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Default New Links for Audio Lectures on Journalism/Mass communication

hello Friends,
after a long time, i m back on the forum, some friends have asked me to reupload the lectures on Journalism/Mass Communications by Dr. Mehdi Hassan, so the lecture are in video format but i have to encode them into audio for easy uploading and downloading pruposes. i hope some people will have some knowledge from these audio lectures.
Sorry friends, i had to encode the video lectures because they had really big size to be uploaded. my net speed doesn't suport such haevy files for upload. and you'll definately feel a low audio quality, anyhow i have tried my best to provide these lectures to the candidates want to appear in CE examinations. well, as i don't have any premium account on, that's why these files will remain active for 21 days after their last download. so if they wont be downloaded, they will deleted. any one interested in these lectures, should download them as soon as possible.

megaupload is a free file hosting server, for downloading from this site, if you use Universal Download Share, you will be able to resume your downloads, other wise megaupload does not support resume feature for free users.

i m uploading this tool, if any one is interested, it can be used to download from and many more free file hosting servers.
i didn't upload these files on Rapidshare because R.S. deletes file after 10 days and megaupload does so after 21 days,
so have fun.
this is the 1st cd, remaining CDs are in uploading process...., the links will be here as soon as uploading process finishes.


CD 1
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