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Originally Posted by AC Mehar View Post
Assistant Commisioner excercises more powers than assistant suprindent of police, being an AC i can assure you that ASPs reports to me in many situations, it depends wether the district level situation is being monitored by me or not. I see many people here misunderstood the devolution plan, let me clarify, the devolution plan have actually distributed some powerfuls but certainly not taken them away. The department of police or ASP only in minor situation of small theft/robbery conditions can make arrest/investigate on their on, while mostly they act upon orders recieved from DMG. Let me take you on a long drive of power corridors:

1- Power Magnitude: power magnitude of ASP is small and concentrated to law & Order only and that too in condition of "coordination" with DMG or any other concerned authority.

While power magnitude of AC is huge and massive,

e.g i can inspect any institution/company/organization/office/building within my authority limit which includes my respective tehsil. I can also demand transfer of ASP from government upon complaint or unsatisfactory performance. I can also observe and interfere in trades and businesses within my border. I can direct police department to investigate certain matter, i can direct ASP to arrest certain people, i can direct ASP to ban any public gathering which includes jalsa, marriage, friends standing and chatting etc I can also deliver jail sentence of upto 6 months but only taking into confidence the DC.

Basically Comissionerate system was introduced to be an all-rounder service to directly address the problem of people and deal immediately with power.
Originally Posted by Amjid Alaam View Post
sir what about the powers of IB, FIA, ISI officersespecially their assistant directors. Is they are more powerful than DMG officers?
Some people say that during previous government IB officers were more powerful than any other department.
Secondly being an AC how was your experience with intelligence agency officers.
Mr. Mehr, being a responsible officer you should have just ignored the query or at least given a more balanced reply.

( I am assuming that Mr Mehr has been serving in Punjab )

Let me give you guys a picture of the ground reality as I have worked closely with many ACs as I belong to the revenue department. The real power that gave the ACs edge over other services was Revenue Department. After the computerisation of the Revenue record Tehsildars and Patwaris have been rendered powerless in Punjab. AC use to make transfers of the Patwaris and even had the power to suspend them. Now Punjab Land Records Authority has setup Arazi Record Centers replacing old patwar culture. A designation of Service Center Official has been created replacing Patwari. AC sahib cannot even suspend SCO let alone the revenue officers of the ARC. He certainly can visit ARC and send his recommendation to PLRA which is an independent authority and not bound to take any action.

Let me share one little incident here which very recently happened. One AC sb had some problem with Assistant Director Land Record ( revenue officer at Arazi Center in Punjab ). One day ADLR was called by Add Deputy Commissioner ( Revenue ) for a meeting. That ADLR left office and behind him, AC visited the office and reported to Punjab Land Record Authority (PLRA) that ADLR habitually disappears from office and he must be suspended. Authority took it very seriously and suspended theADLR that evening. ADLR, because of no fault of his own, called ADC and apprised him of the situation. ADC got infuriated by this event and issued an explanation letter to Mr AC sb asking him to explain the violation of the chain of command. ADC also wrote a letter to the Authority about the confusion and ADLR was reinstated the very next morning. ( Just imagine AC sahib ki apnay staff k samny ktni izt hwi hogi )

Now lets come to the point in question. Who is really powerful ASP or AC. My dear friends if you people are comming to the services for sake of power I would advise you people to not join any service. You get tired of the power. As they say "with power comes great responsibility". So believe me, you would have many sleepless nights being posted at a responsible post.

Both AC and ASP are the highest officers in a sub-division of their respective department ie AC for Administration and ASP for Police. They work very closely with each other. Yes, AC may request DSP or ASP to come to his office to discuss security situation but that does not make the ASP/DSP a subordinate of the AC. All the SHOs report to ASP/DSP and he/she has full jurisdiction over the tehil.

Lastly, if we analyze both the service we would come to know that ACs enjoy jurisdiction over many department and ASP over one. If this is the yardstick to judge someones so-called power then yes AC is more powerful but again what is the use of this power if you cannot even suspend an official? And what is the use of this power if you can not have any peace of mind...
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