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This is my first post in this forum. Is this forum user-friendly?
I have been suggested to use this forum regarding acquiring necessary information about CSS exam, but I posted something and did not get any response....
The post is:

Hi all, I want to ask you guys to recommend me a book covering US History from Pre-1492 era to present day. Now not everyone has the ability to absorb the history, especially when it's not written in simple way. I once saw that book "Story of Our Land and People" by Glenn William Moon, in which I read few pages and I managed to understand the whole story how Indians got settled on land, now known as USA. It was written so well and the story was so simply explained that it gave me impression that it might be for Elementary level students. Now I looked for that book at million stores and even asked my friend who's in UAE for it, but not any luck finding that.
I want that kind of a book for a person like me, which covers the basic background of Pre-1492 era to present day in a very simple way. Just High School level! Simple written and explained with easy vocabulary. please guys, suggest me any such book. I shall be very grateful to you.
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