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Question Help- Change in Home Address. How Am I going to Receive Documents from FPSC?

Dear Members
As salam O Alaikum may ALLAH help us all ameen. I would like to ask a question about a change in home address and I am looking for some serious guidance. Suppose, if a candidate has passed the written or viva, or he/she has cleared the interview, then how that candidate is going to be informed if he/she is not present on the address mentioned on all the documents of CSS forms? In case the candidate has shifted his house by selling the existing one or went on rent somewhere else but in the same city. Will the fpsc site is going to help in anyway, like printing the copy from the website, like there was an option to download admission slip from the website, if not received by post? And what about the change in TOWN, for example, if the candidate was living in EAST town of the same city when he/she applied and filled the CSS form, but now the candidate is living in SOUTH town of the same city. In both the conditions, the city is same as mentioned in the DOMICILE AND PRC, but the current address is not according to them.
Please, I request you all to guide me as I have asked two things in the same row. I will be very thankful to all the helpers.
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