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Originally Posted by Tayyaba Sarwar View Post
Assalam o alaikum!

I have just applied for CSS 2019 for the sake of exams only; as everyone suggested me to take exams whether or not I am prepared. It's better to fail, availing the chance than without. Anyway, I did and now have just one month to prepare.

Kindly suggest me one book for each of the subjects I have chosen. Here's the list of my optional subjects:

1. Town Planning and Urban Management

2. Islamic History and Culture

3. Political Science

4. Environmental Sciences

5. Sociology

Also direct me to the links or notes for compulsory subjects.

I shall be highly obliged for the favor.

Jazakomallah Khair.

Kind Regards
Don't surrender your self , give exam and after exam prepare every subject thoroughly . fear of failure is more curse than being failed in exam

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