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Originally Posted by Zain 22 View Post
Currently, I am in 3rd Semester of BS-computer Science and I want to appear for CSS after completing my four year degree and I have decided to start my preparation from now on. Please, give me some expert advice, when to start my preparation. These are subjects which I have selected after doing research for some six months...

My selection:

Computer Science -200
Geography -100
Statistics -100
History of Pakistan and India -100
Psychology -100

Thanks in advance.
You have almost 2.5 long years before you graduate. Currently only scoring trend of CE-16 is available. Some subjects will remain high scoring forever but scoring trend of others last only for 2-4 years. You have 3 chances to appear before age of 30 so, appear only after complete preparation.
CS- Not a very recommended subject but you have background in it so, after going through syllabus if you feel you can tackle it then go for it. With well preparation you can fetch marks as high as 80% in it.
Stat. It is not a scoring subject and most of the students have failed to pass it and scores of those who have passed are not good. Also you cannot choose a single subject of 100 marks from group 2. 1 subject of 200 marks or two subjects of 100 marks each should be chosen by you.
Geography, Psychology and history of Pakistan & India are excellent choice. All are scoring but you can either choose Psychology or geography as both lies in same group.

For replacing statistics and Geography or Psychology:
You can choose P.A from group 3
You can choose subject from 5
You can choose subject from 6

You can also wait for next result for choosing subjects if you are confused at the moment and you can expected the result in 1st week of Oct.

Meanwhile you can do following things which will help you in the long run.
Start preparing English. Learn basics first like vocabulary, grammar, all lists etc. After that you can start other portions like precis, essay etc.

You should start reading daily dawn and JWT monthly magazine at least. You can also read other national and international newspapers, magazines, journals, articles etc as well. They will help you in learning CA, PA, English and writing styles etc.

You can prepare other compulsory subjects as well. Leave optional subjects for now at least.
You can make your own comprehensive notes for extensive practice as you have ample time. Later you can convert them in outline notes easily. Do not ignore your studies and prepare for CSS only in extra time because you have intentions to attempt CS.
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