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(Total Marks - 100)

  1. Individual, Culture and Society : Individual as a social product. The variety of social forms. Methods of socialization, Ethnocentricism, Norms and Values, Cultural Patterns, Varieties of sub-cultures.

  2. Sociological Theory : The sociological perspectives- Evolutionary, order and conflict, Evolutionary Theorists : Ibn-i-Khaldun Spencer and Tannis, Order Theorists: August Comte, Emile Durkheim, Max Weber, Conflict Theorists : George Hegel. Karl Mars. Lewis Coser, Mills.

  3. Methods of Sociological Research: Research Design, Surveys, Participant Observation. Experiments, Case Studies.

  4. Social Interaction : Significance of social classes. Forms of social classes-Tribes. Biradaris, Castes, Classes and Feudal system in Pakistan. Social Mobility-nature of social mobility. Mobility determinants in Pakistan society, Social immobility. Culture in poverty.

  5. Social Control: Mechanisms of social control-internal and external means of social control. Alienation, Integration-integrative pat terns in Pakistani Society.

  6. Social and Cultural Change and Social Policy Processes of Social and Cultural Change-discovery, invention, diffusion. Factors in the rate of social and culture change, Incentives and inhibitions to social and cultural change in Pakistan Social planning and directed social and cultural change.

  7. Community: The rural community, Traditional Characteristics of rural life, The urban community. Rural-Urban convergence, Urbanism, Future of cities in Pakistan.

  8. Social Institutions: The nature and genesis of institutions, the process of institutions, Functions and Trade of Social Institutions, Family, Religion, Educational, Economic and Political Institutions.

  9. Social Problems in Pakistan: Population Growth. Demographic Transition: Deviant Behaviour, Institutionalised evasions, social conflicts, internal and international Migration, Aging, Drug abuse, Prostitution. Smuggling, Illiteracy and Poverty.

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Suggested Readings

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Anthropology: The Study of Man Adamson Hoebel, E.
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Contemporary Social Problems Robert K. Merton
Contemporary Sociological Theories Pitrim Sorokin
Family in Asia Man Singh Das & Pahos D. Bardis
Ibn-i-Khaldun: His Life and Works M. Abdullah Enan
Master of Sociological Thought Lewis A. Coser
Pakistani Society M. Iqbal Chaudhry
Sociology Ogburn & Nimkoff
Strategies in Social Research Smith, H.W.
Sociology; Role & Relationship Everett K. Wilson
Social Problems Jon. M. Shepard & Voss
Social Change and History Robert Nisbet
Feudal System in Pakistan Nawab Haider Naqvi
The Sociology of Rural Life Lynn Smith, T.
The Sociology of Social Problems Horton & Leslie
The Sociology of Religion Max Weber

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