressure Groups--2003 (d) End of History --2016 (e) Totaliarianism --2016 (f) Women empowernment.-2016 ( g) Civil Society --2016 (h) Public opinion -2016(i) Social Justice -2014 (j) Oligarchy -2014 (k) Separation of Power ----2014 (l) Independence of judiciary-2013 1-views of marx on socialist revolution -2012 2-classical Liberalism---2012 ii. Opinion Polls--2010 (a) What are the powers and functions of an executive as a second great organ of the Government. -2004 (a) Discuss the three principles for constituting the Second Chamber in a bi-cameral Legislature. -2005 (b) Explain the doctrine of Judicial Review--2005 ii- Theory of seperation of Power---2006 ii) Mao’s views on Individualism.2009


Would you agree if it is stated that dictatorship is the only remedy for social, political and economic instability in a developing country?--2010
Examine in detail the principal advantages and disadvantages of parliamentary over presidentail form of government.--2008
In what circumstances might a democratic country turn to military dictatorship or totalitarian rule--2008
a) What are the essential pre-requisites for successful Federal System? (b) Point out the problems and prospects of local –self Government in Pakistan.-2007
Explain the general reasons of military interventions in politics in the developing countries of the world. What precautionary measures you suggest to avoid such situation--2001
What are the reasons for the increased activity of the state in modern times? Do you subscribe to the views that the failure of democracy in Pakistan is the consequence of misplaced priorities, determined by its leaders on the basis of their self-interest and prejudices against their opponents?2000
discus the principal advantages and disadvantages of parliamentary over presidential form of govt. With special reference to Pakistan--2012
Compare and contrast between Democracy and Dictatorship. -2003
What are prerequistes for success of democratic political sysytem of Pakistan---2011
The growing Judicial activism in Pakistan is clearly at the expense of parliamentary supremacy and soveireinghty critically analyze the statement----2019
What is the significance of independent judiciary in a democratic republic? Do you think that without an independent judiciary a system of checks and balances can be established in the government? Explain with appropriate examples--2018
Write a comprehensive note on power of judicial review and its limits in the context of Pakistan---2011
How far 18th amendemnet will transform existing federal system of Pakistan---2019
What is significance of Local Government System in a country? Discuss the reasons of repeated failures of the efforts in Pakistan to establish a stable local government---2018
How local self government strengthens democracy. Why this system is unable to work consistently and successfully in Pakistan? ----2015
(a) Write an essay on the structure and powers of the present local Government in Pakistan. (b) Point out its merits and demerits.-2003
Write a critical note on “Devolution of Power Plan 200”. Explain also its positive as well as negative points as compared to the previous system of local government in Pakistan.--2000
Short notes :
(a) Role of middle class in strengthening the democracy. (b) Violation of parliamentary values and traditions in Pakistan (c) Significance of religious harmony in a state.--2018
a) End of History --2016 (b) Totaliarianism --2016 (c) Women empowernment.--------- a) Civil Society (b) Public opinion .------- -2016
(b) Social Justice -2014 (c) Oligarchy -2014 (a) Liberty-2014 (b) Separation of Power ----2014
(i) Independence of judiciary-2013 (ii) Merits of Federation ---2013
1-views of marx on socialist revolution -2012 2-classical Liberalism---2012
Unitarianism is the habitual exercise of supreme legislative authority by one central power. Bring out basic features of this form of state, giving examples and show that the District Devolution Plan, as an advanced form of local government, is not the initial step towards formation of unitary type of state in the country.--2000
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PART A AND B Comparative and analytical study of political system

1) USA


Compare and Contrast the powers of Indian President with the American president---2018
To what extent is it true that the President of the United States is more powerful than the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (UK)? Justify your answer with comparative analysis.---2017
Discuss in detail the legislative powers of the USA President. ---2012
Examine critically the power of the President in the US Constitution.-2003
How was George.W.Bush elected as president of U.S.A in 2004? Explain the role of the U.S President as executive head of the state.--2008
Analyse the place of President occupies in the U.S political system today. Account for his supremacy in the Government--2007
Write down the election of the American President.-2004


The Senate of USA is the most powerful upper house of the world.Can you justify this statement? Explain your answer with regference to India and Pakistan---2016
The American Senate today is the most powerful legislative body in the world.---2015
Discuss the powers and functions of US Senate. Also explain the concept of Senatorial Courtesy.--2014
American Senate is "the saucer in which the boiling tea of the House is cooled".Elucidate.---2013
Discuss the powers of senate of usa. Also analyse ---2012
The Senate of USA is the most powerful upper hosue in the world.” Do you agree with the statement? Explain your answer with reference to the upper houses of India and Pakistan. --2010
The American Senate is like "the saucer in which the boiling tea of the House is cooled". Elucidate and make a comparison with the Senate of Pakistan under the 1973 Constitution--2000


How the system of checks and balances works in US political system explian with examples---2019
What is judicial review? Discus its impact on usa decision making process. ---2012
discuss the characteristics of American pol system.how it differs from that of Britain?--2006
Examine the role of Supreme Court in the evolution of the American Constitution.--2006
Discuss committee system in American congress and point out its demerits. Also compare it with British committee system.--2009
The most prominent feature of American Political System is its mechanism of “Checks and Balances”. Discuss its functioning.--2002
Examine the role of political parties both in UK and US in formulating public opinion on major issues in foreign policy making-2003
how system of checks and balances works in America?explain its working--2006
Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely’. Through what mechanism this has been prevented in the American Constitution?-2001

2) UK


Explain the evolution of British Monarchy with focus on gradual transfer of powers from the Monarch to the Prime Minister---2014
Discuss the position and powers of the British Prime Minister. How does He compare with the American president?--2007
The British P.M. is a shining moon among stars”. In the light of this statement discuss carefully the position and powers of English Prime Minister.---2015
The British Prime Minister is the "shining moon among the stars". Discuss.--2000


What are the principles on which British Cabinet is organized and functions.Also mention four occasions of Cabinet change---2011
Do you agree that sovereignty of the parliament is the dominant characteristic of British Political System? Explain in detail the role of British parliament.--2008
do u agree that cabinet’s dictatorship in uk has undermined the supermacy of the parliament?explain.--2006
Examine the fundamental Principles of British Constitution. Also discuss the nature, Powers and functions of the British Cabinet--2006
Comparatively discuss the Law-making process in the Parliament of Britain and Congress of United States.--2004
Explain how the British democracy is overshadowed by the cabinet dictatorship?--2010
Do you agree that British Political System is known for the cabinet’s dictatorship? Give your arguments for or against this idea--2002
Ministerial Responsibility is the cardinal principle of British democracy. Elaborate. -2001
The Cabinet is the "steering wheel of the ship of the state. It sets the direction of national policy in U.K." Examine.-2000
Write Short Notes on 10 a) Magna Carta



Discuss the executive powers of the french president in detail. ---2012
How is the French President elected? Give an objective analysis of the power enjoyed by the President. --2010
Discuss the Powers of the President of France under the Fifth Republic.--2006
Analyze the powers of the French President.-2001


Write the Composition, Powers and Position of the French National Assembly---2018
Discuss the salient features of Judicial system of France.How does it differ from that of Pakistan and India--2016
Describe the salient features of the judicial system in France.How it differs from that of britain?--2008
How is Party system in France is different to that of Germany? Discuss in details---2019
Analyze the role of political parties in the post 1958 political system of France.----2014
Enumerate the reasons for the downfall of Fourth French Reublic and discuss salient features of 1958 constituition---2011
Describe the main features of the French political system.-2007
The French politics is not as liberal as the Frenchmen claim. Discuss it in the light of the working of the French Political System.-2004
French System of Government is a model of highly centralized political system. Discuss.-2002
How local government functions in France? Discuss.--2009


A) MILITARY ROLE IN POLITICS and Turkish model of democracy

Critically Analyze role of Military in Turkish Politics---2019
Discuss the features of Turkish model of Democracy keeping the distinguished position of the Armed forces in in the Turkish Politics---2016
How secure is the future of democracy both in Iran and Turkey after the 9/11 incident? -2003
Discuss the role of Army in the Political system of Turkey.-2000
Write Short Notes on : (a). The predominance of the armed forces in the Turkish politics (b) Role of Ataturk in building up modern Turkey--2005


How Grand National Assembly of Turkey is elected? Discuss its powers and functions---2015
Elaborate the secular aspect of Turkish Constitution and objectively analyze its impact on Turkish society.---2014
Discuss the salient features of 1982 Constitution of Turkey.--2013
How Grand National Assembly of Turkey is elected? Discuss its powers and functions---2011


How political parties organize and function in accordance with Turkish constitution? Also enlist five major parties with names of their founding fathers.--2009
discuss ideological foundations of Turkish pol system--2006
Critically .evaluate role of political parties in Turkey.-2004


Analyse the role of Mustafa Kamal Ata-Turk as the first President of Turkish Republic with special reference to "six principles of kamalism" to modernize turkey on western pattern.--2008
Discuss SIX principles of kemalism as the basis of Turkish political system--2007
Mustafa Kamal’s political philosophy provides stability and ideological foundations to the Turkish Political System. Discuss it.-2002


explain the salient features of irans pol system--2006
Do you agree that we can present Iran as an ideal Islamic state of the modern age--2005
Examine the role of Islamic Consultative Assembly in shaping politics in Iran.-2004
Do you agree that we can present Iran as an Ideal Islamic State of the modern age?--2002
Write Short Notes on : (a) Guardian Council of Iran.--2018 (b) Rahbar in Iran's Constitution.--2015 (c) Role of "Leader" in the 1979 Constitution of Iran---2013 (d). Iranian Political System after the removal of the Shah of Iran--2010 (e) Islamic Revolution in Iran.--2001 (f) Islamic Revolution in Iran.--2000 (g)- Basic Principles of iranian Foreign Policy---2011


Discuss the salient features of Chinese Constitution (1982).----2015
Discuss the salient features of the constition of the Peoples Republic of China in comparison with the constition of former Soveit Union. --2011
How Political Parties is organized in China? Discuss the organization and functions of Communist Party of china---2011
Discuss the organization and the role of the communist part in the chinese political system.--2008
Discuss the role of Communist Party in the Chinese politics.-2001
Explain the Commune System of Peoples Republic of China. How it played role in Socio-economic development of the country?-2002
What are the main characteristics of the Chinese Political System--2005
Deng’s concept of “one country two systems” in China’s political system has succeeded in achieving Chinese National objectives. Substantiate your answer.--2007
A strong political system needs a very strong political economy". Prove this statement by making a comparative and analytical answer with reference to China and Malaysia---2017
Write Short Notes on a) Impact of Deng Xiaoping's reforms on China--2014 (b) National People's Congress of China (c) "There is no such thing as Indian Secularism",Discuss. ---2013 (d) Cadres scheme in Chinese political system. ---2009 (e) Communist Party of China.--2000


What is Supreme Soviet? Discuss its powers and functions.----2015
Critically analyze the nature of federation in former USSR---2014
Examine the Powers of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of USSR.---2013
what is Supreme Soviet? Discuss its powers and functions.--2009
Examine critically the factors leading to the disintegration of Soviet Union.-2003
Examine the principle of Democratic centralism in the Soviet Union.-2001


why Indian democracy is stronger than that any country in the region. Explain the reasons--2006
“India is a Secular state” critically examine and comment.--2009
Explain the sailent features of indian political system.--2008
“ The Indian Federation is rightly said to be a quasi-Federation having many elements of a unitary state.” Discuss.--2007
Coalitional government have made Indian democracy fragile and crucial. Substantiate.-2004
The President of India is ‘merely a figure head’. How far do you agree--2005
The President of India is "merely a figure head". Do you agree? Discuss.-2000
Write Short Notes on : (a) “India is a Secular State”. Critically examine and comment--20153 (b) Lok Sabha --2012 (c)--Impact on region latest visit of US President to INDIA---2011 . (d). The role of the President of India--2010 (e) Secularism in India--2001.

7)International Organizations

To what extent global economic institutions are indispensable pieces of global governance---2019
Discuss the basic norms of regional politico-economic integration and organizational structure of the European union.---2017
a)EU.--2016 (b)SAARC --2016 (c) ECO-2018 (d) Global Civil Society --2017


Explain the rise of Muslim nationalism in South Asia.What were implications of Nationalistic politics of Indian National Congress---2016
1-Factors responsible for evolution of Two Nation Theory --2011

1) Sir Syed Ahmed Khan

Discuss the role of Sir Syed Ahmad Khan in rise of Muslim National in Sub-continent---2015
Sir Syed Ahmed Khan, Allam Iqbal and Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah were forced by historical events to shift from their view of Hindu-Muslim Unity to Muslim Nationalism. Elaborate--2008
Examine the role of Sir Syed Ahmed Khan and Iqbal in promoting the growth of Muslim nationalism in India.-2003
Write Short Notes on : (a) Role of Sir Syed Ahmad Khan as a reformer--2010 (b) Role played by Sir Syed Ahmad Khan in the rise of Muslim Nationalism in the sub-continent--2009

2) Allama Iqbal

Iqbal is credited with creating idea of Pakistan Give your arguments---2019
Allama Muhammad Iqbal and Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah were the genuine leaders who led the Muslim nation towards success through their socio-political visions in South Asia. Discuss their community services rendered for the Muslims of the subcontinent---2017
Compare the concept of Millat and Territorial Nationalism by Iqbal.---2014- Paper 1
How Iqbal's wisdom helped in shaping the intellectual foundations of Pakistan?---2014
Discuss the Allam Iqbal's concept of "Khudi".-----2013 Paper 1
Examine the contribution of Allama Iqbal as a Philosopher and as a supporter of Muslim unity.--2007 Paper 1

3) Quaid e Azam

Do you agree that Pakistan was achieved by “Jinnah” through the “constitutional democratic process for the sake of constitutional democracy---2018
Discuss the Role of Quaid-i-Azam in creation of Pakistan.---2013
Explain the factors that transformed Jinnah, the ambassador of Hindu Muslim Unity, into the Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah of the Muslims. --2010
Discuss the’ achievements of the Quaid-i-Azam for the establishment of Pakistan-2000
Write Short Notes on : (a) Fourteen points of Quaid e Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah


1) Constituition

What factors contributed to the delay of Constituition making process in early years of Pakistan.Discuss in details--2019
Logically prove that 18th amendment of 1973 Constitution is considered to be the new social contract for provincial autonomy among the Pakistani political parties---2018
Discuss the Major issues during the constitutional making process in Pakistan in 1956, 1962 and 1973---2017
What are Political and Administrative implications of the 18th Amendement to the 1973 Constituition of Pakistan---2016
Give comparative analysis of the Islamic provisions of 1956, 1962 and 1973 Constitutions of Pakistan.---2013
Compare and critically examine the following under 1956, 1962, and 1973 (Reinstated in 1985 with amendments) constitutions of Pakistan--2009
Ayub Khan’s 1962 constitution was highly centralized and therefore ultimately responsible for creating political turmoil in the country. Discuss. -2003
Critically examine the Federal provisions of the Constitution of Pakistan.-2001
Discuss 18th amendment of pakistan.do u find the principle of social justice in this Amendment? ---2012
Write Short Notes on : (a) Reasons for the failure of 1956 Constitution.. (b) Islamic Provisions of 1973 Constitution of Pakistan. ---2015 .(c) Eighth Amendment.--2000

2) Judiciary

Compare and analyze the role played by Judiciary of pakistan and discuss future availibility of options in best interest of the state---2011
Discuss scope and significance of Judicial review.Offer your criticsm also---2011
Make a survey of the role of Judiciary in Pakistan as the Guardian of the Constitution --2007
Write Short Notes on : (a) Supreme court of Pakistan ---2012

3) Political Issues

What are major obstacles to the process of National Integration in Contemporary Pakistan? Suggest remedies for success of the process---2019
Examine the importance of national interest for “peace and security” with special reference to geostrategic position for economic opportunities of Pakistan in the 21st century. --2018
How far do you agree that the Political Parties and Interest Groups have established and demolished the political system of Pakistan? Critically analyze.---2017
What are the issues and problems of Federation in Pakistan? Discuss with reference to US federation---2016
What is provincial autonomy? Discuss its importance in true federation. ---2012
“Inspite of the provisions of provincial autonomy in the 1973 constitution there are Anti-Centre feelings in the federating units.” Discuss this statement with special reference to Balochistan and Sindh. ---2011
discuss the problems presently being faced by the federation of Pakistan--2006
Write down variables by which political culture has not developed in Pakistan.-2004
What are the major factors in your opinion responsible for the success of democracy in India and failure in Pakisan?-2003
Discuss evolution of Federalism in Pakistan with reference to its constitutional and political development from 1956 to date.-2002
(a) Gerrymandering ---2014 (b) Fundamental rights (c) social justice (d)Delegation of Powers.--2009 ( e) No. of seats in provincial Assemblies (e) Basic Rights. (f) Mode of Elections. (g) National Language. --2009

4) Foreign Policy Of Pakistan

Write down major determinatnts of Foreign Policy of Pakistan---2019
Write comprehensive note on the following: a) Foreign policy making process in Pakistan.
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