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Originally Posted by Awais Rashid Khan View Post
1. RAW is an acronym for Research and Analysis Wing
2. First Marshal law of Pakistan was declared in October 1958
3. The first Muslim Air Chief of Pakistan was Air Marshal Nur Khan. Air Marshal Asghar Khan
4. Thar Coal project was first announced by the government in 2008
5. Punjab Police was established in 1861
6. Who was the founder of Republican party Alexandar Hamilton Abraham Lincoln / None (Not Sure)
7. Gymnophobia is the fear of nudity
8. Kashmir was sold to Gulab Singh in 1845 1846
9. Operation Zarb e Azab's started on 24th April, 2014 15th June, 2014
10. Quaid e Azam's salary as Governor General Rs. 2 Rs.1
11. East Inida Company established in 1600
12. McMohan Line is the border between India and China
13. WAFA is the news agency of Palestine
14. Iran-Pakistan Pipeline is also called Peace Pipeline
15. "Higher than Hopes" is the biography of Nelson Mandela
16. First Chief Minister of Balochistan was Sardar Ataullah Mengal
17. APS attack happened on 16th December, 2016
18. Which country doesn't have a standing army Iceland
19. 1992 Climate Conference was held at Rio de Janeiro
20. Which Country is the largest emitter of Carbon Dioxide China
Are you sure about the answer of Thar Coal Project (2008)?
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