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syed rizvi Tuesday, March 20, 2018 09:25 PM

Planning Officer Science and Technology written test mcqs
Today spsc conducted written test for the post of planning officer (science and technology), planning and development department. Test was comprise of total 50 mcqs. I'm going to share the question which are still in my memory.
1. Synonym of Triumph
2. Father of modern digital computer
3. mughal emperor born in sindh
4. density of water
5. which carbon emits gamma rays
(carbon-12, carbon-13, carbon-14, carbon-15)
6. yellow sea connects which two countries
7. sound travels fastest in
(air, water, iron, vacuum)
8. cusec is the unit of
(area, density, mass, none of these)
9. which lense is used for long sight problem
(divergent, concave, convex)
10. owner of Insta gram
(yahoo, google, apple, facebook)
11. how many districts in sindh
12. largest fresh water lake in Pakistan
13. Antonym of pique
14. water waves are type of....... waves
(electro magnetic, longitudinal, transverse)
15. light pen is..........
(optic input device, electronic input device, optic out put device,
16. which of the following is an input device
(keyboard, mouse, card reader, all of these)
17. If a captain each time calls head in a five match cricket series. What is the probability that he will win the toss three times and loss two times
18........... has highest body temperature
(men, dog, sparrow, rabbit)
19. boiling point is.......... property
(physical, chemical)
20. Unit of electromotive force
21. device which converts chemically energy into electrical energy
(battery was the right option)
22. One question related to matrix and determinants
23. polio virus has shape of.........
(star, tadpole, rod)
24. which of the following statements is wrong with relation to virus
(I opted 'cannot be detected', not sure though)
25. calculator screen is........ type
(led, crt)
27. which of the following is the part of cpu
(keyboard, mouse, arithmetic logic unit)

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