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Originally Posted by Lunatic bird View Post
Hey Bro, take a break.
U r going absolutely irrelevant.
First of all,I have no idea what made u draw that sketch. It's whimsical,anyways.
Subjects which u put in scring list have been low scoring in past.islamiat,applied maths nd geography proved nightmares.Many failed in thses subjects.Those who sailed through in these subjects ,most of them scored in between 60s and 80s. A few lucky people crossed 90 nd 100.
In ur moderate subjects chart,commerce remained low scoring.While,law,indopak,Sindhi yielded high scores.Psycholgy,eu.hsitry nd pool siences were average.
Why do u think sociology nd public ad would be disastrous?
Sociology is my optional ,it fetched me 100+ in poor nd unfortunate nul nd void attempt.The level of paper was not higher than that previous one.Same is true for public add. By d way,if content of a question is lengthy it doesn't mean the question would be difficult to answer.
And it is unfair of u not to give some place to the subjcts like Islamic histry,Persian language,arabic which can bring significant score.
To me, either G.k or English is going to be axed this time around.
There is no hard and fast rule in rating the subjects. But Considering the difficulty level and unexpectedness in questions, we can easily analyze the scoring trend. Don't you think there are viable differences between the current and previous papers? As far as Geography and Commerce papers are concerned, please have a looke at the questions, most of the questions are like that of mathematics; I mean if you attempt them well, will fetch maximum marks unlike history and languages. Some topics are open to discuss in Sociology and Public Administration. If checker does accord, will award auspicious score and if not, can give low scores with sinking colours. Sociology paper is far difficult than that of last year because of its applications in the current trend. If you are good at discussing things with theory and application by incorporating the current examples, you will attain good score. Every candidate has its own level of intellect. You seem to be extra ordinary candidate and will get targeted scores.

I agree that Gk can be butchered but chances of aggregate failures are greater. English composition was not that difficult. As compare to previous composition paper, many candidates think that it was more easy except some idioms and adjective questions. So we can not rate English paper as slaughtering since the passing marks are just 33.

SPSC can play its filtering role in essays. They can fail candidates if not followed the directions. Most of the candidates have not given outlines in essay papers. So essay can be slaughtered as well.
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