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Originally Posted by Asad Ali Afzal Mughal View Post
i am new at this forum. i am searching for help regarding combination of optional subjects. i have decided to choose Business Management, Mercantile law, History Of USA, Punjabi and Political Science. i am a finance graduate (Mba-Finance) from Hailey College of Banking and Finance. Kindly help me out.
I am also a business graduate. I have done M.Com and now doing M. Phil in accounting & finance. I have already appeared once in CSS exams. Let me try to help you in subject selection. You are intended to choose following subjects for CSS
1- political science 200
2- Us history 100
3- Punjabi
4- Business administration
5- Mercantile Law

Before choosing a subject see entire list of subjects and chose subjects in which you have background or subjects you find interesting. Than go through their syllabus completely. Than you can check scoring trend of each subject on this forum. Also keep in mind some subjects compliment other subjects. If you have done above procedure and than you have chosen subjects than you can move forward. Otherwise I suggest you to go through that process. I am saying so because subject selection is the most important choice you make for CSS.
Now lets decide optional subjects according to your choice.
1- In group 1 accounting/finance graduate have choice of accounting & auditing if they have sound command on these subjects and base was perfectly made in bachelors and commerce. If this is not the case, than you are left with two choices International relations or political science. Personally I have not chosen accounting and auditing since accounting subjects have always been like bet for me. One can get high arks but there is also risk of losing marks but just a simple mistake. I have decided so because I was excellent in theory subject and numerical subjects are not just my cup of tea. You can make your choice accordingly. If you want to chose between IR and PS in my opinion IR is much better choice. In recent exam, almost 50% of essay paper was related to current affairs. It is also helpful in US history and international law. Also, according to my evaluation scoring trend of IR is higher than PS. At the end it is your choice.

2- Us history in group 4- An excellent choice because this is the shortest history and it will compliment many subjects. Also most of candidates chose Indo Pak history. Although scoring trend in Indo Pak history is also high from past 2,3 years but this year I have seen majority has taken it as optional. Chose something different because if examiner check so many papers with similar facts and knowledge your paper becomes just an ordinary paper which leads to low marks so go for it.

3- Mercantile Law group 6: I had first decided to take this subject but later my mind was changed as there was no good book available according to new syllabus. For previous syllabus book of Khalid Mehmood Cheema for business Law was more than enough but now a lot of new topics have been added. Students had to download or get access to actual laws to prepare these topics unlike business law book which had many explanations with examples. One should chose this subject if he is excellent at cramming as in law subjects when you are required to write about acts you need to write as it is with act numbers. You can consider taking international law as it is comparatively easy with very high scoring trend and there are very few law acts in this.Also see past papers of mercantile law specially of 2016 and 2017 exam. Contract portion was no where to be seen in 2017 exam.

4-Business administration group 3. It has following sub subjects (marketing, management, financial management, HRM and operational & supply chain management) go through syllabus than make choice. Go through past papers of last 5 years. They give numerical questions 1-2 every years except in 2016. Theoretical question are not simple straight forward questions rather they are scenario based questions with applied knowledge. Go for it if your financial management is good and also if you can handle scenario based questions excellently. Otherwise from that group you can chose public administration which has many similarities with business administration but it has no numerical portion. In the past questions were straight forward and easy to handle.

5- Punjabi group 7: languages have always been excellent choice and are high scoring. Since you have taken Punjabi so I am assuming that you belong to Punjab. In other provinces students learn their regional language as subject but not in Punjab. It also has many accents but mainly six. Speaking Punjabi is a different thing and writing it is a different thing. You need to practice it a lot. Also a qualified Punjabi teacher is required to learn and practice this but your choice is excellent if you feel it is interesting and you can learn to write it. Interest in Punjabi literature is also important for that.
Other option you can have from this group is psychology which is very easy and interesting subject with good scoring trend.

I have given you analysis of subjects you have chosen with comparison to other subjects in same groups according to my knowledge. Opinion of others may vary from my opinion but I have tried to guide you up to my best knowledge.

There are few important points left.
Group 2- No subject according to your background and they cannot be learnt on your own
You have skipped group 5. If you wish to drop any other group due to any reason. You can always chose gender studies or environmental sciences. They are excellent choice as they can easily be prepared at home in 7-15 days.

Please go through complete syllabus of all subjects which you have chosen and also which I have suggested and make your choice rationally. Remember it is the most important decision.

You can change any of your optional subjects any time till you submit you application in Sept-Oct. After that FPSC does not allow to change subjects under any circumstances.
Good Luck.
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