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Css is more about smart study than hard.

Divide subjects into two categories. Primary importance(essay, precis and Islamic studies)
Then 2nd part goes for others.
Two things matter in essay. Essay structure and data.
You can learn structure from cssforum and other online sources. Please note that there is no fix format of essay.
Secondly, for contents. Make a list of essays areas that come in exams. Buy a slim copy for that purpose and fill it with relevant data, quotes, references. The fields are
1-education 2-foreign debt 3-freedom of speech 4-gender 5-social media.
Finally, practice as much as you can and you should be able to write on your own about any topic.
For precis
Practice past 25 years paper.
And memorise Manhattan word list (1000) words
Install app Magosh and study words from that

For islamiat
Collect mcqs
Install CSS mcqs app
Watch YouTube videos(Applicable to all subjects)
Buy Hafiz Karim book
Be moderate in your views

For other subjects
Collect and prepare mcqs
Watch crash courses on YouTube
prepare past papers
Memorise Jargons of every subject and use them
Study 1-2 latest journals and quote them in exam
Work on paper presentation(watch paper presentation strategies)
Finally, do take mock exams.
All the best
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