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Old Monday, May 27, 2013
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eshaaladan is on a distinguished road

Sir redmax please guide us, the new aspirants, and a little problem that l am facing here regarding your assistance, is that l can not open your “timetable” of different subjects, because my mobile browser is not supporting any PDF file. please help, as l am facing a great trouble in managing all subject accordingly. Thanx
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Old Tuesday, May 28, 2013
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Originally Posted by redmax View Post

I. Introdcution
II. State and the Individual
III. Israel and the International Aid Flotilla
IV. Executive of the State and his second fiddles
V. Media and the right to cover incidents
VI. Judge and a delinquent
VII. India, Pakistan and Indus Water Treaty
VIII. Conclusion

A few things are best said when left unsaid. Similarly, a few rights are best exercised when they are left unexercised. The right to a thing must only be put into effect when its auspiciousness is ensured. In case exercising a right engenders injustice and inequality, such a right may be banished prior to its implementation. In the same, one’s prerogative to a certain thing does not rationalize in itself for executing that right. On the contrary, not exercising one’s right may prove utilitarian as well as benevolent sometimes. The utility of a right lies in its tendency towards culminating healthy ends.

The exercising of a right can be right as long as it sticks the purpose of serving right cause. Any aberration in the outcome of exercising a right that may lead to deplorable results would be a violation of the sacred sanctity of rights itself. The right becomes wrong when it does not bring positive results. It also becomes wrong when it causes injustice, inequality and enmity among masses. What differs right from wrong is its ability to deliver justice to everyone irrespective of caste, colour or creed. It is however, very important that the application of a right must be on the basis of constitution or any other legal document. The carte blanche is by no means equipped with impunity. Thus, it is pertinent to contemplate whether or not it is right to exercise a right that one has over something or somebody.

State is an entity which derives it authority from its people. People willingly part with their freedom partially and let state secure their individual freedom by legislation while hey follow and comply with it. Thus, state gets the right to legislate and control the conduct of its citizens. Now, when a state disrespects this right and intervenes in individual’s freedom, as was witnessed in France when president Nicolas Sarkozy signed a bill that put a ban on wearing veil (Hijab) in public places. The Muslim women were particularly victimized by this law. This was an obvious breach of individual freeeodm and misuse of right to legislate. Such a right when practiced inappropriately becomes a blunder. It is there not always right to exercise a right only because one has the prerogative to do so.

Every state has the right to safeguard its territories. This right is observed under all circumstances. Nevertheless, this right does not endow any state to kill the interlopers that pass through its territorial vicinities, unless otherwise in a state of officially declared war. What the world witnessed on 31st May, 2010, in the international waters surrounding Middle East, the brutal assault of nine Turkish humanitarian organization representatives on board of a ship carrying aid to the hapless Palestinians, was a coward act disguised under cloak of “right to defend” its territory by Israel. This right does not extend to international waters under the text of International Sea Law. Consequently, this enraged the international community, exacerbated the bilateral relationships between Turkey and Israel and won condemnation of international community for Israel. The banishment of such a right could have saved Israel from disgrace. It is there true to assert that the right to do a thing does not mean it is right to do that thing.

An executive has this right to terminate an employee from the office. This right will stand valid as long its application bears some positive results. Where the results may not be in favour of masses at large, and to the contrary they serve the purpose of an executive only, the validity and the very spirit of that right dies out. The unjustified sacking of chief justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry by erstwhile president of Pakista, Pervez Musharaf, was blatantly an abuse of his right as an executive. While he had the right to sack anyone, it was out rightly not right to sack a chief justice to satiate his own own motives. This was rightly pointed out by the public and his restoration earmarked the blunder of an executive. Hence, it stands verified that the right to do a thing does not mean it is right to do that thing.

Media, in every country of the world has this right to collect information, cover incidents and broadcast them. Its role in disseminating information to masses is essential. Nonetheless, this right comes packaged with responsibility. This is to ensure that the media should not misuse this right. Conversely, the publication of caricatures of Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) in Dutch print media speaks volumes of their ill-treatment of the media’s rights. There is no right in any constitution of the world which legitimizes the sacrilege and exonerates the desecrater. Media’s right to inform public is manipulated and consequently chaos is created among the common people by such unethical deeds. To the bewilderment of sensible souls, the local media in Pakistan covered the tragic incident of Plan crash in the capital city, Islamabad, with insensitiveness. They did not even refrain from showing amputated organs of the fate-struck people who met their death in tragic incident. This obvious infringement of the ethical standards infuriated the kith and kin of those lifeless souls. Both Dutch and local media acted in patent oblivious of scruples and masked their mischief under guise of “right to cover incident” and “freedom of expression”. Nevertheless, their rights were squandered and were not meant to be applied here. For this reason, it stands substantiated that the right to do a thing does not mean it is right to do that thing.

Consider a delinquent appearing before the tribunal in a court of law. As per the word of law, the judge hearing the case has the right to proclaim the young offender guilty and sentence him to imprisonment, if evidence is found against the wrongdoer. The right of the judge to punish a convicted mischievous child, duly authorized by law, would only be right when delinquent is sent to a reformatory instead of penitentiary where he would turn out to be a law abiding citizen in the due course of time. On the contrary, if the delinquent is sent to prison, his criminal tendencies would sprout further putting his life in jeopardy. In this manner, the right of the judge would turn out to be wrong as it engenders deleterious end. It is therefore reasonable and wise to believe that the right to do a thing may be desisted if its likely to cause harm to people. Hence, the moot remains testified that right to do a thing does not mean it is right to do that thing.

The Indus Water Treaty (IWT) signed between Pakistan and India, mediated by World Bank to distribute the water resources between the two countries, authorizes India to build small dams on the rivers that pass from its territory. This accord endows India with the right to construct small dams on the rivers which upon entering Pakistan become Pakistani rivers. If India chooses to exercise her right and builds dams, it will deprive Pakistan of a few thousand cusec water per day. On the other hand, if India chooses to become a benign neighbour to Pakistan and realize the gravity exercising her right, it would save Pakistan from drought conditions. The crops and agriculture would then be least affected because of ample availability of water. As a corollary, India will then have prosperous neighbour with whom it can indulge in bilateral trade for the mutual advantage. Consequently, the region will rapidly progress economically. Thus, it is evident that not exercising one’s right can be more rational than exercising it, at certain times. Therefore, the statement holds the ground that right to do a thing does not mean it is right to do that thing.

The examples above quite vividly illustrate that one must avoid exercising one’s right when the omens elucidate it would not bring right results. The soul of the right is buried hundreds of feet beneath the earth when that right is exercised in right direction. A right must always be exercised for right purpose, at right time, in the right direction. Rights deserve right treatment to bear the right results. It is far better to refrain from exercising a right than treating it wrongly. In a nutshell, right to do a thing does not mean it is right to that thing.

an excellent piece of writing sir!
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redmax (Thursday, May 30, 2013)
Old Thursday, May 30, 2013
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Originally Posted by eshaaladan View Post
Sir redmax please guide us, the new aspirants, and a little problem that l am facing here regarding your assistance, is that l can not open your “timetable” of different subjects, because my mobile browser is not supporting any PDF file. please help, as l am facing a great trouble in managing all subject accordingly. Thanx
Help me locate the file by providing the link & i'll see what can be done.

@ Mods

Could you help him/her in this regard? Like converting the file into .doc or if it's in a compressed state, may be extracting it and putting it back in it's place?

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eshaaladan (Thursday, May 30, 2013)
Old Wednesday, May 07, 2014
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Your essay is off 1390 words as they need in css about 2500 to 3000 words .. but there is no strict rule for count of words , clearness , conciseness , style , grammar , exact quotations , exact phrases and to the point , clear definition and conclusion . For an essay you need plenty of information on the concerned topic .
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Old Friday, November 07, 2014
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1. Introduction
2. Misuse of rights at the International level
3. Misuse of rights at the national level
4. Misuse of rights at the individual level
5. Misuse of rights by media
6. Misuse of rights by clerics
7. Conclusion
1. Introduction
It is indeed a fact that rights are blessing only if exercised in a way that other’s rights are not violated. There is no constitution or creed that doesn’t ensure people to exercise their legitimate rights. Islam too, puts a lot of emphasis on the fulfilment of basic human rights. But, this doesn’t sanction a person to exercise his rights in order to violate other’s freedom. Israel may deserve the security of her people but not at the cost of the blood of innocent Palestinians. Likewise, people cannot resort to violence in pursuance of achieving their legitimate goals. Therefore, it is incumbent upon all and sundry to exercise their rights only if they have right to do it so.
As mentioned above, Israel cannot trample the peace of Palestine for the sake of the security of her people. But the persistent violation of human rights at the hands of a theocratic belligerent state has not compelled international community to condemn her in the forefront. Ironically, the Secretary-General of the United Nations justified the aggression of Israel by saying “Israel has the right to protect its people”. The question arises here that if Israel can enjoy this right of mutilating innocent children and women, then, is it not the right of Palestinians to fire rockets at the encroachers of their land? If the rights are left on the discretion of nations, there will be no rights at all. The international community must dissect the legitimate rights from illegitimate ones, so that the belligerent nations do not exercise their rights to subjugate others.
At the national level, the governments suppress the fundamental rights of their citizens while citing the powers endowed to them by the constitution. The use of state machinery is the prerogative of those at the helm of affairs, but they cannot use it for suppressing citizen’s democratic rights. The crackdown at the headquarters of Pakistan Awami Tehrik is a case in point. The eight hour drama, with the chief antagonist Gulu butt, and the brutal deportment of police, got blockbuster success in the local and international media. The eighty innocent citizens-including pregnant women and elderly- got bullets in the body and around twelve precious lives succumbed to wounds .The officials of the government of Punjab kept defending the action in the name of state’s prerogative to uphold order. This brings to light the fact that rights are valid only if they adhere to the rules of forbearance and justice.
Many people exercise their rights in a way that it is better if they never use them at all. It is the right of every citizen to ventilate their grievances through protests unless these protests are meant to spread violence. The energy crises in Pakistan has brought people to streets, who burn tyres, break glasses and damage public and private property in the most shameful manner. There is no denying the fact that it is their fundamental right to resort to protests, but there is no law that permits them to harm peace and order. This kind of right if sanctioned, will lead to the worst form of anarchy which the country can never recover from.
Media is the most vibrant tool in the modern age that ventilates the grievances of the masses to the men in power. Its main function is to produce honest reports and present events as they are. It is the right of media to enjoy freedom so that the honest reporting keep masses in touch with the state affairs. But, when in the name of freedom of media, media personals cross their jurisdiction and start interfering into the personal lives of the people, they do not promote freedom but despotism of media. The competition among different media groups has forced them to devise cheap methods of attracting viewers, engendering the culture of breaking news and the lack of credible reporting. Moreover, by hiding under the shadow of freedom, the media houses have been busy in pursuing the policy of setting the public opinion according to the ideology of their owners. The mud-slinging between Geo and Ary and their support for particular political blocks suggests the fact that the right of doing things does not justify its legibility. The independent reporting, unarguably, is a fundamental right but maneuvering of facts is not.
The custodians of religion-self-made scholars- are also in forefront in propagating wrong teachings in the guise of religion. They quote Hadith and Ayahs to justify their support for violence but little they realize that they interpret Holy Quran out of context. If they are to be left with the right that they boast of, the result will be sheer anarchy. Talban justify violence saying that they are entitled by God to fight heresy, though the religion forbids the killing of innocents. It is indeed not their right but mere a choice to kill innocents since the right no more remains a right if it bulldozes the very human rights.
To sum it up, it is crystal clear that mere rights do not entitle a man to do whatever he wants to, as the moral and humane considerations are to decide how legible a right is. No right is valid unless it adheres to the context, because one man’s right can be another man’s curse, just as the right of a country to protect her citizens doesn’t allow her to torment the people of the enemy nation. The real prosperty at international, national, local and individual levels is possible only if all the stakeholders can vye for achieving and enjoying their rights with respect for other’s freedom. This is the only way that can bring order in the nations and happiness in the lives of the people.
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essay, redmax

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