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Originally Posted by nismaakram View Post
i have to appear for the CSS exam 2018. Kindly help me with the books for general science and other compulsory subjects. is the General science and ability book by Mian Shafiq is good enough?
Compulsory subjects:
English Essay:
No book is required. Just practice one essay every week and get it checked from a competent teacher who should have experience of teaching CSS aspirants. Two things are important for essay i.e. concepts and grammar. 10 essay topics will be given in exams from different fields like current affairs, literature etc. See past papers you will get the idea. Select one topic from latest past papers or current affairs topics, gather material and start writing. See essay section of the forum to get guidance about writing essays. Many model essays are available on this forum. For grammar portion, I am going to guide you in English precis & comprehension section. Your teacher in Nova must equip you with knowledge to write essays and must check your practice work. Otherwise quit English essay classes there and get help from competent teacher who can help with that.

English Precis & Composition:
Buy following book:
English Grammar & Composition by Hafiz Kareem Dad Chughatai by Caravan publishers.
He has covered everything in his book and no other source is required. Practice exercises are also given along with past papers. Learn tenses, change of voice, narration and grammar so that it can help you with all the subjects as in CSS they check you English in pretty much all the subjects. Practice precis, translation and comprehension on weekly basis from past papers. Divide list words according to 6 months time. Leave rest of the time from January onward for revisions. Start memorizing the lists. Then revise them on weekly and monthly basis if you can.

Again buy book by Hafiz Kareem Dad Chughatai. He has written books in both languages Urdu and English. Choose in which language you are going to attempt.

Current Affairs:
Read daily dawn news paper
JWT monthly magazine
Current affairs by Waseem Riaz Khan by JWT for past topics

Pakistan Affairs:
Book by JWT. Latest topics will be covered in CA.

General Science & Ability:
by book by Mian Shafique of JWT publishers. For G.S portion it is enough. You can add extra info from internet on book if you want. For ability portion book is not enough. Some links have been recently shared on General Science & Ability section of this forum by senior members. Check them out and practice.
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