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Originally Posted by ahmedkamal View Post
Dear Fellow Aspirant,
Every action has purpose. Notes making has also purpose. Purpose of notes are different from person to person. Major purpose of notes is to revise, to retain and to review material in short period of time.
Notes are not time consuming process unless written in properly calligraphic writing, using color markers and other jot down each and every detail from topic. Here are following suggestion to spend less time on notes making.
1. Write only with one color pen
2. Don't write fair.
3. Write only for revision:Mention only points that helps to review all material
4. Don''t mention any point rather than main point
Assalam - o - Alikum

Hope you are doing good!

I am new here. I am interested for CSS 2019 attempt. Please guide me about the following combination of optional subjects:

1- International Relations
2- History of USA
3- International Law/criminology
4- Gender Studies
5- Punjabi

Please share your views and opinions about previous history relevant to above mentioned subjects. and also give opinion about I law and criminology which one is best??

Thank You
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