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Surmount is a jewel in the roughSurmount is a jewel in the roughSurmount is a jewel in the rough

Despite being the smartest computer on the planet, our brains get exhausted and need time to recuperate and recharge.

With these fourteen easy-to-follow tips - that are based on scientific research from the past decade - youíll be able to achieve brain maintenance thatís so essential to staying smart.

1. Eat Almonds

2. Drink Apple Juice

3. Sleep well

4. Enjoy music you love

5. Play with your children

6. Run, bike or swim everyday

7. Fast for a day

8. Play scrabble or crossword puzzle

9. Learn a new skill or a language

10. Practice Yoga or Meditation

11. Reduce Sugar intake

12. Eat a light meal in the night

13. Control your temper

14. Take Vitamin B-complex
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