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Originally Posted by GanXTeR View Post
well, one who has studied cpec in detail will guide you better however my analysis on the basis what i have learnt from newspaper/news channels

1. 2nd point was required to be made in waht is cpec? BRI and total 6 no of corridors. cpec is one of them,
2. connectivity for what? why? mode of connectivity ( roads, rail, sail)
3. why pakistan is part of corridor? pak geo location, strategic value should have been discussed
4. investment by whom? chinese investors and the point of loan etc is found missing
5. pakistan govt steps for cpec

6. socio economics inplication for pak
economic activity, investment, industial zone, emoloyment, gdp improvement, infrasturcture, cultures sharing etc were not discusssed

internal reservations of provinces, political parties, role of parliament etc were ignored

7, implication for region world was not properly highlighted

8. impact of treaty/ int laws

9. propagation and rebuttal by pak govt

many other points should have been discussed.

in my view, your outline is 50/50 but chances of paasing the paper still exist. giving analysis for your other attempts and improvement.
allah apko kamyab kray.
Well, I have absolutely discussed more or less each and every point that you mentioned above. The point ia that if I follow your way, my pointers in outline would not remain pointers - they would become paras.

Pointers in outline can only explain too much - but not everything. In fact the few points that you have added here are redundant. There is no need at all for the last two points in particular.
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