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Originally Posted by dufersne View Post
Moreover, with the introduction of Authorities, the power has been so decentralized that DMG has lost its charm to a large extent.

Recently, AC Kot Momin had to apologize for her acts as she misbehaved with a lecturer in a college during her visit and wrongfully got him arrested. Later, the same AC was humiliated by the whole district administration for her naive actions. Here is the link for the detailed news.

So the point is that if you are only looking for power and think that you will get away with any of your acts, you are living in some fouls paradize. You will be penalized and you would not be able to have the kind of Ofser Shahi that you intend to enjoy in your service. Those days are over. Now the Mayer or the Chairman of the district is more powerful than a DC. All the department have their own authorities be it Health, Education or Revenue. AC is not the sole sovereign of a subdivision as is portrayed by many.
AC Kotmomin had "Sarya in her neck"lol. being from the very same tehsil i lnow her reputation. she was like " chotay bartan main zeada dall diya gaya hai".
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