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Default Sharing for the guidance of future aspirants (PMS 2016 Interviews)

First Interview on 7th September, 2017
1. Hobbies.The last book I had read author and the main characters. Why I wanted to join PMS?
2. Circular debt
3. Why we are suffering from energy crisis, why didn't the govt. do any preplanning
4. What happened on 5th July?
5. What was inflation? What was purchase parity index
6. How could we ensure tax payment
7. When was Tarbela dam completed?
8. Which country has the highest IQ and sources of energy
9. How much energy does a thermal plant give and a hydropower project
11. Cognizable Offence
12. Rousseau was French writer, philosopher of 18th century. He wrote "Social contract theory". Emile is the best book of him.
13. Hegel was German philosopher of 19th century and an important figure of general idealism.

14. FCR
15. Cuban missile crises
16. hot line: Hotline is a telephonic direct link/line during war between the two waring state arrmy head's mean generals
17. LON (League of Nations)
18. Law of Seas
19. plea bargain. Plea bargain is accused's request to NAB for settling down corruption charges by paying back illegal money
20. plea of alibi criminal procedure code substantive or procedural law?
21. syrian crises
22. burma issue
23. In IR and DSS the term proxy means a smaller, weaker (sometimes called a rentier state) fight in behalf of a stronger n bigger country for more than one reason. A proxy is a state, group (could be a Non State Actor) which fights a war for the following purposes. To Gain Importance n Recognition via building deterrence against any other state. For Financial Benefits. For Regional hegemony. On the directives of the major Powers; Greater power engages small States in Proxy wars to avoid collateral damage or even partial damage , Avoid bringing bad name to themselves, Avoid unnecessary military engagements to insure deterrence.
24. The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting. Sun Tzu
25. Major Failure of UN and IAEA.
26. Difference between Hurricane and Tornadoe.
27. What is galaxy?
28. What is sound barrier?
29. Why planets rotate anticlockwise?
30. Why doctors says do jogging in anticlockwise direction?
31. What is the structure of provincial governance?
32. What do you know about local governance?
33. Who succeeded liaqat Ali khan as PM?
34. Year of laiqat Ali khan's death?
35. What is the number of current PM?His name?His previous ministry? He is prosecuted under which cases?
36. What is the structure of health deptt.

37. Reasons behind civil war with Syrian context.
38. Sovereignty; is it a real phenomenon in today's politics
39. Is there any any threat of civil war in Pakistan?
40. International war and territorial water.
41. What is Constitutionalism
42. What is Nationalism
43. Difference between realism and idealism
44. Special Economic zones of Pakistan.
45. Information about the city of Peshawar
46. Where The Island of Malta is situated?
47. What is the aftermaths of Afghan Refugees on the city of Peshawar.
48. Total energy consumption, energy production, energy short fall? Average energy consumption is 17000MW Shortfall oscillates between 5000 to 6000 MW. Total installed capacity is 25100MW. Thermal production 14,635MW (64.2%). Hydal production is 6,611MW (29%). Rest is nuclear + renewable etc

49. Who succeeded Liaquat Ali Khan as PM of Pakistan? Khwaja Nazim Uddin
50. From Future security point of view of the state,what do you think is the most lethal threat to the state of Pakistan; Sectarianism or terrorism?
51. Why do you want to join PMS?
52. Why recent BRICS statement is alarming for Pakistan
53. Haji Sahib Torangzai
54. When and who founded Edwardes College
55. Direct and Indirect tax
56. Debt.
57. Syrian Crisis

58. What is happening around the world with regards to Syria and Yemen
59. What is happening inside Pakistan
60. Is there any political instability
61. Fiscal deficit
62. Yemen Crisis
63. Burma Issue
65. Irma Hurricane: Hurricane Irma is a weakening tropical cyclone that recently made landfall in the U.S.state of Florida as a major hurricane, and was the most intense Atlantic hurricane observed in over a decade.
66. The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) connects Xinjiang province in northwest China with the deep-water Gwadar port on the Arabian Sea in southwestern Pakistan.
67. Where is Malta located?
68. Constitutionalism
69. Totalitarian form of government
70. Ecuador
71. Your father name is misbah,what does it mean?
72. International law is a law or not?
73. What is constitutionlism?
74. What is the diference between fiscal policy and monetry policy?
75. What is baget defict?
76. Who is dalai lama and what was his current statment?
77. Location of burma?
78. Difference between thermometer and barometer?
79. What is e=mc2?
80. What is sericulture?
81. Who would you compel a person to come to Peshawar?
82. What is the difference between red warrant and black warrant?
83. What is the difference between fair trail and due process of law?
84. Introduce yourself.
85. Why should we consider you?
86. PMS is short for?
87. Your favorite personality. Why is he your favorite?
88. Which American president do you think was better than others and why?
89. Why KP budget expires ?
90. What is neorealism?
91. Difference between Leninism and Marxism?
92. Is problem in Burma only to Rongyas Muslim or all Muslim living their?
93. Cuban missile crisis?
94. In the line of fire is written by?
95. Who destroyed Somnat mandar?
96. Asylum vs extradition
__________________________________________________ ___________________________________

97. Donald Trump and his policies fo r pakistan n howz he different from other US presidents
98. financial statements and difference btw tangible n non tangile assets .
99. Which US president had good relations with Pakistan?

100. Why state collect taxes?
101. No taxation without representation, what does it mean? Do you support it?
102. 2nd mem. Are you satisfied with present system? Does it need reforms?
103. 3rd mem asked about my village
104. 4th is our foreign policy existing? What should be our priories in its formulation?
105. 5th name of pm? Where is he now for what purpose? Difference between UNSC & UNGA? reforms needed for it? What should be the reforms? Stance f pak on reforms?
106. 6th Kashmir issue?
107. Again farid sir asked kia ye taqsim hind ka namukamal agenda hy?
108. why we don't give autonomy to azad kasmir
109. Regarding pol.system. 1. Are you satisfied with it? 2. What reforms you seek?
110. 3. What are challenges
111. I was asked that a militant contested election in NA 120 who's responsibility it was to stop such elements
112. Why other candidates didn't challenge his candidature?
__________________________________________________ ________________
113. -A few questions about the area i belong to
114. -Discussion about peshawar and how it used to be a prosperous city. Will Peshawar regain its lost place with Cpec ?
115. -How should we voice our concers about cpec to Islamabad ?
116. -Organisational structure of district, province and federal govt
117. -If someone was to come to Peshawar where would you take him ?
118. -If there was juice shop named 'sharabi juice shop', would it be a good introduction of Peshawar?
119. -What landmark would you recommend to visit for someone coming from outside of Peshawar?
120. -Being a business graduate, what would i need if i were to start a business? (7-8 questions about starting a business and liquidating it)
121. -Winter depression, summer depression and moonsoon
122. -Since you are working in State bank, tell us something about the economy of Pakistan.. counter questions about exports etc
123. -Are you aware of the functions of Kppsc ?

124. -What do you think its mission statement should be ?
125. -what is HDI ?
126. -Whose brainchild was it ?
127. what do you know about monopoly control authority and competition commission of Pakistan?
128. Pakistan foreign policy and sustainable development
129. Great depression and 2008 global financial crisis
130. Sensationalization of Breaking News
131. Marketing
132. Problems of Pakistan
133. Pashto Pronounciations
134. Trade and Commerce
135. Mission statement of KP PSC
136. Black Friday
137. Black Tuesday
138. Circular Debt
139. Periscope
140. Refraction
141. Land Marks of Peshawar
142. Reforms for Pakistan
143. Mismanagement in Pakistan
144. Meaning of your name
__________________________________________________ ___________________________________

145. Which queen helped Columbus in his voyage?
146. Difference b/w sociology and anthropology.
147. What is theology?
148. Area profile.
149. What is genthrology
150. Donald trumph policy on free trade.
151. Relate a story of hazarat umar and hazrat bilal.
152. Real name of king shahjehan.
153. Barometer and thermometer.
154. Remittances
155. Foreign exchange reserves.
__________________________________________________ _____________________
156. Engr. Kashif Interview on 25th Sept,2017 (Angela Merkel elected for the fourth time)
157. Society, culture, middle class and upper class difference
158. how you will recognise middle class person and how much earner will be middle class.
159. To be a member of the middle class in 2015, according to Credit Suisse, a Pakistani adult must have wealth of at least $14,413.
160. about terrorism and deradicalisation in swat related to my job and why in swat terrorists were supported,
161. what happened in Germany
162. are their any radical parties in germany,
163. in NA 120 two Islamist party got vote name them and how you would do deradicalisation of such parties and what if govt supports them etc,
164. how many planets are there name them which one furthest
165. is pluto still consider planet l
166. eap year
167. foreign reserves and where it lies,
168. regulatory bodies how many like pemra nepra etc
169. 18 regulatory bodies in Pakistan like SBP, SECP, CCP, PEMRA, NEPRA, OGRA, CAA,PPRA, PEC, PNC, PMDC, Drug regulatory authority etc.
170. Who was Bismarck
171. Who is Iron Lady
172. Optional: european history muslim law sociology journalism and pushto
__________________________________________________ ___________________________________
173. Dr. Sadiq interview
174. Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology, Stroke prognosis and its rehabilitation
175. WHO
176. Life expectancy in Pakistan
177. Aged people population ration in 2050.
178. Civil War
179. Great Depression
180. Story of Karbala
181. Sacrifice of Hazrat Ismail A.s
__________________________________________________ _________
182. As I entered Chairman said Haseen Ullah from Peshawar. You’re from Peshawar, you must love Peshawar. There was a song about Peshawar, what was that? (Pekhawar khu Pekhawar day kana. Then a 10 min debate on Peshawar’s issues, its solution… etc
183. A verse of Rehman Baba that have lesson for the current adverse situation governance like corruption, transparency etc…. (delta dam ao kadam dwara pa hisab de…… da shair me zehan ta ralo bus warta me owailo; bia me justify ko, chairman appreciated it)
184. As I belong to bahadar kaly, that’s why there was almost five min debate on Rehman baba.
185. My father name is Shah Jehan, it led to an extensive debate on Mughal emperor Shah Jehan; his full name, reign, did he married his sister, why they spent money on unnecessary buildings, then there were cross questions related to Taj Mahal etc.
186. Then I was asked the role of opposition leader in NA, current debate about Opposition leader and why Imran wants to replace him?
187. Being electrical engineer they asked me questions regarding Energy crisis, technical solutions to solve it. Then electricity theft related questions… then contribution of Tesla in electrical Engineering. There was many cross question here but Alhamdullah I Managed.
188. There were some GK questions like, explain GMT, Countries near/ at the bank of Mediterranean Sea, Chairman NAB Name etc.
My optionals were Journalism, Sociology, Public Ad, Pashto, Intl' Law and US History.
__________________________________________________ _________

I did BS in biotech and MA in IR.Optional were: philosophy, agriculture, international law, us history and pushtu
189. My interview totally revolved around latest research and products of biotech, pakistan foreign policy, and sustainable development.
190. They asked me about great depression and 2008 global financial crisis as well.
191. What are weaknesses in pak foreign policy?
192. Even china has changed its stance on pak?
193. About biotech?
194. Its latest products?
195. Are they good for health?
196. Problems of pesh?
197. My recommendations regarding traffic, polution?
198. Discussion about billion tree tsunami?
199. Greenhouse gases?
200. Possibility of mass transit and underground train in peshawar?
201. Effects of global warming that we are witnessing?
202. Global financial crisis of 1928 and 2008?
__________________________________________________ ______
Zeeshan Ahmad Interview
203. Any source of inspiration for joining civil services?
204. How Psychology and Sociology are related?
205. If you were Secretary of USA How would you deal with North Korea?
206. Are South Asian ethnocentric people?
207. Procedure of getting a domicile
208. Why COAS felt the need to discuss economic challenges?
209. Economy of Pakistan and Indicators
210. Yours favorite personality from yours area
211. Discussion on Sigmund Freud
212. Migration and its theories
213. Discussion on DRAP (Drugs regulatory authority of Pakistan)
__________________________________________________ ____
Maryam Mushtaq
214. Initial discussion about the concept of Tauheed
215. Discussion about famous personalities from my area
216. What is strategic management
217. Management theory of Japan
218. Discussion on Trump, elections and white supremacy
219. PIA, its current problems and situations
220. Airline business
221. What is PMS?
222. __________________________________________________ ______________________
Manzoor Ahmad Mukhtar
223. what you studied apart from that sixteen years?. I answered with philosophy, american past, indopak, islamic history, astronomy, psychology etc.
224. Then he started asking about u.s history like independence war, civil war, civil right movement, abraham lincoln, martin luther and jaffersonian democracy.
225. In islamic history he asked about 1258 incident of fall of baghdad while explaining he added a grave reason of falling in a sarcastic mood. We laughed a little.
226. The panelist questioned about current affairs like borders, kpk especially.
227. My subject is economics and I skipped half of the questions in it. Some which i replied were inflation,deflation,poverty and its rate in paki, relative and absolute poverty.
228. The philosophic part was quite intersting, he asked to write and explain some poetry which he dictated and i followed.

__________________________________________________ ________________
Amer Sahem Interview on 16th October,2017 (Optionals: Business Administration, Journalism, Sociology, Psychology and Pashto)
229. he conformity of the life of Holy prophet (SAWW) and the blasphemy laws.
230. Definition of sociology and its utility
231. What is the economic position of Pakistan
232. The constitutional provision about the maximum ratio of debt to gdp.
233. Then chairman asked about the logic that why there should be direct taxation rather than indirect taxation.
234. Third member: he had written a pashto verse on the page upon the which he asked that it has four steps to combat terrorism which I explained to him.
235. Fourth Member: what is money.
236. What is index of Karachi stock exchange?
237. What is marginal cost?
238. Fifth Member: what is the famous and strategically important city name held with the kurds in Iraq ( i answered Kirkuk)
239. What is the famous city of held with ISIS?
240. What is the name is of kurds party in turkey which has been banned?
Noor ul Ain Interview on 16th October, 2017
241. Role of media
242. Technocrats government
243. Sources of Muslim Law
244. Questions related to District
Imitaz Interview
245. after shaking hands with me, the chairman confirmed my background and coming to know abt my English Literature backround,started asking questions on John Keats. keats personal life, his contemporaries, his disease and burial place, his odes and his poetry. Moreover, questions in phonetics and phonology
246. then he asked some questions in journalism like yellow journalism and PEMRA dysfunctional role.i answered satisfactorily.the honorable chairman and all the members burst into laughter at my calling it “lipapa journalism”.
247. then the chairman asked questions in public add like what does public administration mean?
248. and what do we mean by public policy?
249. and where are the policies made?etc.
250. then he threw me to the second member who asked me questions in social classes,their percentage in pakistan and politucal parties in pakistan belonging to the middle class.upon my estimate of the middle class being 60% in pakistan,they again laughed. (As per the panel member middle class comprises 30% of Pakistan’s population)
251. i had my final interview today. the atmosphere was very friendly. the first question was regarding how many MPAs and MNAs are there from my area.
252. they asked me about the deal of us and china in the south china sea.
253. what is straight of malacca where is it and why is it important.
254. mega structures of pakistan. name some problems in those mega structures. how can we fix them. if we cannot fix them then what should be done
255. why do dams have silting prblm and what if silting prblm is not reduced
256. are farmers getting richer with agriculture in ur area.
257. whats the prblm with tobacco agriculture
258. drones reduce the amount of casualties because they are precise so is it justified for US to kill people through done. why arent they justified.
hank you.. i am a civil engineer. and my subjects are int law.. us history.. agriculture.. forestry.. geography
Raza Interview (Optionals: Geography, Indo Pak History, Pashto and IR)
259. My interview experience: after shaking hands with the chairman, he started from my village name
260. and straight away switched to water storage resources in the country.
261. Then he asked about the neglect of hydropower by the government.
262. Kalabagh etc... whether the issue was technical or political. ANP Stance. Whether their reservations are real or not.
263. Next he asked about why the Congress is considering Trump's impeachment.
264. Cross questions.he was elected due to his blunt behavior, why the Americans don't like him now?
265. Then discussion about Balochistan situation and Karachi (that's because I work there in Balochistan and Karachi).
266. CPEC and east India company resemblance.
267. Two Advantages and 2 disadvantages of cpec.
268. Geography of Pakistan, it's features, hindokush name, any country having the same geography as Pakistan?
269. What is Persian wheel?
The Persian wheel is a mechanical water lifting device operated usually by draught animals like bullocks, buffaloes or camels.
270. Primary, secondary, tertiary industries, along with examples?
Of the large sectors within an economy, the first is called the primary sector and involves companies that participate the extraction and harvesting of natural products from the earth, such as agriculture, mining and forestry.
The secondary sector consists of processing, manufacturing and construction companies. Construction, smelting, automobile manufacturing, textiles, energy utilities, breweries and bakeries are all types of companies involved in secondary economic activity. Assembling large items from parts is also part of secondary industries.
The tertiary industry is the segment of the economy that provides services to its consumers; this includes a wide range of businesses such as financial institutions, schools and restaurants. It is also known as the tertiary sector or service industry/sector.
271. Congress resolution when they recognized Pakistan in 1947.
Congress resolution was that : the subcontinental region was a natural geographical unit and no human borders will sustain. The chairman himself said so.
272. Engineers halaat in the country discussed and how to improve it
273. Today was my final interview.the environment was very friendly.they were mostly interested in interview started with handshake with chairman.then he asked how much attempts have u made for competitive which subjects u answer was English essay.then he asked me which essay you attempted last time in css.i said it was about colonial mentality.then there was 3min discussion on colonial mentality.
274. then he handed over me to another panel member.who asked me in about nanotechnology.there was some discussion on it.
275. then the 3rd member asked about my education career that why your grades are decling after matric..I answered a little emotionally to that which the panel member smiled and told that I hope I have not touched some thing personal.
276. the same member asked about famous personalities of swabi.
277. then another member asked about cyber crime.
278. and at last the 5th member of the panel asked about the recent shooting in America that should it taken as a case of terrorism or mental sickness?why is America not accepting it as terrorism?at the chairman said thanks,good luck.
I am electronics optional are political science,constitutional law,IL,pushto,and US history
Suleman Zaffar (Optionals: Economics, Psychology, US History and International Relations)
279. Entered the room & greeted all the members followed by a handshake with the chairman. Most of his questions were regarding my educational institutes like edwardes college, NUST, change of degree (Engineering to MBA), places i have visited and so on.
280. One detailed question was pertaining to CPEC related issues like transparency, eco-and industrial zones.
281. SBP statement on CPEC related Transactions.
282. Any ongoing issues b/w FED and provincial govt after which he handed me over to next member.
283. Member 1: define business administration (BA), ongoing paradigm shift in management studies, whats the difference between public administration and BA.
284. Member 2: define financial statement analysis, its use, and discussion on differences among them.
285. Member 3: swat operation, reasons for insurgency
286. what is NACTA, its functions, how it conducts CT initiatives, is it a policy formulation or implementation body.
287. Member 4: meaning of suleman, zaffar, muhammad, discussion on takht i suleman
288. Member 5: discussion on scientist who proposed interchangeability of electric field and magnetic field i.e. Maxwell equations.
289. Member 6: detailed discussion on NFC and everything related to it.
Nabeela Safdar Interview
Optionals (Sociology, Public Administration, US History, International Law, Psychology)
290. start, the chairman greeted me with a very good morning and asked how is my day progressing so far, where do i live, which route did i take while coming to office and why ?
I told him that I took ring road for coming to KPPSC Office and reason is relatively less traffic in peak hours. Usually ring roads are for accessing an area from outside and not for purpose of intra city commutation. So that’s why he asked.
291. purpose of ring road, circumference of peshawar ring road (which i didn't know)
292. major challenge of Peshawar
Climate change, traffic problems solution is Mass transit system. Urbanization, city is getting over crowded with every passing day and all issues like housing, sanitation, price surge of perishable products, traffic congestion, dearty of opportunities are caused by it. Worst hit city after 9/11 terrorist incidents. Pollution. City of rickshaws instead of flowers, traffic congestion, lack of recreational spots has limited people to homes. Refugees post soviets.
293. my degree , public administration and how its links to sociology.
294. then he asked another member, who asked me that being an HR specialist, how do i look at provincial structure of kpk , after identification of basic 3 flaws , he asked for my suggestions on improving it
295. 3rd person asked about some safdar jhang road (which i didnt knew so excused )
296. 4th one asked about basic principles of scientific management approach and its proponent.
297. after that XY theory of management and its scholar .
298. One question on linkage between the sociology and public administration, there is a theory on that, And how its connected to psychology... then we moved to other topics.
299. 5th and last person asked how a career growth can contribute to job satisfaction
__________________________________________________ _________________
300. Why do you do body building. Parts of body and body systems
301. Comments on finance minister statement regarding US
302. What US want from Pakistan
303. Kohat related 5 to 6 questions
304. Difference between mind and idea
305. Refugees related questions
306. What is Saudi mega city project
307. Rapid bus transit
308. Importance of Asar Prayer

Sara Interview on 27th October,2017 Optionals (Sociology, Journalism, Pashto, Islamic History and Muslim Law)
309. Imran Khan talked about developing pak economy on chinese model, what is chinese model?
310. Governance me experts hune chahye ya generalistr?
311. Aqeeda akhrat ki ehmiat
312. Muashre me moral degradation q hai aqeeda akhrat k bawjud?
313. Aqeeda khatm e nabuwat
314. Imam muhmd mehdi kon te?
315. Pakistan ka eco model kya hai?
316. Pak edu indicators? Gross intake rate (GIR), Gross Enrollment rate (GER) Adjusted net enrollment rate (ANER)
317. Pak health indicator? Mortality rates , maternal/infant death rate, life expectancy rate, malnutrition indicators
318. When was karak separated from kohat?
319. Teri state in karak? Its hstry

320. Political Systems of India, Iran and Saudi Arabia
321. Fata Reforms
322. How many Houses of Parliment are there in Pakistan
323. What is Education
324. Who take Political Decisions in China
325. Pakistan internal and external relations
326. Change in the polices of Pakistan with new Foreign Minister
327. Civil Military Relations
328. Asked about Religion Prophet Muhammad Message and Finality
329. Structural Issues in Economy of Pakistan
330. Exports and Imports imbalance
331. What is IMFAT
332. What is the role of Pakistan in the Islamic countries allience against Terrorism?
333. Why do people of FATA want reforms
334. What is happening in the Current Political Scenario?
335. The aspirent was from FATA so they asked about two terms used in Fata they were تيږه، واک
336. What is ADR?
337. What do you know about Karal Marx?
338. What theory was given by Sigmond Freud
339. What is the difference between Communism and Socialism?
340. What is Durand line? Who drawn it and what is its length?
341. What is the coastel line issues of Pakistan?
342. What is international date line?
343. What is Sea line?
344. There was Pashto poetery and they asked me to explain
345. Now a days there is a debate over Sadiq and Amin what is this debate and how it affected the politics of Pakistan?
346. What is the story behind Five prayers and who was the messanger that meet prophet and made it five prayers?
347. What is Salat-e-Wusta? and why it is named so?
348. US Stance on Pakistan?
349. What is Refugee?
350. What is the issue of finality of prophet and when it was made a part of constitution?
351. How many people have made claim of false prophethood?
352. What is the current identity crisis?
353. What is your opinion on Current political scenario?
354. How will you guide a stranger in Peshawar?
355. What is Victoria Cross or Victoria hall in Peshawar? this question is a little bit ambigious.
__________________________________________________ _____________________
356. He asked about agricultural economy and how to make it productive.
357. Then a member asked me about the kidnapping of Afghanistan's one of the province's governor and how will it affect the mutual relations, my views.
The incident is reflective of a major security lapse on the part of the authorities concerned. Foreign dignitaries visiting the country for any purpose ought to be provided adequate security by the government. At a time when the United States is demanding that Pakistan ‘do more’ against terrorist outfits and their ‘save havens’ in the country, such incidents will serve to only strengthen the US leaders’ argument. Until the outlaws continue to operate with impunity, no one will buy our claims about restoration of peace.
358. Another member asked about different terminologies of accounting and further technical terms.
359. The last member asked about abbreviations of CD LCD LED and how the LCD functions.
360. Shakespeare and the controversy around his works, as some allege that Francis Bakon wrote his plays
361. Why English is the language of the world today when native speakers of the language are not in majority
362. Shahabe Saqib
363. GSP Plus status and why Pakistan is not benefiting from it
364. What are the times in which ebadat is not allowed and why
365. How to resolve FATA issues?
366. Ayub Khan Economic Policies?
367. Saudia New City Project
368. Budget and Current Account Deficit?
Fiza Interview(Public Ad, Muslim Law, Islamic History, Agriculture, Forestry)
369. What is WMD
370. How many organs are there in body
371. Difference btween dengue parasite and malarial parasite
372. Detail of polio virus and why polio is still prevalnt in our country and what about its prevalnce in swat and chitral
373. Concept of muslim ummah
374. Caliphate system and pressre of hindus on indian muslims to implmnt caliphate system
375. NK-USA nuclear issue
376. Iranian revolution
377. Do u think CPEC can brng any ngtvty to our country
378. Biological weapons
379. Questions related to nimaz
Izhar Interview (Botany, Indo Pak History, Urdu)
380. Relate Microbiology (my subject) with Botany.
381. Compare dengue with malaria.
382. Interruption.
383. Then about FATA reforms and FCR.
384. Chemical planet and insects are important for humans.
385. Question about Gheebat from Surah Hujurat.
Dua Interview 1st Nov,2017 (IR, Geography, History of USA, Forestry, Sociology)
386. #metoo. What is meant by it?
387. Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy terming sending FB Friend Request by AKU Hospital Doctor to her sister as Harassment. What do you say about it?
388. Is too much feminism a good or bad thing?
389. Men have been given upper hand over women in Quran Pak.
Iftikhar Interview on 3rd November,2017 (Agriculture, Forestry, Muslim Law, IR, Pashto, History of USA)
390. After having handshake with chairman, he said so you are from tank . Then started discussion by asking about my temper, day Nd feelings.
391. Then he asked about my Major ( my Major is pharm.D) the discussion lasted for few minutes.
392. Then he asked me about agriculture in DIKhan and Tank and with this handed me over to the next member.
393. The next asked how would you introduce KP to someone and then had discussion about KP culture and topography.
394. He also asked about my favorite American president and the reason for liking.
395. The third member asked me in forestry about biosphere reserves, national parks , forest types , drought resistant species and forestey in DIKhan .
396. The fourth member started discussion by asking how many lights are there in this ceiling, I asked whether I may count 😜 he laughed by saying yes you can , but I guessed 20 and at this the chairman said gentleman you hv won 5 marks😇
397. further he asked Pak foriegn policy with respect to Pak decision of joining American war on terror and how to coup current challenges .
398. He also asked me about privacy of Wtsapp by referring to the interior minister statement.
Over the question of Wtsapp privacy, when I said that yes it's secure as the encryption is end to end safe , my answer was endorsed by chairman saying yes it secures ones privacy but when one of the panelists disagreed by saying that it is linked with Google and so there is a chance for privacy linking. To this again Chairman replied while laughing that we don't care that and its non-issue , and then turning towards me he asked what is non-issue ?
Umar Interview on 7th Nov,2017 (Pashto, US History, Public Ad and IR)
399. Chairman Sahib welcomed me to sit. Questions started regarding my name and tribe (as i hail from a baloch tribe settled in tank). Discussion regarding Balochistan issue how do you see it.
400. Questions about recent census and why ppp is politicizing this issue, is it a genuine concern.
401. Next member asked me about famous personality with the name Umer and asked me what does farooq means and why is he called so. Any incident from his governance that we can replicate today in pakistan.
402. Next member asked me about my hobbies, I answered Cricket and Lawn tennis. He asked me who won champions trophy, against whom; who was winner and loser of world cup; hongkong super sixes tournament, who was the winner. Lastly, Chairman asked me one question related to my job and finally said you have done a good job, best of luck.
Asfandyar Interview on 7th Nov (US history, IL, Sociology, Journalism and Psycho) M.A. IR
403. caste, area. Questions like are u Mehsud or wazir. Are syeds Mehsud? And how can u say that u r a syed and pathan as well
404. Russian foreign policy
405. Ukrainian issue
406. eastern Europe
407. recent happenings in China under xi.
408. Martin Luther
409. fata reforms dimensions
410. Nelson Mandela,s statement in the recent past... Regarding enemy of my friend is my enemy
A Candidate with MBA Degree
411. Hobbies (Reading and Tourism)
412. Which Places have you visited
413. Distance between Islamabad and Lahore
414. Name of Motorway between Islamabad and Lahore
415. FATA Reforms
416. Your opinion about FATA Merger, Why are you in favor of merger
417. Fazal Rahman wants referendum on FATA Merger. What’s your stance
418. Who was Aipi Fakir and Mullah Pewand
419. What is Giga economy
420. Pakistan Budget
421. Do not count chickens before hatched applies to which accounting principle
Tanveer Ahmad Interview on 7th Nov,2017 (Pashto, IL, US History, Forestry, Geography)
422. What is percentage of forest cover of Pakistan and KP? Maximum altitude at which forests can grow? Why forests can't grow at high altitudes?
423. Asked about George Washington and other founding fathers in US history. Who wrote US constitution?
424. Why our parliament is so inefficient?
425. Tell us Musharaf Agenda?
426. Asked about 18th and how it could hamper martial law?
427. Russian involvement in US election.
428. Donald trump asian tour plan.
429. Asked about hobbies. My final year project. Asked about football etc
Nayab Interview on 8th Nov (US History, Journalism, Sociology, Pashto, IR and Muslim Law) M.A. English
430. Present census
431. Objections raised about census.
432. Details about Nawaz sharif's activities at present.
433. Iqama case
434. Relating the meaning of my name to king Nadir shah.
435. Full fledge discussion on Brexit.
436. FATA reforms.
437. English literature(questions regarding Lady Mcbeth, Julius Ceaser,) .
438. Aisha gulali as a representative of wazir tribe.
439. 2018 elections.
440. Present scenario of politics and hopes from upcoming General elections.
Hajra Interview on 8th Nov (US History, Journalism, Pashto, Psychology and IR) M.A. English
441. Questions about modern and contemporary literature
442. Any line from keats
443. Golden mean,gilden gate(which i didn't know)
444. Golden age in America
445. Safa marwa in hajj(related to my name) what does it symbolises for women u told him that it means that islam has gave or envisin a great role for motherhood being a maker of nation thats why it has become a ritual....but then he said i didn't mean i didn't get what is he saying...may be i was confuse
446. Ksa yemen crisis
447. Qatar ksa issues
448. Trums visit
449. Bay of Pigs invasion, Fiedel Castro and Hogo Shavez, Che Govera
450. North korea issue and usa stance
451. Japan korea and usa alliance for china
452. Pivot to asia policy
453. Again three questions from virginia woolf
454. Future plans

Samina Interview on 8th Nov (Sociology, Journalism, US History and Psychology) M.A. English Literature

455. Chairman first asked me about my area, Then educational background, He asked me if i did a job after completing my masters
456. Then he asked about the current situation of Saudia Arabia, Its effect on their politics, whether it would have adverse effects, Its effect on Pakistan
457. Army chiefs visit to Iran
458. Americas stance regarding the KSA situation
459. The second member asked me about Turkish coup, why it happened, who was behind it, where is Gulen, effect on Pakistan
460. Another member asked about Arab Spring in detail, specifically the incident that sparked the uprising
461. The next member asked about the meaning of my name, any famous personality with my name
462. The last member asked me about sentence, paragraph, where is idea placed in a piece of writing, objective and subjective writing
463. Lastly chairman looked to the window and asked what kind of a weather it was... he was referring to the smog
Bushra Interview on 8th November (Indo Pak History, Forestry, Zoology, Agriculture)
464. Chairman asked about my educational background, area and optional subjects.
465. Indo pak history they asked in slave dynasty who u think was the best?
466. What was the name of balban's son who was murdered?
467. Who is Muhammad bin salman? What changes he brought in KSA?
468. Ksa Yemen issue?
469. Sea b/w ksa and yemen?
470. Next member asked why were long life expectancy before( adam a.s was 900 years old) how would u explain in scientific way not in religion?
471. Next member asked about Sa'ee in hajj? Why and who did ? there is a place where the hajji have to run during sa'ee, why?
472. Next member what is organic farming?why is it prefered? How is it different from simple farming?
473. Next member asked what is parasite and saprophyte? Difference? And the same member asked name three countries where female are head of the country.
474. Again chairman asked about agriculture in Pakistan and dams? Whether they fulfill the need of Pakistan or not?
475. IDP’s, their population
476. Militancy in FATA, When it will come to an end
477. Robinhood and his comparison with TTP
478. Economy and problems in economy
479. Tax evasion and avoidance
480. Rule of Law
__________________________________________________ ____
Emran Khan (IR,US history,Agri and forestry,public ad and Muslim Law)
481. what is smog and its effects on our economy?
482. Smog's effect on agriculture sector and a brief discussion on how it impacts the growth.
483. smog's effect on electricity distribution how is it a cause of energy failure?
484. So your father name is Habib ullah khan so tell me something about the amir habib of Afghanistan.
485. your name is Imran do tell me the meaning of it and detail about the surah al imran.
486. what is the main problem between pak and afghan?
487. By fencing security will be strengthened so why is afghan government not happy with it?
488. what is banking cycle?
489. what is matching peinciple?
490. what is going concern?
491. What is current ratio?
492. what is shell?
493. some details about mba.
494. what are the main threats to our economy?
495. what is the biggest threat to our economy? ( he repeated it thrice)
496. Do you know about the paradise papers?
497. Do you know the six kalmas?
498. recite the third one.
499. translate the third kalma.
500. brief me about the imam mehdi.
501. what do you think about mulla culture and the way they perceive things?
502. One more question about mullas i don't remember the exact term.
503. how many provincial seats do we have?
504. what is women ratio in it?
505. name the constituencies from where female candidates get directly elected without voting.
506. who is the revenue minister of kp?
507. Bay of Pigs invasion
508. Fiedel Castro, Che Guvera
Ibrahim Khan Interview on 10th November,2017
509. First they asked me to introduce myself briefly.Next ,the person occupying the chairman chair asked me to enlighten them about the prevalent situation of Pakistan
510. Then he asked me about the performance of pti in kp and the flaws palgunig their policies
511. Next he asked me about general poltical party's culture in pakistan.
512. Then the second member started asking questions, he asked me about the differences that existed between bayazid anSri aka pir rukhan and Akbar ,wether they were poltical or religious.
513. Then the third member asked me questions about Data Ghanj baksh, when did he come to the sub continent,his real name ,and birth and death.
514. Then he asked me questions about tipu Sultan.
515. Then came the turn of the last member, , he asked me questions about my subject, .definiton of essay, etymology.
516. The last question of the same person was really strange, it seemed that he himself was not sure of what he wanted to ask, he asked me the difference between inductive paragraph and deductive paragraph. And finally the chairman concluded the interview by asking whether had read the novel, the mocking bird. .
Duration of the interview was about 15 to 18 minutes.
Yasir Wazir Interview on 13th November,2017 (M.Phil in IR)
517. Trump in one of his speech said that 'the world is moving towards hell' what did he mean by that?
518. What are the good and bad policies of Trump?
519. Why America wants Pakistan to do more?
520. What is the policy of Trump towards Pakistan?
521. Pakistan has conducted so many operations against terrorists still America want Pakistan to do more why?
522. What was the reason behind the USSR invasion of Afghanistan?
523. Why Hafiz Ullah Amin invited USSR to invade Afghanistan? In the Present time no one will do that.
524. The last member gave me three Abbreviations and Asked me what they Stand for
NEOM- It is the new city which will be constructed in Saudi Arabia
Sofiea- It is a robot that Saudi granted citizenship
MBS- Muhammad bin Salman
Musa Nangyalay Interview on 13th November,2017 (M.A in Political Science and IR)
525. As you reside in islamabad so if a layman like me goes to isb, where should I go to get peace of mind.
526. what is the distance between Peshawar and Isb.
527. What is going on in the capital these days .
528. A meeting was to be held today in the capital, what it was about ?.
529. What is the stand of different political parties on dilimitation of seats?
530. Do we need any social contract in Pakistan to get rid of the messy situation ?
531. What is liberty ?
532. What is political party ?
533. What is the difference between leftist and rightist political parties?
534. who brought revolution in Russia and are the people of Russia fed up of communism ?
535. Should we merge the system of zakat into tax collection ?
Sadaqat Ali Interview on 14th November,2017
536. What do know about new cyllabus of css.?
537. What do you think about us/iran nuclear deal issue.?
538. Do you know the reasons behind crash of malaysia stock exchange.?
539. Political composition of GB council and AJK cabinet..?
540. How president of pakistan elected.?
541. Did you hear that jews and shia have never been in war against one another..? Provide the reasons if yes..
542. Do you know penjra.?
543. Author of the book Da Panjre Chaghar
544. Voice signature of hud hud .?
545. Merits and demerits of bureaucracy.
Nafees Interview on 14th November,2017 (Economics, Journalism, Forestry and Pashto)
546. Chairman greeted me, asked to sit. then he asked me that which village of Bannu I belonged to. Chairman's questions:
547. 1) What was the population of Bannu & FATA in the 1998 Census and what is it now in 2017 Census?
548. 2) Asked about my optionals. He then asked about the difference in Muslim Jurisprudence and Western Jurisprudence with regard to Qanoon-e-Shahadat.
549. 3) Rain is expected in a couple of days, there is a warning message I have received (you may have received it or not) to avoid going outside if it rains...Why is it so?
550. 1st member's questions: 1) If Carbon Dioxide is not good for health, then why do we grow more trees knowing the fact that trees emits carbon dioxide?
551. 2) How does rain occur in Peshawar and KP?
552. (Monsoon etc,...)
553. 2nd member:1) Do U think that Zakat is an economic concept/entity? If yes, should I ask about zakat?
554. 2) Who are eligible to get Zakat money?
555. 3) What is meant by the term "Muwallefat ul quloob"?
556. 4) Where from the ratio, 2.5% or 1/10 for zakat and ushr is derived?
557. 3rd member: 1) What is meant by the concept, "Economic Nationalism"?
558. 2) what do u understand of "Protectionism"?
559. 3) What is the term/concept "Mercantilism" all about?
560. 4) What is the nature of Labour in Mercantilism?
561. 4th member: 1) Which book did you read for Pashto?
562. 2) What is the difference between the poerty of Khushal Baba and Rehman Baba?
563. 3) Who was the first pashto poet?
564. 4) Do U remember any couplet of his poetry?
565. Chairman: You have taught for 2 and half a year, why did U leave that job?
Aftab Alam Interview on 16th November,2017 (US history, public add, journalism, sociology, IR, pashtu)
566. . You are engineer, why u want to join PMS as it is meant for average people with a colonial mentality?
567. A region in Spain wants freedom from Spain, what is your opinion about that?
568. Why the people of baluchistan are unhappy(naraz) with pakistan?
569. What do you know about eastern and western route of CPEC? Is the issue resolved? Who were objecting and why?
570. What is bostton Tea party?
571. Recently a survey is conducted regarding wealth possession. 1% of the world population possess 50% of world wealth. Who are those people? What should they do with that wealth?
572. Recently there was a conference at bonn, what was that about? (Climate) what was the purpose?
573. USA position on climate?
574. Who were the representative of USA in that conference?
575. There was an incident in qissa khwani on 23rd April 1930, what do you know about that?
576. What are the trade policies of trump? He is recently pulled out from some trade policies, do you know about them? Do you agree with his pulling-out strategy?
577. What is trade deficit of USA, canada england etc?
578. What is NAFTA? North America includes which countries?
579. What do you know about zionists?
580. In the constitution of USA in the start of the constitution is a sentence, “ we the people of USA” what did they mean by “we the people”?
581. USA intends to govern the whole world, do they deserve to govern it?
Asif Khan Shinwari Interview on 19th November,2017 (Sociology, Journalism, Public Administration, International Law, US History, Pashto)
582. Chairman started by asking where do u belong to, I told him da name of da district. He then asked about da name of da village. Chairman then asked about the major issues of my area and then to present solution for those problems.
583. Then asked What is Sociology? Utility of Sociology. I told them about its practical applications. So who else are doing these things here?
584. Is over population a social problem? What are its major causes? What solutions do u suggest for tackling if let suppose we appointed you as an AC, and you are given this task to tackle it.
585. Are you satisfied with the health facilities of yours area? How can we improve these?
586. 2nd Member. What's going on in Zimbabwe? Reasons for military take over How about its economy. Where is Zimbabwe situated? What is it famous for? 3rd Member. Define Social Change and give some examples of Social Change.
587. What is culture? What is behavior change?
588. What is material culture?
Faisal Interview on 20th October,2017 (Accountancy and Auditing, Business Administration, US History, Journalism, Pashto)
589. I was the last candidate of the day. Panel comprised of four members. As i entered the person on chairman seat greeted me and asked to sit down. I reciprocated with thanks. Why are you holding the documents in your hand. You should have kept them in file. I replied. They smiled. Questions. Introduce yourself. I did. Then questions about my job which i answered satisfactorily.... fiscal policy... monetary policy...inflation.... central banks functions..
590. then he came to management. Organisational structure of private and public organisation. Their difference. What should be done to improve it.. i answered.
591. The 2nd member. A lenghty debate on my local area fuelled by agreements and disagreements between us. Why is your area called MPA. why it was an agency. When was it abolished. Why police and customs rule are absent there.. the political agent and jurisdiction of the high court. Etc.... in the course i knew a lot of things too. But i was shocked at one point because in my previous interview i was given a wrong explanation by a member about my area and that i told the now-member to which he said he was wrong.
592. Third member. The DIG Saab. What is supply of money. M1 and M2 supply. Revenue recognition. Matching principle. Terrorist financing and money laundering etccc..... how it can be conteolled. Then a little discussion on money laundering and terror financing.
593. The fourth member.Again started with money laundering. And asked questions about it. I made him understood how it is done and the effects involved.
594. Then he said you have some good marks in urdu in your intermediate and matric. How. I wondered and looked into my Dmcs whether he was right. (I think that i am w3ak in urdu but the marks were good really).Then he asked what phenomenon happens in the sun. I answered fission. Then answered sorry fusion and explained it. He said ok.
595. The chairman said best of luck shook hands and i said thanks. Allah hafiz. While i was standing they asked me some questions. Where do you work. Where are you going now. The chairman said. Keep your documents safe(in an ironic tone).
Imaduddin final interview on 21st November,2017 (Economics, US History, Journalism, Pashto)
596. As I entered the room. I was at the door and the chairman called immaduddin come in please. then the encounter started with chairman. asked about academics
597. inflation, cpec, economic growth, circulation of money etc.
598. another member asked about germany and then asked russia has banned an american tv show which one is that (i didnt know).
599. then he asked about kenyan elections.
600. the other member asked about dir, nawabs, etc
601. the other asked what is soft and hard money. monopoly etc.
602. then the last member asked about yellow journalism and the discussion went to a general gossip. one of the members told me that u should write in newspaper and the chairman endorsed him by saying u have rightly perceived him. then the chairman said u should write or become a good anchorperson( i still dont know what may be the reason behind this perception). In the last we were discussing che journalism ke nalayaqa khalak raghle d. the chairman said doe sirf sar dana kae bs motive nishta. and with it he said munga ham dalta goru che ghalat khalak ranashe and i hope u r not one of them, burst with laugh and shook hand.
__________________________________________________ ____________________-
Dr Iqbal Buneri Interview on 23rd December,2017 (Political Science, History of USA,
Constitutional Law, Public Administration, Pushto)
603. Chairman Sahib said wellcome Iqbal. Then asked about marble factories in Buner. What are the hazards and problems to the environment from these marble factories? And what is your role to solve the problems?
604. What is constitutional Law?
605. What is constitutional assembly and when it was formed in Pakistan? What was the role of Tameezuddin?
606. What is Ijtehad? How will You approach a problem in this moderen world through Ijtehad? Which ulema will You consult in this regards?
607. Where are ulama-e-Haq?
608. Which political parties are strong in Buner? Rightest parties or Leftist? Which Party you support, and to whom you vote?why you vote to rightest parties?
609. 2nd Member. Ask about History of Buner. Ambella war with British, Who was their leader/chief of Army, And who was leading the Mujahedeen? Why Mujahedeen were defeated?
610. Tehsils in Buner, Geography of Buner. Which tehsil of Swat lies to other side of Ilum mountain?
611. 3rd Member. What is Snap elections?
612. What is going on in Germany?
613. Name two main flaws in our economy?
614. 4th member. When Liaqat Ali khan visit America, When and where was He killed, and what other historical incident occurs in that place?
615. Then Chairman seb said to file a case in Peshawar High Court against these marble factories to play your role as a Pakistani.
Fida Hussain Interview on 22nd November, 2017
616. What's going on in the world, trump rhetoric speeches, UK have left EU , Russia and China is emerging , where we are going give me a commentary on whole this scenario,?
617. Then again he counter questioned me how would you connect populism and religious emergence?
618. Then other member talked about Elizabeth and Philip and then asked why monarchy is still alive in UK?
619. When Elizabeth visited swat?
620. How many high schools are there in swat?
621. Why people attracted to Taliban in swat?
622. One member told me to write three words i.e. Golden Rule, golden mean, golden girl
and asked me tell him something about each one?
623. How many states declared by US as state Sponsor terrorists? What consequences these states will face?
624. How about our economy, main problem and how you can fix it?
625. Which accountability institutions faces challenges in KP?
626. Then again chairman asked I like your stance regarding International issues now tell me if you are a foreign policy expert what would you advise to the government and how to formulate FP?
627. Then he again asked if I send you to India how would diffuse Tensions? What's India main accusation against us? In your opinion what we need to mitigate this perception?
Muhammad Asif Hanif Interview on 23rd November,2017 (indo pak, pub Ad, journalism and law)
628. The panel asked me only 6,7 questions and thereby let me free within less than 10 minutes... Even a single question was not asked from optional subjects. The questions were What is the meaning of my name.
629. What are banned organisation s in Pakistan and why ?
630. What's constitutionalism and nationalism.
631. Differentiate b/w robbery and decoity And that's all.
Aeni Khan Interview on 23rd November,2017 (M.A. English, M.Ed)
632. Introduce yourself briefly, Define education
633. Primary,secondary,tertiary education
634. Formal,informal,non_formal education
635. World beauty contest
636. Diff b/w miss world and miss universe
637. Define beauty. How beauty contest could contribute in int:relation
638. 2nd membr. Meaning of my name. Its origin
639. Mahavratan hum kia kehte hn khushkhabri ko?
640. Tell the name of 3 cricketers who are brothers and playd a test in 1969..a bit discussion over it
641. 3rd member. Girl guide n scouts
642. What is the relation of mardan with it?
643. Who is Grace Mogabe? Zimbabwe issue?
644. what are education indicators? How much they contributed to gdp?
645. literacy rate both male and female, drop out, enrollment
646. 4th one. Tell me ur optional . What is yellow journalism? Explain it
647. Again the person on chairman seat ?What about our media?is there any yellow journalism?
Burhan Interview
648. Chairman: Introduce urself: What ur name means? Do u know ur name is in quran? Allah says bring burhan(proof) to whome Allah is addressed?
649. Your majors?Which philosopher u like the most?
650. What theory of ibni khaldun is imp? What is asabiya? How asabiya becomes weak?
651. Next member What is constitutionalism? Where in the world it is being followed nowadays? What is ur opinion about constitutionalism in pakistan? Don,t u know our rulers r voilating it?
652. What is constitution, tell me in ur own words?
653. What form of govt in lebanon? What is happening there?
654. Next member Who has written "malakand field force? What is this book about?
655. Who was pashtun leader in the fight against british in malakand? Do you know his second name?
656. Why british wanted to conquer malakand?
657. Next member What we call jirga and maraka in english?
658. What we call tiga in english?
__________________________________________________ __________________-
Shakeel Safi Interview
659. What is going on in Bajaur?
660. How army conduct operation in Bajaur?
661. As a software engineer what role will you want to play if we give you a job in the public service commission?
662. Software you have created or have worked on so far?
663. Your tribe is Safi; tell us about the origin of safi tribe? and where do most of them live in Pakistan? Where do most of Yousafzai tribe live? and Khattaks etc.
664. The line between government and state is a bit blurred; how will you know that a person is acting against the government or the state?
665. American is supporting talks of Afghan government with Afghan Taliban, but she does not support any kind of dialogue between Pakistani government and Taliban why?
666. America is threatening Pakistan on Hafiz Saeed's release; what is your opinion on this?
667. Islamabad high court justice Siddiqui has issued statement regarding the role of military in ending the Dharna; what is your view on the statement of the judge?
668. How do you foresee the future of Pak-Afghan relations?
669. Is Khadim Hussain Hussain Rizvi your hero? if not then why ? if yes then why?
Tariq Afghan Interview on 29th Nov (Political science, Indo Pak history, Pashto and Constitutional law)
670. Warm greeting by acting chairman and other members. Chairman ask introduce urself. As i am from Dir he asked what Dir is famous for
671. Then asked about durand line and Dir
672. Then he asked what is constitutionalism
673. Then he asked about the statements of chairman senate Raza Rabbani regarding constitutionalism
674. Then he asked about the violation of constitution in Faiz abad dharna
675. Then the second member asked about political philosophy. He asked what is communitarianism
676. Then he asked about Thomas Hobbes social contract
677. What is senatorial courtesy in US constitution
678. Tell the name of the president of US who was not elected ( i explained the method that is is the speaker of House of Representative but said sorry for the name)
679. Third member asked about The successes of Nawaz sharif .Then asked weaknesses of nawaz sharif
680. Then he asked about democracy
681. Family politics
682. The role of army and judicial activism
683. He asked about the present role of nawaz sharif and zardari
684. Then chairman again asked about family politics and asked that what is the reason of family politics
685. The fourth member asked that US is imposing democracy on us is it right. I replied that democracy is name of behaviour not only govt of the ppl by the ppl and for the ppl then the discussion start again on family politics
686. The chairman asked me about India and salt march as I mentioned my India visit in the form
Seemab Ali Khattak Interview on 4th December, 2017 (Indo Pak history, botany, agriculture, forestry)
687. Define education
688. Formal informal non formal education
689. World is gift of God. How man exploit it?
690. Diff btw oil and gas its physical properties.
691. Oxides of hydrogen.
692. h2so4 urdu name.
693. Education indicator. literacy rate
694. GDP of pak.
695. Giga bite and giga cycle.
696. north Korea US issue
697. 38 parallel, 78 parallel
698. Vietnam war
699. leaders of Vietnam + USA during Vietnam
700. What was God first creation? Earth or human or plants.
Hamaish Interview on 5th December,2017 M.A. IR and LLB (US History, International Law, Muslim Law, Pashto, Sociology, Journalism)
701. After a warm handshake with chairman he asked me to introduce myself . then he narrated a verse And said me to interpreted them I.e
WO aik sajda jesi to geraan smjhta ha
Hazaro sajdo se data ha admi ko nijat .
702. on my interpretation he referred to Quranic verse" Laisa Lil insana illa ma saaa ,and said to interpret and make a combination of both struggle of human being (Quranic verse ) and submission of all things in the Court of Allah for its reward
703. .he then turned to (Taqdeer) and its combination with human struggle. We had a discussion over Taqdeer , human struggle and blind faith over Allah for its reward . After my arguments he appreciated me with a satisfactory gesture.
704. Then asked me from my professional career as a lawyer and flaws in our Justice system .
705. once again he turned to spiritual domain and asked about Shabi miraj and its importance.
706. The he said me to narrate verses of Qawali - relevant to this ocussion, and I narrated TO Kuja Mann kuja.... Full kalam. And he became so happy , turned to the panel with happy mood and said that, I was this qawali in my mind . all the panel appreciated me.
707. The we had discussion over Sufism and its stages . Sufism of Hamza baba and Rahman baba and their poetry of Sufism.
708. We had discussion over spirituality and its role in human life .
709. What is refugees and its status ? In what circumstances it can be denied, any exception?
710. Donald trump stance on migration
711. Questions related to law I.e crpc, constitution etc
712. Nizami adal regulation in malakand division and its comparison with the rest of judicial system
713. History of Dir state . Churchill writings about malakand field force etc
714. At the end chairman asked me to explain Wahdatul wajud and wahdatu shahud in view of Hazrat mujadid Alf sani. Has he neagted wahdatul wajud or not ?
715. After my answer he said me that what will be my role if I being made a part of bureaucracy. After my reply he prayed for me -to be part of bureaucracy and said all the best for a bright future.
716. Buner District, Marble factories and environmental hazards because of this.
717. Difference between administration and management
718. Pashto folk lore genre
719. Tappa and its technicalities
720. Old stories i.e. Qisayez adab
721. Pir Baba, Mula tor Baba, Malakand and Ambela invasion
Jehanzeb Pasha Interview My PMS interview. Time 25 min.
722. Environment was very friendly.Out of 5 panel members only 4 asked questions.
It was more of a discussion than an interview.I was the last person to b interviewed.
The peon came and asked me to hand me over ur phn and go inside the room. As I enterd, the chairman said "Jehan zeba raza " I went straight to him as he was the one to handshake with me. After shaking hands the chairman asked me to sit down. After settling down one of the members told me to put ur documents on the table so u may sit relax. I said thank u sir. The chairman said to me that U waited for long ( as I was the last ), so we will give u benefit for that by giving u more time. I smiled and thanked him.
723. Questions.
What's going on in Dir. I said sir nothing new bus sardi aa gaye hai or is tarah discussion started. He asked about the comparison of last year's cold intensity and the present one.
Is there narural gas connections in ur village? I said No. He asked then how do u combat coldness. I explained how we use wood and LPG in our homes. He asked about the situation of wood (forests and woods). He asked when u cut all the forests and u don't have gas already, what u people r gonna do ? Here I played a trick and succeeded to make him come to my line of questions. I answered that there is a hydro power project in process, when that is completed we'll use heaters then He was unaware of the project and asked tell us in detail about that project. He asked many questions in the middle while I was explaining. He even asked about the design. When I said that I don't have all if derails as I had requested the authorities but couldn't get the data. He smiled and said "u were getting the data bcoz u were expecting that u will b asked about this in ur PMS interview. I smiled in return and said yes sir exactly. He smiled again and appreciated me by saying "well Jehan zeb v good u have quite a good knowledge of that project. He also expressed his concern about the electricity that might b given to central grid. all of it. told me to do something to get the good share of it as 40.8 MW is alot of power. I told him about the efforts that R being made in this regard.
724. Other questions were about Devolution, dev plan 2001, its challanges, suggestions, Benefits, implementation etc. In fact there was a comprehensive discussion on this topic.Almost 6-8 minutes.
725. There was some discussion about cuurent affairs like cpec and trump.
726. There were some specific questions like Difference b/w private and public corporations.
727. What r listed companies.
728. Diff b/w common and preffered stocks.
729. Difference b/w open and cross cheque. Some questions about geography.
730. An interesting but a little confusing situation created when the chairman wanted to wrap up and said to me thank u jehan zeb, I shook hand with him and stood up but one of the members said to me that sit for a while I'm gonna ask u one more question. I sat down again and answered the last question in detail. Then they wished me luck and I left the room with smiling face .
Ikramullah Khalid Interview on 5th December,2017 (US history, Int. Law, Pushto, Journalism and geography) Background: Chemical Engineering+Masters in IR
731. A warm welcome by the Chairman really helped me to stay calm. I was offered to be seated to which i exchanged thanks. I wasn't asked anything what my optionals are, the Chairman directly asked about KKH road Besham, Dassu(Chairman said I served as DC there too), distance between Besham thakot. I also shared a trip of mine to Northern areas by mentioning my college to which I got a soft corner from one of the member.
732. Then started the real game. Chairman: OBOR and silk route tracks to which, luckily I was prepared.
733. Asked me about History but not US, I.e Ashoka to which I gave a demo and then skipped. He said, "Gentleman! you played well here."
734. Mughal era Difference between Aurangzeb and Jalaluddin Akbar. On which we converged in the end
735. Asked why you want to come here? Which remained one of the cool part of the whole interview. Misuse of power was discussed too.
736. 1st member(to my right): Asked about my father profession and islamia college. Attempts, job resign reason.
737. Difference between George Washington and Thomas Jefferson approaches. Asked who settled the dispute and then Hamilton Role.
738. Said to talk on Hafiz Alpuri for a minute, lucikly I knew that so offered them with his 4 names, 3 couplets and his special qualities.
739. 2nd member(to my right): Trump Ban on muslim countries, name it. I did. Latest stance, I provided that.
740. 3rd member(to my left): Name of the two Presidents of US being impeached and why? While answering this one, once I mentioned Lewinsky's name and age, chairman like a friend said Thats amazing! You remembered her name too.
741. Asked about Water gate scandal and CREEP in details.
742. 4th member(to my left): Hazard and malakand division boundaries(Thakot, kohistan, kund)
743. Political culture and Constitutional culture difference
744. WHAT Previous PMS officers delivered in Shangla. Chairman words in the last were those which I will remember forever. Questions on which my stance was weak were of Ashoka and mughal era, as chairman supported Akbar and then I said the same. Despite that, nothing went wrong and Thanks to Allah for it. Whatever the results may be, I will accept it cordially and will remember it as one of the best experience of my life.
Naqeebullah Khan Inteview: MBA Marketing and MS Project Management (Pub administration, international law, Journalism, Sociology, Pashto, US History)
745. As i entered chairman was absent and mr ashfaq was chairing the interview
he asked me to sit down and put documents on handshake nothing. Tell me what is pc1 2 3 4 and 5?
746. What is going concern?
747. What is principle of accounting?
748. What is general ledger?
749. Define and tell difference business trade and commerce?
750. Difference between one day t20 and hongkong super 6?
751. whats difference between smog and fog?
752. is donald trump using cricket diplomacy against pak?
753. My interview: handshake with chairman, then he asked, kaisy hu, i said allah ka fazal hy, then asked k allah ka fazal kaisa hy?
754. Then asked how to thanks Allah for this Fazal and blessing? Then educational background?
755. Asked about the concept of strategic Depth?
756. Then asked abt THAAD technology.
757. Two more question by chairman abt PM disqualification, who disqualified PM, i said, supreme court in panama case, he said no gave us the exact ans, who was behind his disqualification. i stick to my ans, then he looked towards other members and all were smiling.
758. Then asked abt India and pakistan relation, regarding ICBM, again he stress me for the Ans,...
759. then asked me abt my job, 4 question related to my job.
760. Ist member, what is soft power give example. Litlle discussion and who is using soft power. Is Australia using soft power or hard power.
761. 2nd member: what r the causes of us failure in Afghanistan?
762. Then asked abt US war industry.
763. 3rd member asked abt to sing a Tapa, jis may mere elaqy ka nam ata hu,
764. and the last member asked abt a pushto matal . Jo asan ta lakin mujy nhy arha ta and i skipped that... over all koi 12 to 15 mint, whole interview was in pushtoo... kha gaf shup vo nu bas..... allah dy paky nur khair oky nu
Waqas Ali Khan Interview on 15th December, 2017
765. Chairman greeted me when I settled on my seat he asked me to easy. Unbutton ur coat. No introduction. OK U studied MBA. From where. . I studied from Hazara University. When Hazara University was established. I answered 2001.
766. Then He asked me about optionals. I replied. US History, International law, Political Science, Muslim Law and International Law. Discussion about Law of Seas. I satisfied Chairman Sb.
767. Then Benefits of CPEC.
768. Then difference between Commerce and Trade
769. Then financial forecasting.
770. Then again population of Pakistan according to census. Then world population. No discussion about my experience. My place. Wish U good luck to All competitors. need Ur dua
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