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sir what about the powers of IB, FIA, ISI officersespecially their assistant directors. Is they are more powerful than DMG officers?
Some people say that during previous government IB officers were more powerful than any other department.
Secondly being an AC how was your expierence with intelligence agency officers.

Originally Posted by AC Mehar View Post
Assistant Commisioner excercises more powers than assistant suprindent of police, being an AC i can assure you that ASPs reports to me in many situations, it depends wether the district level situation is being monitored by me or not. I see many people here misunderstood the devolution plan, let me clarify, the devolution plan have actually distributed some powerfuls but certainly not taken them away. The department of police or ASP only in minor situation of small theft/robbery conditions can make arrest/investigate on their on, while mostly they act upon orders recieved from DMG. Let me take you on a long drive of power corridors:

1- Power Magnitude: power magnitude of ASP is small and concentrated to law & Order only and that too in condition of "coordination" with DMG or any other concerned authority.

While power magnitude of AC is huge and massive,

e.g i can inspect any institution/company/organization/office/building within my authority limit which includes my respective tehsil. I can also demand transfer of ASP from government upon complaint or unsatisfactory performance. I can also observe and interfere in trades and businesses within my border. I can direct police department to investigate certain matter, i can direct ASP to arrest certain people, i can direct ASP to ban any public gathering which includes jalsa, marriage, friends standing and chatting etc I can also deliver jail sentence of upto 6 months but only taking into confidence the DC.

Basically Comissionerate system was introduced to be an all-rounder service to directly address the problem of people and deal immediately with power.
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